Index – Interior – The snow showers hit, the alarm was issued for two-thirds of the country

It issued a warning forecast for the territory of Hungary National Meteorological Service. The single-level lemon yellow alert is in effect until midnight on Wednesday. As they write, on Tuesday, the north-west wind will again become stormy in a larger and larger area: the strongest gusts can reach or even exceed the speed of 70-80 … Read more

Health Council advises: offer healthcare and education staff a flu vaccine | inland

Certain groups of employees should be offered vaccination against the flu through their employer. This concerns healthcare workers, but also people who work in, for example, education, public transport and childcare. The Health Council writes this in an advice to the cabinet. Because of their work, these employees run a higher risk of getting the … Read more

According to Balázs Orbán, members of the Hungarian parliament expect reassurance from the Swedes

“The situation is clearer than ever: we also support Sweden’s accession, the government has already decided on it, it’s the parliament’s turn, but there is a small snag,” said Balázs Orbán, political director of the prime minister, about why next week the Parliament will only approves the Finns’ request to join NATO. Balázs Orbán spoke … Read more

Ferid (59) fights for years to adjust age in passport (56), but without result | inland

You are not 56 years old, but 59 years old, only you cannot prove it. Ferid Gergin, born in Turkey, has two dates of birth: one in his passport and his real one. A mistake from the past that still haunts him and cannot be corrected. Reenike Gunduz Yanik 25-03-23, 15:00 Latest update: 26-03-23, 13:47 … Read more

Good news: Thousands of people pick up garbage | PFAS turns out to be biodegradable | inland

25 mrt 2023 om 09:08Update: 2 dagen geleden Due to the bad news that often dominates, the good news can be snowed under. That is why we list positive and cheerful messages. This week: Thousands of people went out to pick up rubbish last weekend, scientists find a way to break down ‘eternal’ chemicals … Read more

Index – Belföld – The man who had an accident with an electric scooter has died

On March 25, 2023, at 1:40 a.m., the police were notified that a person was found fallen on an electric scooter in Nyúl, Tavasz utca. Based on the available data, a 41-year-old man fell to the ground with the electric vehicle under circumstances that have not yet been clarified. The man died on the spot … Read more

Weather forecast: Code yellow in coastal provinces and South Limburg due to gusts of wind | inland

25 mrt 2023 om 05:37Update: 2 dagen geleden There is a chance of heavy wind gusts on Saturday from 11 a.m. in the coastal provinces and South Limburg. The KNMI has therefore declared code yellow for South Limburg, Zeeland, South Holland, North Holland, Friesland, Flevoland and the Wadden Islands. In the course of the afternoon, … Read more

Hungarian democracy had 20 happy years, from the regime change to Fidesz

Miklós Haraszti, editor of Beszélő samizdat, later founder of SZDSZ, member of parliament (who spoke to us about ’56, for example here, remembering Imre Mécs) was Alinda Veiszer’s guest this week. Haraszti spoke about the regime change, what could have led to the Fidesz system today, and what it was like to rebel under oppression … Read more

Index – Interior – The National Guard warns, military vehicles are once again flooding Hungarian roads

The convoy is planned to follow the following route: Hajdúhadház Vay Ádám Training Base – Hajdúhadház, Hunyadi Út – Hajdúhadház, Bocskai Tér – Hajdúhadház Kossuth utca – Main road number 4 – M35 bypass – M35 motorway – M3 motorway – M31 motorway – M0 ring road – M7 motorway – Székesfehérvár bypass 8 in … Read more

A woman from Maastricht on social assistance did secretly live together, but she had ‘no advantage from her husband’ | inland

Premium The best of De Telegraaf She must repay the municipality 62,000 euros Maastricht – The judge has no pardon for the woman from Maastricht. By concealing the fact that she was living together, she received more assistance than she was entitled to. She must repay the municipality 62,000 euros.