Blood protein may help detect diabetes and cancer risk

O risk of diabetes and cancer can be detected through a blood test. A study carried out by Swedish and Chinese scientists concluded that people with high levels of prostasin, a protein in the blood, are more likely to suffer from these diseases. The scientists analyzed more than 4,500 blood samples that were recorded over … Read more

Egils Līcītis: “Amnesty International” has turned into a propaganda mouthpiece of Putin’s regime and suffered a fiasco

TOPSHOT – Two Russian soldiers patrol in the Mariupol drama theatre, bombed last March 16, in Mariupol on April 12, 2022, as Russian troops intensify a campaign to take the strategic port city, part of an anticipated massive onslaught across eastern Ukraine, while Russia’s President makes a defiant case for the war on Russia’s neighbour. … Read more

STALKER 2 has celebrated International Cat Day with this horrible creature from its world

This Monday we have been introduced to the Bayun, a mutant that we will meet in the game world. Little by little we are getting to know more news about STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobylthe new video game GSC Game World which is scheduled for early next year. after having seen three new captures in … Read more

The international jazz festival “Voicingers On Tour” will take place in Riga for the second year already.

From August 9 to 14, the international jazz masterclass festival “Voicingers On Tour” will take place for the second year in the Latvian Academy of Music, cultural space “M/Darbnīca” and VEF Culture Palace. The program of the “Voicingers On Tour” festival is planned to be organized in two parts – a series of master classes … Read more

“Amnesty International” reports on Latvia are fabrications beneficial to Russia

This year, three blatantly false compositions have reached the public space from different sources, which encourage opening the doors of Latvia, subjecting the country to virtually uncontrolled migration, and accuse the power structures of torturing migrants. Not figuratively, but literally! In mass torture. And Amnesty International is one of the distributors of such misleading information. … Read more

NASA has been launching lasers from the International Space Station for years. There is a good reason behind

We often think of space exploration as something outside of our lives, but many of the experiments we launch into space on rockets are intended to improve our quality of life. GEDI is one of them, with the aim of monitor our forests and measure deforestation.

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Morocco strengthens its international cooperation for renewable energy research – pv magazine International

The Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (Masen) is strengthening its cooperation with international players in the field of renewable energies by signing two memorandums of understanding (MoU) with respectively the Korean Institute of Energy Research (KIER) and the producer Indian electricity and gas company NTPC. August 8, 2022Marie Beyer Construction of Noor Ouarzazate III, in … Read more

Qatar’s international reserves increased by 2.8% in July

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free Official data showed an increase in the international reserves and foreign currency liquidity of the Qatar Central Bank in July 2022, by 2.8 percent on an annual basis, an increase for the 53rd consecutive month. And the data of the Qatar Bank published on its website, yesterday, … Read more

The Israeli raid on Gaza and the Italian newspapers: “Guilt of the attacked”. But the major international newspapers tell another story

Let’s face it, a press like this wouldn’t even mind a Vladimir Putin. You attack a territory that is a kind of open-air prison, you kill 44 people, including 15 children, and you injure another 350, but what we are talking about is the reaction of the attacked, the right of the aggressor to defend … Read more

Amnesty International Regrets Its Report Infuriates Ukrainian President

loading… Amnesty International Regrets Its Report Infuriates Ukrainian President. PHOTO/Reuters KIEV – Human Rights monitoring group, Amnesty International on Sunday (7/8/2022), apologized for the “distress and anger” caused by the incriminating report Ukraine endanger civilians. The report angered Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and prompted the resignation of the head of his office in Kiev. Amnesty … Read more