It is revealed that “Assassin’s Creed: Infinite” will be released in September and set to Japan and play as a ninja | XFastest News

According to well-known game journalist Jeff Grubb, the “Assassin’s Creed: Infinite” that Ubisoft is developing will be a constantly updated platform that will continue to provide players with online services and will have a variety of games or settings. Allegedly, “Assassin’s Creed: Infinite” will be launched in two configurations, one corresponding to “Project Red”, which … Read more

Alienware’s latest gaming monitor features high refresh rates and a retractable headphone mount – Engadget Japan Edition

Dell Earlier Dell announced two new Alienware gaming monitors for the fall market, the AW2723DF and AW2523HF. Both have interesting new designs. The manufacturer has added a retractable and adjustable headphone hanger to it, which is convenient for players to place their headphones at will. As for the screen itself, the AW2723DF uses a 27-inch … Read more

China and Japan struggle with inflation and corona | NOW

China and Japan are recovering slowly from the aftermath of the corona crisis. The consequences of the war in Ukraine and high prices of raw materials are also hindering economic growth in East Asia. This is evident from figures that both countries published Monday morning. In China, for example, it turned out that many consumers … Read more

Japan commemorates WWII capitulation without apologies, criticism about temple visit

Reuters NOS News•Monday, 11:01 At the Japanese commemoration of the capitulation in World War II, 77 years ago today, no apologies have been made to the victims of the Japanese aggression during the war. In a sober ceremony, Prime Minister Kishida said Japan “will stick to the decision never to repeat the tragedy of the … Read more

Asteroids bring organic matter?New discovery in Japan probes mystery of origin of life – News – Rti Central Radio

In the samples collected by the Japanese research team from the asteroid, silicate minerals containing organic matter were found, and it was concluded that these minerals sent the organic matter of the origin of life to the earth. (Photo: Pixabay) When a Japanese research team analyzed samples collected from asteroids, they discovered silicate minerals that … Read more

TikTok adds AI background generator – Engadget Japan

SOPA Images via Getty Images Recently due to The amazing performance of OpenAI’s DALL-E 2making AI art-related topics quite hot, and TikTok has also caught up with this ride,Introduced an “AI green screen” effect in its Android and iOS apps, allowing you to produce a “work of art” that is somewhat abstract oil painting style … Read more

2022 Discounts on Tile Tracker Products, Say Goodbye to Your Lost Items – Engadget Japan Edition

Tile Engadget’s editorial team is committed to collecting high-quality products and preferential prices for you. Part of the article links merchants that have a cooperative relationship with Engadget. The pricing and supply have the opportunity to change, all based on the latest information of the merchants. In daily life, mobile phones, keys, wallets and other … Read more

Breaking !! Namota brand from Yokohama, Japan, is attacking Indonesia, it’s getting more and more crowded!!

Viewed: 32,120 – Cakkk…. The Indonesian automotive market is still considered promising for manufacturers, including supporting manufacturers such as accessories for both cars and motorcycles. Recently, a brand from Yokohama, Japan, namely NAMOTA, has entered the Indonesian market at the 2022 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS). NAMOTA is a brand that provides high … Read more

Shoji Marimoto, The Man Who Rented Himself To Do Nothing

loading… Shoji Morimoto, a Japanese man who rents himself out to do nothing. Photo/Twitter @MC4Adam TOKYO – A man in Japan Shoji Morimoto rents himself out for a very unusual thing to his client. He literally rents himself out to “do nothing”. It sounds odd, but–believe it or not–some 3,000 desperate people have hired him. … Read more

Being a Speaker in Hiroshima, Anies Heard Japanese Citizens Are Comfortable Riding Angkots in DKI

Jakarta – Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan became a speaker at The Sasakawa Peace Foundation seminar in Hiroshima, Japan. In the seminar, Anies admitted that he heard comments from the Japanese people about the city of Jakarta. Anies initially explained that The Sasakawa Peace Foundation held three seminars about Jakarta. Twice in Tokyo and … Read more