Sister Luisa Dell’Orto killed with four pistol shots in Haiti. The last letter: “Why so much violence?” –

from Barbara Gerosa Originally from Lomagna, in Brianza, Luisa Dell’Orto was murdered by three armed bandits. The high school in Lecco, two degrees, in 1987 the first mission in Cameroon, then Madagascar and the reconstruction of Haiti. She too had lived for three years in a mud hut in the pygmy forest. Her sister: for … Read more

Sister Luisa killed. She was Father Dell’Orto’s sister

CREMONA – There, in Haiti, everyone called her “seur Luisa”. It was the angel of the children, Sister Luisa Dell’Orto, nun of the Little Sisters of the Gospel of Charles de Foucauld, column of Kay Chal, “Casa Carlo”, in a very poor suburb of Port-au-Prince, the capital where she worked from 20 years old and … Read more

Alerts! Russia Returns Kyiv Missile, Civilian Killed

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – War Russia to Ukraine is still happening. Recently, Russia has again attacked the Ukrainian capital, Kiyiv. This is the second time since Russia decided to withdraw troops and focus attacks on eastern Ukraine in April. The attack was also the first in three weeks. In the report AFP The attack destroyed … Read more

He killed my son, he was 3 years old, the video of the father punching the killer in the court

He assaulted the accused suspected in the murder of his 3-year-old son, punching him in a courtroom: 7 days in prison. Is called Tonio Hughes and it is the father who, three days ago in an Ohio courtroom, attacked the defendant Desean Brown22, suspected in the murder of his 3-year-old son. The desperate father clicks … Read more

Another Russian officer was killed in Ukraine. He is an experienced captain from Omsk

You can follow the information on the defense of Ukraine 24 hours a day on our website LIVE RELATIONS “Captain Nikita Alabin was killed in Ukraine. He almost died in an attack on a military vehicle in Dagestan in 2013. But then he was unscathed from action.” — informs the profile of Russian Officers killed … Read more

Alessandria, a 24-year-old farmer confesses to the murder of Prof Norma Megardi: “I killed her” –

from Floriana Rullo Luca Orlandi, 24, farmer, who worked in the fields his grandfather had rented from the former English teacher, 74. The hypothesis that the woman no longer wanted to give them to him. The rumors of a possible motive linked to an unpaid rent debt. About 2,600 euros “I killed Norma after yet … Read more

Rimini, mother of a six-month-old child shot in the head and killed by her partner. Over 50 femicides since the beginning of the year

A 47-year-old man killed his 33-year-old partner, the mother of a six-month-old baby. It happened this morning around 8.30 in Bellariva di Rimini. According to the testimonies of the neighbors, who called the State Police, the two had quarreled for the son. The girl would have had time to scream, say ask for help and … Read more

Al Jazeera journalist killed by Israeli gunfire – VG

HONORED: At Al-Jazeera’s headquarters in Doha, Qatar, employees have posted a picture of the late Akleh. Photo: IMAD CREIDI / Reuters The bullet that killed Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin was fired by Israeli forces, the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR) concludes. Published: Updated yesterday 12:59 p.m. The experienced Al Jazeera journalist became … Read more

An investigation by the UN agency OHCHR concluded that journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed by an Israeli soldier

According to an investigation by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), a United Nations agency, the bullet that last 11 May killed Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in the West Bank was shot by an Israeli soldier, and not by some “armed PalestiniansAs the government of Israel had initially claimed. At the … Read more