WHO: 73 countries could run out of HIV drugs | The World | DW

Up to 73 countries have warned that they run the risk of running out of their antiretroviral medicine assistance to treat those affected by the HIV virus and AIDS, and the situation is especially serious in 24 of them, warned this Monday (07/06/2020) the World Health Organization (WHO). An estimated 8.3 million people benefit from … Read more

COVID and schools, HIV, IACHR, La Niña… Thursday’s news

Some 463 million children, who represent at least a third of school-age children globally, did not have access to any kind of distance learning when schools closed due to COVID-19, according to a new report from UNICEF released Thursday as countries around the world prepare for “back to school.” The executive director of UN Children’s … Read more

Mar del Plata with HIV / AIDS demand a meeting with Ginés González García: “We do not deserve this discrimination”

The Network of People with HIV / AIDS of Mar del Plata renewed its claim to the main authorities of the Ministry of Health of the Nation to obtain a meeting that allows addressing different problems that keep the local community concerned. The civil society organization led by Estela Carrizo pointed out that since December … Read more

WHO warns that 73 countries are at risk of running out of HIV drugs

The shortage is mainly due to the blockade of air and land transport caused by preventive measures against COVID-19, to which are added the lower possibilities of access of patients to treatments due to the confinement and physical distancing measures also related with the pandemic. Up to 73 countries have warned that they run the … Read more

World Health Organization warns that coronavirus could become endemic like HIV, “and it may never go away”

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 could become endemic like HIVthe World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, warning against any attempt to predict the duration of the disease and calling for a “giant effort” to counter it. “It is important to establish it: the virus can become another endemic virus in our communities and may … Read more

Launch of a manual with strategies for rapid tests of HIV and syphilis

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Health presented this Wednesday a new digital working document for medical teams with the aim of developing rapid testing strategies for HIV and syphilis (PRS) at the first level of health care. The director of HIV, STIs and Viral Hepatitis, Lida Santa Cruz, highlighted through a statement the strength of … Read more

“This can affect everyone”: what residents of Tatarstan need to know about HIV and AIDS

How HIV turns into AIDS As statistics show, many HIV-positive people do not realize that they are infected, which means that they do not receive proper therapy and the disease has every chance of developing into the stage of AIDS. How can you avoid this outcome? You just need to be tested for HIV at … Read more

Young woman celebrates 28 years of living with HIV: Photos

A young woman named Doreen Moraa Moracha is happily celebrating her 28th anniversary of living with HIV, according to her social media post. According to the young woman born in 1992, she would have come into the world with the disease. Sharing her photos, she wrote: «Living with HIV since 1992 (the year I was … Read more

CNDH asks to guarantee care and treatment for people with HIV

“/> The National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) asked the different public health institutions to carry out Laboratory and cabinet studies to the people who live with him Human immunodeficiency virus (VIH), in addition to timely compliance with the delivery of antiretroviral drugss in all the country. On August 13, people living with VIH, human … Read more