Temporary Monkeypox Vaccine Clinic in East Hollywood – NBC Los Angeles

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Hollywood star Jessica Chastain has arrived in Kyiv

“American actress Jessica Chastain is in Ukraine. Such visits by famous people are precious to us. Thanks to them, the world will hear, know and understand the truth about what is happening in our country even more,” said the president. Jessica is not the first Hollywood star to visit Ukraine at the start of the … Read more

Paul Newman burned the autobiographical records. They came to life with the voice of George Clooney

4 Aug 2022 at 11:06 I Paid content Paul Newman and Joanne Woddward were a married couple for fifty years. They were a Hollywood anomaly. Great movie stars Paul Newman and Joanne Woddward were a married couple for fifty years. The new HBO series documents how they succeeded and failed. The name of Paul Newman … Read more

Sylvester Stallone came up with ‘Rocky’ in 1976, but can’t stop “exploitation” of his characters: “Give me back my rights, you leeches”

Sylvester Stallone is anything but happy with the announced ‘Rocky’ spin-off. “I never wanted these characters to be exploited like that.” — ©  AP A new movie in the ‘Rocky’ franchise, it should only give rise to joy. But Sylvester Stallone (76), the creator of the character, is anything but satisfied with the planned spin-off … Read more

The Hollywood stars who fell in love and married one of their fans

Many great figures of the international artistic environment were conquered by their fans. (Photos: REUTERS) Romantic love stories don’t just exist in movies.so they showed Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who after approximately 20 years since their thunder met again and in just under a year they decided to get married. Although their torrid romance … Read more

EXCLUSIVE TJ – Rubinato (Juve Club Hollywood): “Great work Juve, we made them feel a little at home. Del Piero and Chiellini’s stories were exciting. Real? We will organize the tailgate …”

The editorial staff of Tuttojuve.com contacted by telephone, exclusively, one of the founders (together with Giulio Gallese) of the Juventus Club Hollywood present at the Los Angeles event together with Giorgio Chiellini and Alessandro Del Piero, Matteo Rubinatoto talk in depth about the event and more: All the Juventus Stars and stripes clubs gathered to … Read more