Drunk palpates men in a club, resigns member of the Tory government – World

Another headache for the government of Boris Johnson, hit by yet another sex scandal in British politics. This time the story concerns Chris Pincher, forced to resign in these hours as deputy chief whip of the Conservative Party in the House of Commons, a position that in the Kingdom system coincides with a role of … Read more

A diagnosis investigation? Don’t be afraid to take the step

Whether you have a predisposition to certain diseases, would like to prevent diseases or have been referred by your GP, sometimes a diagnosis is needed. A diagnostic examination may consist of a blood test, a test of the eyes or heart function or examination of other body material. That can be scary at times, but … Read more

Stocks Charles, Tanja Sylvia – Why are obese men at increased risk of death from prostate cancer? – An epidemiological investigation of biological, clinical, and methodological explanations

Background Obesity is a public health problem in Sweden and prostate cancer (PCa) is the most common form of cancer among men. While obesity has a complex relationship with the risk of contracting PCa, obese men are at higher risk of dying from PCa. The cause of the relationship is unknown, and it is also … Read more

Carlo Fidanza of the Brothers of Italy under investigation for corruption

The Milan prosecutor’s office has opened an investigation for corruption on the resignation of the Brescia city councilor Giovanni Acri, which according to the accusation would have taken place to make way for Giangiacomo Carlovini, believed to belong to the political current of the MEP of the Brothers of Italy Carlo Fidanza. In exchange he … Read more

The exchange of armchairs and the 17-year-old hired at 600 euros a month: what’s in the investigation on Carlo Fidanza

One exchange of armchairs and a 17 year old hired in Strasbourg. The Brothers of Italy MEP Carlo Fidanza would have convinced a city councilor of Brescia to resign to make room for one of his most faithful. In exchange for a contract to the European Parliament for the son. After lobby nera another one … Read more

BREAKING NEWS: The Criminal Investigation Department Instructs To Arrest and Forcibly Detain Again Indosurya Boss Henry Surya

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the National Police, Komjen Agus Andrianto instructed police investigators to make arrests and forced detention Again against Boss Indosurya Henry Surya Cs after being declared free from the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police, South Jakarta since Friday (24/6/2022). Agus said that later the suspects … Read more

Theft and receiving of drugs in the provinces of Catanzaro and Cosenza: 18 people under investigation

Criminal association aimed at the theft and receiving of drugs for human and veterinary use. With these accusations formulated for various reasons, the Carabinieri of the Nas of Catanzaro are carrying out 9 precautionary measures in the provinces of Catanzaro and Cosenza. In the sights of the investigators warehouse workers, couriers and pharmacists. Drugs and … Read more

Russian gold arrived in Switzerland despite sanctions, the investigation into three tons of ingots seized from the oligarchs

Three tons of gold of Russian origin, imported into Switzerland from the United Kingdom during the month of May, are at the center of investigations by the Federal Customs and Border Security Office (UDSC). The UDSC has in fact announced that it is examining the imports cited in relation to the sanctions in force. This … Read more

Investigation report reveals dozens of Indonesian citizens died in Malaysian immigration detention, the Indonesian Consul will confirm

June 27, 2022 Image source, GALIH PRADIPTA / BETWEEN PHOTOS Caption, Protesters who are members of the Sovereign Migrant Workers Coalition (KBMB) display writings during their action in front of the Malaysian Embassy, ​​Jakarta, Friday (6/24/2022). The Coalition of Sovereign Migrant Workers (KBMB) reported that as many as 18 Indonesian citizens died at the Tawau … Read more