Fruits with an antidepressant effect that improve immunity and maintain eye health

Blueberries are some of the most popular fruits of the forest, both for their sweet-sour taste and for their health benefits. The wonderful blueberries are rich in vitamins and minerals. Blueberry (vaccinium myrtillus) popularly called mountain blueberry, black blueberry, asine, currant, cucuzia, apple tree, is a shrub from the Ericaceae family. It can be found … Read more

These are the Causes of Food Poisoning and Risk Factors

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Food poisoning is an infection or irritation of the digestive tract that spreads through food or drink. A person can get food poisoning if they eat something that has been contaminated by one of these pathogensie bacteria, parasites, or viruses. This can happen if the foods eaten include: • Not cooked or … Read more

This is the impact if children are not immunized completely and on time

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – For the growth and development of children, immunization plays an important role because it can increase immunity active against a disease caused by viruses and bacteria. Launch is an investment health in the future to provide maximum body protection. Therefore, parents and caregivers are responsible for ensuring that children get complete … Read more

Help you get rid of the virus! Top 5 Natural Detoxifiers to Boost Immunity | Antiviral | Vitamin C | Natural Supplements

Are you looking for ways to ward off the virus so you can stay healthy during these uncertain times?Nature provides you with 5 of the most effective naturalAntiviralMedicines that help you fight off viruses. As much of the world is on lockdown over potential coronavirus infection and global drugmakers are racing to develop a risky … Read more

It supports immunity, plays an active role in the fight against cancer! Watch out for vitamin D deficiency! What is vitamin D and what are its benefits?

Supports the immune system Stating that vitamin D is one of the most important supporters in the immune system, Prof. Dr. Ali Kutlu continued: “Vitamin D has many functions, from protecting cell membranes, hormone and cholesterol synthesis, to supporting bone health. Vitamin D is one of the most important supporters of the immune system and … Read more

The key symptom that reveals greater immunity after the Covid vaccine

A study conducted by researchers at the Okayama Universityin Japan, have analyzed the symptoms of people who have received the Covid-19 vaccine to determine which of them shows greater immunity to the virus. As collected zero wavethe most common symptoms after the third dose of Moderna Pharmaceutical are muscle pain, fatigue and fever, especially these … Read more

The side effect after the COVID vaccine that indicates increased immunity

Las vaccines They have been a key instrument in the fight and prevention against COVID-19. In Spain, more than 40 million people have received the corresponding doses of the dose against SARS-CoV-2 since the vaccination campaign began in early 2021. However, there are some frequent symptoms after inoculation of the vaccine that, on certain occasions, … Read more

A nutritional treasure in winter.. 6 fruits that boost immunity

Although winter is pleasant, it brings many different diseases and viral infections. Therefore, it is important to follow a diet that strengthens immunity, as it must contain some winter foods that are a nutritional treasure to increase immunity. However, it is often noted that people tend to reduce their visits to the fruit market during … Read more

The key symptom that indicates increased immunity after the Covid vaccine

mRNA vaccines mimic the surface structure of SARS-CoV-2 in the body, so immune cells treat them as invading pathogens and produce antibodies against them. Is fierce fight between our body and this strange pathogen causes a series of adverse effects which are nothing more than our body’s response to the virus. Some of the most … Read more

Covid-19 is ‘rushing’ again, this is the most effective vegetable to increase immunity

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Case Covid-19 back in Indonesia’gasp‘. The community is certainly expected not to be careless even though life is starting to return to normal. Until now, positive confirmation cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia have continued to increase. Increasing the body’s immunity is very important to do. Of course, so that you don’t … Read more