The collector’s card with LeBron James was auctioned for $ 2.4 million

The rare Triple Logoman card from Panini contains patches of former James teams from Cleveland and Miami and the current Los Angeles Lakers office. An absolute record of $ 6.6 million was expected at the auction, for which the collector’s card of former baseball player Honus Wagner was sold last year. The Panini company made … Read more

James, who scored half of the team’s points, did not save – France will need a decisive final match

Huge fluctuations continue to confuse fans following the finals of the French championship. Wollerban ASVEL on the go 85:68 (22: 9, 19:19, 22:11, 22:29) crushed Monaco’s AS Monaco and equalized the series with three wins to 2: 2. The fate of the match was clear after three more halves, when ASVEL led by 63:39. Donatas … Read more

10,000 euros – The James Barnor Prize endowment

At the initiative, in 2021, of the 92-year-old Ghanaian photographer, the James Barnor Foundation is a charitable association which aims to promote African talent and improve their international visibility. As a first permanent initiative, it created the James Barnor Prize, which will be awarded each year to an artist residing successively in one of the … Read more

Morpheus: AI-powered software helps analyze first images of the James Webb Space Telescope

After years of waiting and anticipation, scientists and researchers around the world are preparing to receive the first images captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, on July 12, 2022. Scientists will use an artificial intelligence-powered program known as Morpheus to analyze these images. And classify the galaxies that will appear in them, with the … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope Hit by Space Rock

MANDALIKA NEWS – According to the statement NASAone of the telescope’s massive mirrors hit by a micrometeorid was larger than expected and larger than engineers could test NASA on earth. Although the assessment of the impact of the collision is still ongoing, but the JWST seems to be operating quite well. “The collision that occurred … Read more

Deborah James: Terminally Ill Presenter Wants Cocktails Until She’s Gone – People

This is where you will find content from social networks In order to interact with or display content from social networks, we need your consent. activate social networks She probably doesn’t have much time left on this earth – but the terminally ill English presenter Deborah James (40, terminal colon cancer) wants to enjoy her … Read more

Not long ago launched, the James Webb Space Telescope was even hit by a space rock

James Webb Space Telescope. (NASA) – Telescope space James Webb (JWST) belongs to NASA, just launched and started its job. But who would have thought that he was hit outer rock. Even though the James Webb telescope was launched by NASA as a successor space telescope Hubble is entering its twilight period. According to … Read more

In Britain, they found a 340-year-old shipwreck on which James II sailed. Stuart

A pair of divers found the wreck east of the English shores 15 years ago. However, the researchers kept the discovery secret so that it would not be damaged in international waters, the Reuters agency wrote. “This discovery could fundamentally change our understanding of 17th-century social, maritime, and political history,” said Claire Jowitt, a professor … Read more

NASA: Why did the James Webb telescope suffer from the impact of micrometeoroids, if it was designed to withstand them?

The space telescope James Webbwhich was designed by the NASA, suffered an impact in one of its primary segments at the end of May. Given this, a group of experts from the space agency began an investigation to assess the causes that produced the incident. YOU CAN SEE: NASA: What does the team that you … Read more