Interview with the producer of “Dragon Quest Treasure Hunting Expedition”, a new work with the bloodline of “Monster Ragnarok” | 4Gamers

The latest extension of the “Dragon Quest” series developed by Square Enix “Dragon Quest Treasure Hunting Expedition Team Blue Eyes and Sky Compass” will be released this week. Before the launch, Asian media interviewed the producer of this work Inuzuka Taiichi, he was also the producer of the “Dragon Quest Monster Wonderland” (hereinafter referred to … Read more

World Cup direct hit︱Tearful interview with Japanese international footballer Modi praised Blue Samurai (20:19) – 20221206 – Sports – Instant News

Japan fell short in the round of 16 when they shot each other 12 yards. After the game, the mixed interview area was filled with more than 60 Japanese reporters who came to do the last interview for the Japanese team this year. Maya Yoshida, Kaoru Misaki, Junya Ito and many other Japanese international players … Read more

Meteo interview with the meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici; Italy divided in two, 20°C difference between North and South »

Meteo interview with the meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici; Italy divided in two, 20°C difference between North and South Italy divided in two, 20°C difference between North and SouthLess than 20 days from Holy Christmas, Spring returns to the South. After the furious bad weather of recent days, temperatures will rise locally up to 10°C above the … Read more

HIV/AID Cases in Lembata NTT Translucent 298 – HIV/AIDS cases in the district LembataEast Nusa Tenggara (NTT) began to increase over the last six years. District Health Office data Lembata said, from 2016 to October 2022, the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the region reached 298 people. These cases were spread across several sub-districts, including Buyasuri 12 cases, Omesuri … Read more

“We have a rollable phone! Don’t be afraid of ultra-fast charging anymore!” (Interview/podcast with Răzvan Sturza, Motorola Romania Lead)

One of the most common complaints of Mobilissimo readers, judging by the comments on YouTube, is to resume the podcast series Mobicast. In a way she exists and reinvents herself and the newest episode was a discussion of about an hour with Razvan Sturza, Sales Lead Motorola Romania. We talked about what Moto has prepared … Read more

‘Ubuntu is Linux for ordinary people’ – Interview

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Alexandre Alves Costa: a “soixante-huitard” drifting with History | Architecture

Arguments 1: driftingthe first of two books that Alexandre Alves Costa (Porto, 1939) publishes under the seal of Marques da Silva Foundation, will be launched this Saturday, at 4 pm, in the house-atelier of this foundation of the University of Porto. It brings together, in five chapters, memoirs, public interventions of a diverse nature, such … Read more

Kis-My-Ft2 Interview with Taisuke Fujigaya “An unexpected job opened a new door for me.”[ウーマンタイプ]

First-class workers have a commitment that cannot be compromised! Professional Theory This series focuses on celebrities who are active as professionals in various fields.We will focus on what kind of obsession creates “first-class work” that captures the hearts of many people and moves the times. The English translation of “specialty” is “professional”. From long ago, … Read more

The TikTok user who said, ‘I got the job when I said this in every job interview,’ has been viewed 1.8 million times! Here are those words…

The words used by both employers and candidates in job interviews are of great importance. A woman named Jennifer Reardon also shared a magic phrase that always works during the job interview with her followers in the video she took on TikTok. “GENERALLY PROBLEM WHEN THE INTERVIEW IS ENDING” Jennifer said: “Every job I interviewed, … Read more