Police Information On Deadly Shooting During Illegal Dance Party In BM Lounge

The remains of the victim were removed from the BM Lounge after extensive examination. In the early morning of Thursday 25 November, 40-year-old Dutchman Vincent Meiland was arrested during a suspected exchange of gunfire between two police officers Diego W. and Ronny R., and 43-year-old suspect Roberto S. died. The Suriname Police Corps just reported … Read more

Evangelical bishop in Seixal appointed on suspicion of aiding illegal immigration – Current events

In a statement, the SEF explained that today it complied with seven warrants to search the home and other facilities and two warrants to search vehicles, as part of an investigation, coordinated by the DIAP of Seixal, associated with the activity of an evangelical church based in municipality of Seixal. The 66-year-old bishop was appointed … Read more

35 illegal immigrants will leave Latvia – in Latvia – News

Some of the persons who have entered Latvia so far have applied for asylum status, but deportation proceedings have been initiated against some of them. 35 people have expressed a wish to return to their home countries, 25 of whom have already left and ten more. Ruskulis also reminded that on average per day the … Read more

Is the Latvian-Estonian border threatened? Preparing Pskov airport for the transit of illegal refugees

Now that it is becoming increasingly difficult for illegal migrants from the Middle East to enter Poland from Belarus, a new route through Russia is being developed. The European Commission’s confidential document “Situation Report: Migration and the Situation with Refugees”, which was made available to Die Welt, states that in the near future Pskov Airport, … Read more

MIA: Iraqi diplomats help illegal migrants return home

As of today, 77 more people want to return to their countries of origin voluntarily. Iraqi diplomats visited three migrant settlements: Kybartai, PabradÄ— and Medininkai. Several migrants from Rukla and Naujininkai centers also came to the meetings. “We are cooperating with Iraqi officials in Warsaw on the return of their citizens to their country of … Read more

In the US, a young man has been acquitted of the deaths of two protesters: self-defense is not illegal

On Friday, jurors ruled that Rittenhouse was not guilty of the intentional murder, as well as all other charges related to the August 2020 incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The ruling late Friday provoked protests in cities across the country, from New York to Portland in Oregon. But the verdict was praised by proponents of the … Read more

UAE launches new standards to combat illegal gold trade

The United Arab Emirates said on Thursday it would launch new standards aimed at increasing transparency and combating illegal trade in the gold market. The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, stated that his country will launch a “good delivery standard” for gold in February.February is on a voluntary … Read more

“Hybrid war” and thousands of freezing refugees: how illegal immigrants ended up on the border of two countries and how it threatens

In the photo: more than two thousand refugees at the Bruzgi checkpoint, November 15. Photo: official Telegram channel of the Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus In early November, the largest migration crisis in the past few years broke out on the border between Poland and Belarus. Where the refugees from the Middle East … Read more

Ducati Showcases Viral Illegal Unboxing Motorcycles at WSBK Mandalika

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The team’s number 21 motorcycle Ducati Michael Ruben Rinaldi’s mount that had gone viral because of the unboxing illegal looks being prepared ahead WSBK Mandalika. As uploaded to the official account of the Aruba.it Racing-Ducati team, two crew members were seen removing a red motorbike from the box to put it … Read more