3DS outsold Xbox, including Series X, in Japan

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums Although this year Xbox will celebrate its 20th anniversary, which account for different successes throughout that time, the brand still does not click on Asia and although South Korea and China are complicated markets, the possibilities of positioning their … Read more

The Nintendo 3DS family of consoles outsold the entire Xbox range last year in Japan – Nintenderos

We already shared with you on the web that Nintendo Switch and its games really swept Japan last year. However, now we have a curious piece of information related this time to Nintendo 3DS. And it is that, apparently, the Nintendo 3DS brand surpassed the family of consoles of Xbox, which includes Xbox Series X, … Read more

A severe winter storm kills at least eight and injures 240 in coastal regions of Japan

MADRID, 10 One. (EUROPA PRESS) – At least eight people have died and 240 have been injured by a severe winter storm that has hit the coastal regions of Japan throughout this weekend. Many of the deceased lost their lives while clearing the heavy snow accumulated in the affected regions. A man in his 60s … Read more

Bushido: the book that changed the image of Japan in the world

Michiyo Nakamoto The Collection, BBC 1 hour Image source, Getty Images Caption, It is a work that was published in 1900 and has influenced several generations (Generic photo). The Last Samurai, a great Hollywood epic, tells the story of Katsumoto, a rebellious samurai who dedicates his life to fighting forces he believes are corrupting traditional … Read more

The First Super Mario Entertainment Arena Will Come To Universal Studios Japan

JAKARTA – Super Mario, the game franchise from Nintendo, will become one of the newest entertainment arenas at Universal Studios Japan. Later there will be Mario Kart and Super Mario rides that will be present as facilities in this arena. The visitors can play as in the video game. One of them is Super Mario … Read more

Tomoyuki Sugano, without agreement in MLB, will stay in Japan

Deadline to reach an agreement with the Japanese pitcher has ended Tomoyuki Sugano. Japanese star Tomoyuki Sugano did not come to an agreement on a contract with a major league team before his posting window expired and will return to Nippon Professional Baseball for 2021, sources tell ESPN. He will be eligible to come to … Read more

The Day Cinema Returned to Japan: Raising an Industry from the Ashes of the Bombs

For a week, all the movie theaters in Japan kept their doors closed. It happened after the country’s capitulation to the Americans in September 1945, while the dread of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagazaki was still blowing. Thus ended the Second World War, but also an era. Henceforth, the country of the rising … Read more

The trade agreement between Japan and the United Kingdom enters into force

Tokyo, Jan 1 (EFE) .- The trade agreement between Japan and the United Kingdom entered into force on Friday after London completed its exit from the European Union (EU), and will allow both countries to maintain their economic ties and even expand them after the brexit. The pact was sealed by both countries at the … Read more