The new discovery of James Webb will change what we know about the universe | Science

The james webb space telescope continues to push the limits of our knowledge. On November 17, it was confirmed that this orbiting observatory captured two of the oldest galaxies ever seen. This discovery has scientists captivated—and a bit confused—because the existence of such cosmic structures it could change already established models of the evolution of … Read more

Daniela Ospina said what James Rodríguez is like as a father

After several years of dating and almost seven years of being married, James Rodríguez and Daniela Ospina decided to end their relationship in 2017 due to differences suffered in the life of a couple. (See also: Daniela Ospina spoke of the event that marked her life: “it left me in pain”) “When something does not … Read more

L. James, who made mistakes very often, still made a significant contribution to the victory

In the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Los Angeles Lakers (6/11) basketball players who 105:94 (33:21, 26:20, 20:34,26;19) defeated San Antonio Spurs (6/14). For the winners, Anthony Davis scored 25 points (10/13 doubles, 5/7 penalty), 15 rebounds, 4 assists, a steal, 3 blocks, 3 fouls and 4 fouls in 35 minutes. LeBron James was also … Read more

NBA Daily Lazy Bag” LeBron James scores 39 points, Lakers reward Spurs with 8-game losing streak, Deandre Ayton pays double 20 report card, Suns lose 1 point to Jazz

NBA NBA 2022-23 season, Taiwan time today (November 27) has 4 games, Yahoo Sports NBA lazy bag highlights the highlights of today’s games, as well as brave moments. Lakers LeBron James scored a game-high 39 points and 11 rebounds, and Russell Westbrook was knocked on the head in the third quarter and bled. (Photo by … Read more

With the James Webb Telescope, the depths of space are getting closer

The James Webb Space Telescope caused a sensation shortly after its launch. Most recently, sulfur dioxide was discovered for the first time on an exoplanet using his recordings. And James Webb is also breathing new life into a classic of astronomy: the space telescope recently made a new image of the “nursery for stars”, which … Read more

JAMES study on teens: girls at the forefront of the networks

Girls are at the forefront of social media use among teens. Boys spend more time playing not-so-free video games. In addition, online sexual harassment is increasingly affecting young people, according to the JAMES 2022 study. Like every two years, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) questioned a thousand young people aged 12 to 19 … Read more

James Webb reveals atmospheric secrets of an exoplanet

The James Webb Space Telescope detected sulfur dioxide, as well as carbon monoxide and dioxide, water, sodium and potassium, in the gaseous layer of the exoplanet WASP-39 b, located 700 light years from Earth. A whole revelation to understand how these celestial bodies are formed. The James Webb Infrared Space Telescope has unequivocally detected sulfur … Read more

The Dangerous Atmosphere on This Exoplanet Captured by the James Webb Telescope – The James Webb Space Telescope reveals the existence atmosphere dangerous in planet WASP-39b. Exoplanet or exoplanet is known to orbit a star about 700 light years from Earth. Now from new observations, the James Webb Space Telescope has provided another insight into the planet; there is a toxic atmosphere in WASP-39b. Quoted from … Read more

James Webb telescope discovers chemical reactions in atmosphere of exoplanet | Tech

Astronomers have pointed the brand new James Webb telescope at an exoplanet 700 light-years away from Earth. The telescope detected chemical reactions in the atmosphere of the exoplanet, reports the European Space Organization ESA. The exoplanet being studied is named WASP-39b and was discovered in 2011 thanks to the WASP project. This is a research … Read more