Index – Domestic – This is how a man threw himself with a fruit stone on his face

The BRFK XVIII. The District Police Headquarters is prosecuting a 30-year-old man from Dunaharaszti who is suspected of being in the capital on the night of February 17-18. and XVIII. he broke into two cars in his district, one of which he stole and also stole a motorcycle. The man also stole things stored in … Read more

12 years in prison and TBS for Michel T. (40) who abused six girls | Inland

The 37-year-old Aïscha Z., who took photos and videos of her own children and had her 6-year-old daughter abused by Michel T., will also receive a higher sentence: five years in prison, instead of a sentence equal to the pre-trial detention, a one-year probation and an obligation to undergo treatment. The court called it “staggering” … Read more

Man arrested in Kerkrade on suspicion of war crimes in Syria NOW

The police arrested a man in Kerkrade on Tuesday on suspicion of committing war crimes and other crimes against humanity in Syria. These are crimes from 2013, according to the police. The arrested man is 34 years old and has been living in the Netherlands since 2020, where he applied for asylum. Later that year, … Read more

Index – Domestic – Katalin Novák distributed her first presidential signature

Anyone who follows the events of Hungarian public life knows that the consent of the President of the Republic is also required for the entry into force of a law, which in practice means that the given law is signed by the head of state. János Áder will be exchanged on May 10th Katalin Novák … Read more

Monkeypox Anxiety Strikes: Have We Become Too Sensitive? † Inland

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Once again it’s about testing, isolation, quarantine and vaccines Amsterdam – We have been struggling with the enormous consequences of corona for more than two years. Enormous misery and limitations were (or are) the result and cause great frustration and tension in society. Covid is far from gone from … Read more

Index – Domestic – It will be summer until Thursday, then a cyclone will bring a cold front

On Monday, a veil of clouds will rise from the west, the cumulus clouds will also increase from noon, but overall there is a prospect of several hours of sunshine – it turns out National Meteorological Service from the forecast. According to the forecast, the clouds will thicken in Transdanubia in the second half of … Read more

Index – Domestic – One child killed, five injured on Highway 3

On the official website of the police on Sunday afternoon, May 22nd reportedthat two cars collided in 86 kilometers of the main road No. 3 near Visonta under hitherto unclear conditions. As a result of the accident, several people suffered injuries that required medical attention. Police were on the scene with a full roadblock. Later … Read more

Pre-filled tax return 2022, here are the suggestions of the Inland Revenue for the 730 – GUIDE

Pre-filled tax return 2022, here are the suggestions of the Inland Revenue for the 730 – GUIDE L’Revenue Agency provides taxpayers with a pre-filled tax return with various data already entered: from healthcare to university expenses; from funeral expenses to insurance premiums, from social security contributions to transfers for building renovation and energy requalification interventions, … Read more

Success with cancer vaccine in dogs gives scientists hope | Inland

Normally, on average, half of these dogs are dead after 180 days and not one of them is alive after a year. Thanks to the vaccine, the tumor disappeared, got smaller or stopped growing. The vaccine did not cause any side effects, according to the researchers. They are hopeful. “An important step towards a cancer … Read more

Hope for new cancer treatment after successful test in dogs | Health

306 reacties 23 mei 2022 om 11:50Update: 3 uur geleden Scientists may be on the trail of a new cancer treatment method. A vaccine that has been tested on dogs has shown very promising results, according to research by the Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam. Door The research was published Monday in the scientific … Read more