Stock index futures rose across the board, the main contract of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 stock index futures rose 3.39%|Stock Index Futures_Sina

On November 29, 2022, stock index futures rose across the board. The main contract of Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 stock index futures (IF) rose 3.39%, the main contract of Shanghai 50 stock index futures (IH) rose 4.44%, and the main contract of CSI 500 stock index futures (IC) rose 1.83%, and the main contract of … Read more

Index – Belföld – Ammunition was found in a car that crashed on the road to Ferihegy

The police found ammunition in the car in which two people died in the accident on Ferihegyi út on Sunday morning, reports Mint we wrote it, under unclear circumstances, a car and a bus collided in Budapest XVIII. district, on the way to Ferihegyi airport on Sunday morning. According to primary information, two men … Read more

Index – Homeland – The American ambassador in Budapest was on the upswing

David Pressman, the ambassador of the United States in Budapest, recently visited Felcsút, who watched one of the matches of the Puskás Academy on the spot and, according to his claim, enjoyed what he saw. Incidentally, the meeting was a match between Puskás Academy U14 and Várda Football Academy, which the home team won 3-2 … Read more

Index – Economy – The debate on official price regulation of LPG cylinders can begin

The law currently states that the 11.5 kg gas bottle cannot cost more than 90 percent of the price applied on December 1, 2012. According to Sándor Berki’s amendment, this would apply to all gas cylinders. Many people may say that my proposal will be swept away by the ruling party majority anyway. To that … Read more

Index – FOMO – Advent began with a marriage prediction

The first Sunday of Advent is the Sunday closest to St. Andrew’s Day, November 30, usually between November 27 and December 3. According to folk tradition, this day marks the approach of Advent, in the past it was a day for predicting husbands, so it was celebrated with folk customs in many places (prediction from … Read more

Index – Football – Football World Cup 2022

As it is Index also reported, Brazil at the World Cup in Qatar richarlison with double 2–0defeated Serbia, but the South Americans could not be completely happy, because the team’s biggest star, Neymar, injured his ankle. The Brazilian genius broke down in tears after being replaced by national team captain Tite in the 79th minute … Read more

Index – Culture – Béla Szerednyey would turn to the Pope for help

Béla Szerednyey he reported in a recent interview that he felt like retiring from work as retirement approached. As he told Blikk, he had thirty performances a month for forty-five years, but retirement made him realize that he no longer needed so much “to live in slavery to work”. As retirement loomed, I felt the … Read more

Index – Interior – The commander of the 2nd National Army did not ask for a pardon from the People’s Court

Gusztáv Hautzinger was born on October 21, 1883 in Rajka. His father, Sándor Hautzinger, previously served in the Imperial and Royal 76th Infantry Regiment. After the family moved to Budapest, he was a classmate of György Lukács, later Marxist philosopher, among others, at Deák Tér Evangelical High School. After graduation, he studied at the Ludovika … Read more

Index – Interior – The bomb dropped by the Kúria could wipe out tens of thousands of executions

With a little exaggeration, thousands of foreign currency borrowers who are being executed may receive a Christmas present – this is what dr. Lajos Krizsa is a lawyer. Even now, my back hurts because of the precedent-setting decision of the Court, which allows thousands of foreign currency borrowers to be exempted from enforcement says dr. … Read more