A drunk priest was saying mass. The archbishop has already punished him [OŚWIADCZENIE KURII]

On Monday, local media reported that one of the priests in Białystok was celebrating mass completely drunk. The consequences have already been drawn against him. Fot: J. Fiedoruk The media in Białystok received information that last Sunday in the parish of St. Jadwiga Królowej Mass was celebrated by the local vicar, who was under the … Read more

‘Quasi-entrepreneurs’ see opportunities and challenges in franchising

In 2020, Kelly Jackson and Davina Arceneaux wanted to quit their jobs at the company and become business owners. They were looking for something COVID-proof and recession-resistant. Instead of coming out from under a corporate umbrella entirely, they considered franchising. Both were concerned about the notoriously razor-thin margins in restaurants. They considered a drug testing … Read more

Where are the stickers saved on Android? –

WhatsApp has become the most widely used instant messaging application worldwide, as it has exceeded 2,000 million users worldwide. In it you can share texts, photos, videos, calls and video calls. However, something that has caught the attention of users are the fun stickers to the point of collecting them. However, on certain occasions they … Read more

SCJN stops delivery of information on expired covid-19 vaccines

MEXICO CITY (apro).- The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) stopped the dissemination of any type of information related to the purchase of vaccines against covid-19 that expired. The federal government, through the Legal Department, processed a national security appeal before the Court to avoid complying with the order of the National Institute … Read more

Vaccines against cancer, a path of study in full development

Vaccines based on messenger RNA have helped put a stop to covid-19, a technology that, however, was initially conceived to try to develop cancer vaccines, a fertile field of research thanks to better knowledge of the immune system and technical developments. The head of the H120 lung cancer clinical research unit of the Spanish National … Read more

Tonga volcano eruption will change the Earth’s temperature

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reported that the eruption of the Tonga volcano, recorded on January 15, 2022, released water vapor into the atmosphere, temporarily modifying the temperature of the earth’s surface. The eruption of this volcano, located in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Zealand, produced tsunami waves around the planet and … Read more

Two deaths caused by monkeypox

It was therefore Friday, July 29 that the first deaths took place outside Africa in connection with monkeypox. A 41-year-old Brazilian has become the first victim of the virus outside Africa. The regional authorities, however, clarified that the man had serious comorbidities so as not to panic the population. The Spanish authorities, on the other … Read more