Champions Cup – Michael Ala’alatoa (Leinster) suspended three weeks after his illegal clearance on George-Henri Colombe (La Rochelle)

He was one of the big characters in the Champions Cup final between Leinster and La Rochelle. Excluded in the last seconds for an illegal clearing on George-Henri Colombe, Michael Ala’alatoa knows his sanction. The right pillar was suspended for three weeks. It was an act that left little room for doubt. We were playing … Read more

Condusef launches NOTICE for ILLEGAL extra charge for payment with credit or debit card

After dozens of reports by thousands of affected consumers, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (driving), made a Notice to alert bank customers in Mexico about an illegal extra charge that has become commonplace for those who make any pay through a card of credit o debitto alert … Read more

Rates for Illegal Abortion Practices in East Jakarta are IDR 4.5 million-IDR 9 million, Fetuses Are Thrown Down the Toilet

Jakarta, – East Jakarta Metro Police identified five suspects in the case abortion in the Billy & Moon Complex, Pondok Kelapa Village, Duren Sawit District, East Jakarta. East Jakarta Metro Police Chief Kombes Pol Leonardus Simarmata during a press conference at the East Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters, Jatinegara, East Jakarta, Friday, said the five … Read more

Uber Files: Pascal Smet “did not do anything illegal or inappropriate”

Documents analyzed by “Le Soir” revealed last year that the former Brussels Minister of Mobility, Pascal Smet (Vooruit), was particularly close to the American company Uber between 2014 and 2017. A special commission of the Brussels parliament considers that he has done nothing illegal or inappropriate. Article reserved for subscribers By Julian Thomas Published on … Read more

Rp. 10,000 Illegal Parking in Front of Istiqlal: Transport Department Ordered, Thugs Arrested

Jakarta – Netizens are busy discussing the video of illegal parking in front Istiqlal Mosque, Central Jakarta (Central Jakarta). The parking is in the spotlight because it is not licensed and costs Rp. 10,000 for a motorcycle. From the video circulating, you can see illegal parking attendants parking vehicles on the shoulder of the road. … Read more

What happens if you give or receive a house with illegal building donations, inheritances, usufruct and usucapione

What happens if you give or receive a house or buildings with illegal building donations, inheritances, usufruct and usucaption in 2023? In Italy, building abuse is a crime that occurs when a work is carried out in the absence of building permits from the competent Municipality or other authorizations or building permits required by law … Read more

Revealed! Dentist Performs Illegal Abortion Practices in Bali, Goes Back and forth to Jail with Similar Cases – Practice cases abortion illegal practice by a dentist in Bali, has become a public topic of conversation. In fact, netizens on social media questioned the figure dentist the. So, who is the dentist who is said to have illegally aborted 1,338 fetuses? Party Bali Police through Deputy Director of Special Criminal Investigation for … Read more

The video game that Argentina banned in the 90s and is still illegal

In 1998, its distribution was prohibited -by law-. It was all the rage in the last stretch of the 20th century. Find out the reasons. The controversy over the video game and violence already seems, at this point, a discarded topic. This theory, which was followed by many professionals and communicators in the 1990s, had … Read more

The Russian footballer is dead. He died in an illegal race –

share Tweet Former Russian footballer Alexander Karakin was involved in a serious traffic accident on the highway near Moscow. The 32-year-old died in hospital from his injuries. According to local media reports, the athlete participated in an illegal street race. A dramatic accident on the night from Sunday to Monday on the so-called Minsk highway … Read more

Police Urged to Immediately Investigate Circulation of Illegal “Air Guns” and “Airsoft Guns”.

JAKARTA, – The Indonesian Airsoft Gun Sports Association (Porgasi) urges the police to immediately take action against the distribution of illegal airguns and airsoft guns. Treasurer of Porgas, Temmy Djaja Hartanto, admitted that he objected to the circulation of weapons being sold improperly. “I have conveyed to the police several times, we are official … Read more