FACC: with sustainable packaging for…

At the aerospace company FACC the export rate is 100 percent. This means that logistics and packaging are of particular importance in the company: Thousands of aircraft parts have to be securely packed every month. The packaging concept at FACC, based in Ried im Innkreis, is now to become sustainable. The goal: to become CO2-neutral … Read more

Europe is not yet settled – Russia’s oil ceiling is set I TNN Money hour I 28-11-65

Europe still has no conclusions – Set Russian oil ceiling I TNN Hours of making money I 28-11-65 #TNNHours of money #Jia Sophon #Praewwanwanich Hot issue: The oil group avoids it first. Strong tourism momentum Follow-up factors 1. Russia retaliated against the G7 countries and Europe on a draft decree banning the sale of oil … Read more

[과학]10 times the speed of bullets Threats space debris… New food for the removal industry

Chinese rocket wreckage crashes to Earth and burns in the atmosphere US SpaceX rocket debris reaching 3m falls to the ground Threatens satellites and space stations at 10 times the speed of bullets <!– –> [앵커] Satellites that have reached the end of their lifespan while orbiting the earth or fragments of rockets launched into … Read more

The list of countries with the highest life expectancy for investing more in health care

In the last century, the average world of life expectancy has been prolonged, which is due in large part to advances in science and medicine, thanks to the development of vaccines, preventive medical care and sanitation systems. According to the last study of the commission Economic for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal), life expectancy … Read more

St. Andrew’s bath of Przemyśl walruses. The smile never left their faces [ZDJĘCIA]

The season for swimming in cold water is gaining momentum. On Sunday, November 27, Przemyśl Walruses organized a thematic winter swimming under the slogan “Andrzejki” See how fun it was! See the gallery(38 photos) Winter ice baths are not only a source of entertainment and a form of overcoming one’s own barriers, but also a … Read more

They’re transporting wood to China. German industry in crisis

– Too much wood from Germany is now exported to China – confirms Andreas Decker, director of the furniture factory z solid wood Moebelwerke Decker from Borgentreich (East Westphalia). In his opinion, “competition from the Far East makes life difficult” for German producers. – In the period from 2021 to 2022, 39.3 percent was sold … Read more

Putin Reveals Priorities for the Russian Defense Industry, What Are They?

loading… President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech at the 15th anniversary of the Russian high-tech company Rostec, Moscow, November 26, 2022. Photo/Sputnik/Ilya Pitalev MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin said Russian defense giant Rostec played a key role in ensuring the country’s “technological sovereignty”. Nevertheless, according to Putin, Rostec needs to draw on real combat experience … Read more

Selected leaders of the food industry sector

Photo of Judita Grigelyts (V). According to the ranking model created by editorial analysts, businessmen selected some of the strongest companies in the Lithuanian food industry. Leaders don’t stand alone in 2021. the company’s three breweries were replaced by five milk processing plants, and Viking Malt supplies the brewers with solidified oil in the sraa … Read more

Historic investment of the Czech defense industry: CSG Group acquired a majority stake in Fiocchi, trans

The acquisition of a majority stake in the Italian company means a leap forward for the Czechoslovak Group: Fiocchi Munizioni’s sales reach over 380 million euros (approx. 9.1 billion CZK). For comparison, CSG’s sales in 2021 reached CZK 14.5 billion. Fiocchi Munizioni, founded as far back as 1876, is a globally active company that has … Read more