British F-35 stealth jets will finish off the remnants of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

loading… LONDON – The British military will deploy a number of aircraft the F-35B stealth fighter jet to quell the remnants of ISIS terrorist militants in Iraq and Syria. The US (US) Lockheed Martin state-of-the-art fighters will be deployed by British Royal Air Force No. 617 Squadron, widely known as “Dambusters”. Also read: Forming Cabinet, … Read more

British actress accuses American singer “Marilyn Manson” of raping her

British actress named Bianco, who was known to the public in her role in the series “Game of Thrones”, filed a complaint against the American singer Marilyn Manson, accusing him of rape, sadistic sexual assault and repeated violence. Manson was recently charged with sexual assault and rape against several women, most notably the American actress … Read more

Kapitra: It’s the Same as Pigai Accusing ISIS-controlled State, JAKARTA – PDIP politician Kapitra Ampera believes that former Komnas HAM Commissioner Natalius Pigai has made serious accusations to the government regarding the labeling of terrorists for armed criminal groups (KKB) in Papua. This was conveyed by Kapitra in response to Pigai’s statement that the government’s decision was a victory for terrorists from the … Read more

Transfer of Millions of “Funds for Isis”, a 57-Year-Old Woman Suddenly Entered the List of Prospective Terrorists. Page all

BOLTON, – A mother becomes upset after a bank transfer with the caption “funds for Isis, “Made him have a hard time until it was marked as potential terrorist threat. Susan Govindasamy, of Bolton, said she “fell silent” after finding out transfer PayPal 500 pounds (Rp 7.2 million) failed to be delivered. Also read: … Read more

Republican Senator ridiculously sleeps during Biden speech

While US President Joe Biden was speaking in his first speech to the US Congress after 100 days of assuming the presidency about his administration’s plans to reform the immigration system, and other issues … More than an hour after Biden ascended the stage, the cameras lenses turned to Ted Cruz; The Republican senator from … Read more

Responding to Munarman’s Arrest by Densus 88, Refly Harun: This is a tragedy

PR TASIKMALAYA – Arrest Munarman by the Special Anti-terror Detachment team (Densus) 88 stir up the community, including constitutional law experts, Refly Harun. Refly Harun assess the arrest Munarman by Densus 88 this is a tragedy. According to Refly Harun, arrest Munarman by Densus 88 has the potential to also violate human rights. Also Read: … Read more

Awesome! Accused of Being Involved in ISIS, Director of PT PAL Released from Department

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not even a week, serving as Director of Maintenance and Repair of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero), Kuntjoro Pinardi decided to resign from his position as of today, Monday (26/4/2021). The decision was taken only five days after the issuance of the Decree of the Minister of BUMN Number: SK-123 / MBU … Read more

The producer of the 2020 series is surprised by Nadine Njeim’s performance …

The producer of the 2020 series, Sadiq Al-Sabah, tweeted to him through his official account on Twitter, saying: “Nadine Nassib Najim amazes me in her mastery of two different roles with great professionalism. Natural and highly professional. “ He added, “Congratulations on your success … I grew up with my daughter in the morning.” On … Read more

Historic helicopter flight to Mars

The US Space Agency (NASA) announced that its “Ingenuity” helicopter carried out a historic first sortie in the atmosphere of Mars yesterday, making it the first vehicle equipped with an engine to fly over another planet. The news was received with applause and cheers of joy in the control room of the agency’s Jet Propulsion … Read more

ISIS executes Egyptian Coptic Christians as a warning against supporting the military

KAIRO, – Group ISIS of Egypt reportedly executing adherents Coptic Christians as a warning not to support the government. In the video released Saturday (17/4/2021), Coptic Church member Nabil Habashi Salama (62) was shot in the back of the head. Blurred faces, three militiamen wielding AK-47 assault rifles gave a warning to “Christians in … Read more