Honor: Interview with CEO George Zhao at MWC 2023

HONOR is a brand that, little by little, has begun to gain space in today’s difficult mobile market. After the independence of Huawei in 2020, the Chinese company has developed an aggressive strategy to position itself in the region and distance itself from companies that bet on aggressive prices and only in segments with higher … Read more

We wanted to honor the tradition then the explosion, I thought I was dead, the 15-year-old speaks of the bonfire

“As soon as I turned it on I only saw a white thing passing in front and then I found myself on the ground” said the 15-year-old who was reported with his father and another person for arson after the explosion of the bonfire in Taranto . “The bonfire was not allowed but it was … Read more

In honor of World Recycling Day, 3 facts about plastic you probably didn’t know

Almost 80 percent of all the plastic products ever created by mankind are still in the environment or in landfills, and only 10% are recycled. Although more and more people are taking care to recycle their plastic waste, there are many myths surrounding the process. March 18 on the occasion of World Waste Recycling Day, … Read more

HONOR Magic 5 Lite: we tested the resistance and durability of the new smartphone

The device has a special technology and a screen thickness of 0.65mm. He came to Mexico HONOR Magic 5 Litea cell phone whose main promise is the quality and resistance of its screen, designed to withstand bumps and scratches. The company developed the technology HONOR Shield Glasswith which it wants to give users the guarantee … Read more

Jamie Lee Curtis and the subtle gesture to honor her transgender daughter when receiving her Oscar 2023 statuette | People | Entertainment

Recently, the Oscars awarded Jamie Lee Curtis for best supporting actress, a dream that at the time her parents, actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, also wanted to achieve. Her fans were delighted that her performance in ‘Everything at Once Everywhere’ was recognized, while enthusiastically watching as the actress referred to the golden statuette with … Read more

Mali country guest of honor of FESPACO 2023: – The challenge successfully met!

Culture Minister Andogoly Guindo – the warm congratulations of Minister Andogoly Guindo to the DG of CNCM, Fousseyni Maiga The 28th edition of the Ouagadougou Pan-African Film and Television Festival (FESPACO 2023) took place from February 25 to March 4, 2023 with Mali as guest of honor. This last-minute choice made to our country by … Read more

ANUEL AA | Real to death? Andrea San Martín got three tattoos in honor of Anuel AA | what happened to anuel aa | SHOWS

andrea san martin She has declared herself several times as the number one fan of Anuel AA in our country. However, the model decided to take her fanaticism to the next level and wanted to get a new tattoo in honor of the Puerto Rican singer. MIRA: Sebastián Lizarzaburu slides Andrea San Martín’s bisexuality: “I … Read more