Video Link 17 Minutes Honor Killing in Afghanistan, Not Strong Don’t Watch

GORONTALO TERRACE – The following link video viral honour killing from Afghanistan that threw the netizens. Video honour killing it circulates in TikTok so that it became a heated discussion. Known, in video which viral it shows the beginning of its occurrence honour killing. With duration 17 minutes, video which viral from TikTok it narrates … Read more

HORRIBLE! The Tragic Fate of the Shopkeeper Asks Two Afghan Girls to Remove the Veil, the Honor Killing Incident Happens

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – The incident of honor killing or killing for honor was allegedly experienced by two original girls Afghanistan. The incident was experienced by a family member by another member because it was believed that the victim had brought shame or disrespect to the family or community to which she belonged. An honor killing … Read more

Actor Gérard Darmon declares his flame in Morocco: “I have Moroccan nationality for the honor”

By Leïla Driss on 06/23/2022 at 5:01 p.m. In the show “La Face Katché” broadcast on the Yahoo news site, French actor and singer Gérard Darmon spoke about his love of Morocco and how he was granted Moroccan nationality by King Mohammed VI. aA Faced with the famous drummer Manu Katché, converted into host of … Read more

The camera of this ‘smartphone’ is pure magic | Hello, we are honor

Mobile photography has become a genre with its own identity. The ease of reaching into your pocket and taking out your phone to immortalize a moment -either to remember it later or share it on social networks- has displaced traditional SLR and compact cameras to the bottom of the drawer. Self-portraits also have a lot … Read more

Farewell to Dalimil Klapka († 89): The family refused the honor guard!

The Na Fidlovačce Theater will open for fans of his art tomorrow at 11 am. Dalimil Klapka, in whose voice Grandpa Simpson and Lieutenant Colombo spoke, he has worked here for the last ten years, even celebrating his eighty-fifths here on a large scale. That’s why the actors were interested in who would stand on … Read more

In honor of his memory, an engineer creates a “cemetery” for the Internet Explorer browser after it stopped working (photos)

After it stops working After the giant American group “Microsoft” closed the Internet Explorer browser recently, a South Korean engineer built a grave for him, in honor of the anniversary of stopping this famous browser, according to the nationworldnews website, and soon his photos spread widely through the pages of social networking sites. Unlike many … Read more

Ben Stiller at Selenski: “It’s a great honor for me, you are my hero”

published21. June 2022, 01:37 Hollywood star Ben Stiller traveled to Kyiv and met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 1 / 4 A warm welcome: Ben Stiller (left) with Volodimir Selenski. (June 20, 2022) AFP “I feel that what is happening here is difficult to understand if you were not there”: Ben Stiller in Kyiv. REUTERS The … Read more

HONOR brings more privacy and security with the launch of the industry-first AI Privacy Call with the HONOR Magic 4 Pro

Users no longer have to worry about people listening in on their conversation when receiving a phone call in an enclosed, crowded place like an elevator or in generally quiet places. HONOR Magic4 Pro offers a new and innovative solution to audio leakage problem, which is an inconvenience to many smartphone users. The all-new phone … Read more

Honor Watch GS 3 | Technical sheet | Features | smart watches | Smart watch | Peru | Price | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

After having launched the Honor Magic 4 Pro, Honor has also decided to present a new wearable called Honor Watch GS 3the smart watch that now works with an app from the same Chinese house. The device connects via Honor Healtha totally independent application to your former home, where you can not only add current … Read more