The US embassy in Iraq – the Middle East was hit by rockets

The US embassy in Iraq has been the target of a missile attack, AFP reported, citing security sources. At least two missiles have landed in the green zone of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, which houses the US embassy and diplomatic missions of other countries. The remaining missiles fell in residential areas adjacent to the Green … Read more

Kiprah Abdullah, the New Leader of ISIS Who Now Continues to Hide Page all – The new leader of the group ISIS has been in power for two years. However, how much is known about the person called Haji Abdullah? Journalist BBC Arab, Feras Kilani, for weeks traveling at Iraq to find out more about the successor to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. The new ISIS leader has a … Read more

NATO to expand military training mission in Iraq / Article /

NATO defense ministers have decided to expand their military presence in Iraq. The aim of the training mission is to prevent the possible resurgence of the jihadist Islamic State movement. “We have decided to expand the NATO training mission in Iraq to support Iraqi forces in the fight against terrorism and to ensure that the … Read more

NATO Defense Ministers to Discuss Missions in Afghanistan and Iraq / Article /

On Wednesday and Thursday, the defense ministers of 30 NATO member states will meet at the summit for the first time since Joe Biden took office as US president. During the videoconference, it is planned to discuss the Alliance’s missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as to review the progress towards fairer burden-sharing and … Read more

VIRAL PHOTO | Captive bears are returned to their habitat and attempt to attack their rescuers on the spot | Iraq | Trends | Trends | nnda nnrt | VIRAL

1 Of 6 syrian brown bear (Ursus arctos syriacus) rescued after being in captivity were released as part of a wildlife conservation project on February 11 in the mountainous area of ​​Dohuk, Kurdistan region, located north of Iraq, but As soon as the bars of their cages were opened, the enraged plantigrades rushed into the … Read more

US Coalition Base Attacked by Rocket, America Outraged

loading… WASHINGTON – The Washington government was angry after coalition military base led United States of America (US) in the Kurdistan region, Iraq, attacked by a number of rockets . This attack killed a civilian contactor and injured six others, including an American soldier. US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken called for an investigation into the … Read more

Biden Rage! Rocket Hits US Military Base, Kills 1

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The rocket attack took place at the military base of the US-led coalition forces in Kurdistan, Iraq North, Monday (15/4/2021) evening local time. A civilian contractor was killed while five others including a US soldier were injured. This attack is the first to occur on a Western military installation or diplomatic … Read more

Bear rushes to the public after being released into the wild

In Iraqi Kurdistan, six bears were released into the mountains this week. These are Syrian brown bears that were kept in poor conditions by private owners. Many spectators had turned up at the deportation. For a moment it seemed to go wrong when a bear rushed towards the audience, but in the end everyone was … Read more

The US has recognized the problem with civilian victims of air strikes in Syria and Iraq: Politics: World:

Analysts at the US government-affiliated research organization RAND have acknowledged the problem with the number of civilian casualties in US Air Force airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the corporation report. The document “Air War against the Islamic State” (a terrorist group banned in Russia) concludes that … Read more

Turkey launched a new military operation in Iraq

Turkey launched a new military operation in Iraq Turkey calls the operation anti-terrorist and says that it was introduced to prevent terrorist attacks. The Turkish Armed Forces have launched a new operation in northern Iraq. About it reports Turkish Defense Ministry on Wednesday, February 10. “In order to prevent terrorist attacks against our people and … Read more