Downer for State Secretary: The Netherlands may not return ‘Greek’ status holders | Inland

Outgoing State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol (Asylum Affairs) therefore has to make a new decision about these Syrian asylum seekers. She must better explain why those involved can return to Greece or she must process their asylum applications substantively, the Council of State said on Wednesday. Moreover, this applies not only to the two cases that … Read more

OM demands 23 years in prison against Balie jihadi for leading terrorist organization Inland

Syrian asylum seeker Aziz al-H. appeared in September 2017 in the Amsterdam debate center De Balie, where Syrians recognized him as a terrorist leader. At that time, Aziz in Amsterdam lived a hipster life full of women, festivals and narcotics. He was only arrested in 2018 on suspicion of terrorism. A year later, he came … Read more

Group of friends delivers 1200 crates of beer to Drenthe supermarket with tractor | Inland

Young people from a shack near Dalfsen then handed in about a thousand beer crates to a supermarket in one go. They had accumulated the large amount in three years. “That could be better”, thought the group of friends from Boijl and Zorgvlied. They are all guys in their early 20s. They have a shack … Read more

Dutch motorcyclist (60) seriously injured after accident in Germany | Inland

According to the initial findings of the police, the Dutchman was on his way to the German city of Cologne when two police cars approached him from behind with flashing lights and a siren. While changing lanes, the motorcyclist collided with a Mercedes Vito and a truck with trailer, causing him to fall hard. The … Read more

Index – Domestic – A two hundred year old tree threatens the integrity of Sarolta Zalatnay

A two hundred year old tree in his yard is in danger by Zalatnay Sarolta and her neighbors – writes the Glance. They are also reminded that a branch of a huge tree tore at the singer’s house in a February storm, and now the same thing has happened these days, only this time the … Read more

Code yellow due to the risk of thunderstorms throughout the country, Belgium is also braced | Inland

During the showers, local hail can occur and locally a lot of precipitation can fall in a short time, which can hinder traffic and outdoor activities. The showers will gradually die down during the evening. There is also a high chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening on Tuesday. “A breakthrough to stable summer … Read more

Index – Domestic – A drunk driver dropped off the Árpád Bridge

He slid off the bridge, broke through the strip railing, and fell into a parking lot with a car-sharing Mini Budapest XIII. district, at the Pest end of the Árpád Bridge. The driver and two passengers of the vehicle were injured in the accident. The incident was alerted by professional firefighters in the capital who … Read more

Farmer assists with bear cart to prevent water from… (Inland)

Broechem / Ranst – Some residents who were so badly hit by the heavy rainfall in Broechem (Ranst) received help from an unexpected source on Saturday evening. A farmer selflessly stepped in to prevent water damage to their home. The water had made its way to the corner of Bistweg and Massenhovensteenweg in Broechem on … Read more

4665 new corona infections, much lower than the weekly average | Inland

Last Sunday, RIVM reported 10,199 new infections. The RIVM said on Tuesday it already saw the beginning of a stabilization and that the number of cases could start to decrease during the course of this week. Two weeks ago, the cabinet took measures to stop the explosive increase in the number of corona cases. The … Read more