New technology can give the police and Nav insight into “everything” the banks know about you with a few keystrokes: – This is problematic

A new tool can force the banks to provide the police and the Tax Administration with intimate payment details about Norwegians – completely automatically. Banks are concerned, and are supported by privacy experts. 3 min Published: 03.01.22 — 12.57 Updated: a day ago

20 years since the creation of the euro. Review of the history and insight into the future

20 years of the euro: a look back and a glimpse into the future To mark the occasion, the European Central Bank’s building in Frankfurt, Germany, will be lit up until 9 January, and various messages on the euro in 15 eurozone languages ​​will be displayed next week. Introduction of the euro On 31 December … Read more

10,000-year-old baby grave provides rare insight into ‘personality evolution’

The child was buried with various grave goods, which shows that even the very youngest were recognized as full-fledged persons at the time. About 10,000 years ago, just after the last ice age, a group of hunter-gatherers buried a young girl — still a baby — in a cave in modern-day Italy. The child was … Read more

Game Insight mobile site, Ubisoft decides to remake stealth action ‘Sprinter Cell’

Ubisoft has decided to remake the stealth action game Sprinter Cell. On the 16th, Ubisoft released the details of the game along with the news of the remake on its official website. The remake version was developed by Ubisoft Toronto, and it is being developed with the Snowdrop engine. The Snowdrop engine is the game … Read more

Game Insight mobile site, Embarc Studio, unveils third-person shooter ‘Ark Riders’

‘ARC Raiders’, a third-person shooter game developed by Nexon’s developer, Embarc Studios, was unveiled for the first time at The Game Awards. Arc Riders is a third-person shooter game in which you fight the ARC, a mechanical corps, as a squad with your teammates. The user becomes a member of Riders and performs the task … Read more

Abnormalities in the immune system provide more insight into the disease Q fever fatigue syndrome

Q fever is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Coxiella burnetii People with Q fever fatigue syndrome have abnormalities in their immune system compared to healthy people. Ruud Raijmakers conducted research into various elements of Q fever fatigue syndrome, including the role of the central nervous system and cognitive behavioral therapy as a treatment. … Read more

Better insight into kidney stones with ‘kidney on a chip’

ENGINEERINGNET.BE – About 12% of people suffer from kidney stones and the condition is becoming more common worldwide. In a large proportion of patients it is even a recurring problem. Therefore, it is important to understand precisely the chemical processes behind the formation of kidney stones. “The kidney is still a kind of black box … Read more

InSight drew up a detailed diagram of the subsurface layers of Mars

Géraldine Zenhäusern / ETH Zürich Geophysicists working with the data of the seismograph SEIS of the martian automatic station InSight have drawn up the most detailed diagram of the structure of the subsurface layers of the planet to a depth of 200 meters. It turned out that under the layer of regolith and coarse-grained breccia … Read more

Photo: Insight into the new domestic comedy series “Trustee”

The next-generation Go3 TV will soon feature a new domestic series, The Trustee, a criminal comedy that tells the story of five eventful series about financial manipulation and those who engage in it. Premiere of the TV series Go3 – December 1. The main character of the series, Artis, played by Yuri Djakonov, helps his … Read more