An interview with an Apple executive complains that Samsung spoofs the iPhone tech and uses it to make the screen bigger.

Economic media The Wall Street Journal has released a short video documentary about the 15-year history of one of the world’s best-selling iPhones, going back to when the first iPhones went on sale on June 29, 2007. The documentary also has an interview with one of Apple’s executives who said that in the early days. … Read more

Zelensky, to Bucha it looks like a war movie, terrifying – World

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 29 – In an interview with the US network Nbc, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky compared the scenes observed today in Bucha to a war film and which instill terrifying sensations. “It’s like a film, a violent film about the effects of war – he said – But then you realize that … Read more

Learn to be content and also learn lessons——An exclusive interview with Xu Jiamin, the coach of China’s three-person women’s basketball team

Xinhua News Agency, Antwerp, June 27th, title: Learn to be content but also learn lessons – an exclusive interview with China’s three-person women’s basketball coach Xu Jiamin Xinhua News Agency reporters Xiao Yazhuo and Lin Deren With a little regret, the Chinese three-person basketball women’s team ended their first international competition after the Tokyo Olympics, … Read more

Transcript of the interview: The troop exercise will end today, Putin told Macron four days before the invasion

The phone call will be published on Thursday, June 30, by French television France 2. However, some media have already published a transcript of the dialogue. There is sometimes a sense of mutual respect in the conversation between the two presidents, but at the same time it is bizarre on several points. Both heads of … Read more

“There is more doubt than before”: Angèle confides in her feelings and her career in an intimate interview

“There is more doubt than before”, but “doubt moves forward”: Angèle, Belgian princess of pop, admits “the pressure” of a second album which she is currently defending on stage, carried by the “euphoria” of festivals. After the success of her first opus “Brol” (1.5 million copies sold), one might think that the singer saw herself … Read more

Sharp reactions to Hadamczik. Disappointment in the first interview, complains Hero

And the reactions from the hockey community did not take long. “It is sad that this lapsis of the new president of ČSLH will have to be corrected again by Kari Jalonen, who will not nominate the KHL player. It seems that we will have to learn more from the Finns than just a compact … Read more

ANDRES ROCA REY, BULLFIGHTER | INTERVIEW “Many times I have even thought about retiring”

Peru saw him born, but Spain made him grow. Maybe too fast. Andres Roca Rey he fought his first calf when he was seven years old. Now, at 25, she fills vacancies and joins the main figures. Such a meteoric rise had not been remembered for a long time. He is an overwhelming bullfighter with … Read more

Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual abuse committed in 1975 against a minor – EPU

american comedian Bill Cosby was convicted of a sexual abuse committed in 1975 against a minor, whom he took to the Playboy Mansion and, once there, the forced him to carry out different practices against his will. This was determined by a Santa Monica jury by nine votes to three, after six days of deliberations. … Read more

Renzo Arbore, the exclusive interview on the eve of 85 years. Photo and video

The great showman tells about all the artists he has discovered in his very long career. But he regrets not having “caught” one in particular. And he unveils it exclusively on Oggi If you take away what Renzo Arbore put into it, they become grayer and poorer. And we with them. On the eve of … Read more

Do not rule out the possibility of tightening screening

JAKARTA, Spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force (Satgas) Wiku Adisasmito said it was possible for the government to tighten travel conditions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This was conveyed by Wiku in response to the recommendation of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Doctors Association (PB IDI) related tes PCR re-enacted for travellers. … Read more