Residents of South Jakarta Pesanggrahan Killed by Electric Shock During Floods

Jakarta – A resident in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta, died when flood hit his territory. The resident was electrocuted during the flood and his body was evacuated by DKI Jakarta BPBD officers. “The victim died as a result of being electrocuted because he tried to unplug the power plug which was submerged in water,” said Head … Read more

Policeman killed in Schaerbeek: Yassine M. dated another terrorist in prison, Logan L.

The prison staff union (Sypol EPI) observes that prison officers at Andenne prison had sounded the alarm about Yassine M., the suspect who killed a police officer in Schaerbeek on November 10, reports Sudinfo on Monday. “When this individual was in Andenne prison around 2015-2016, staff had written observation reports about him because he was … Read more

two young men were killed in the accident

When the medics arrived, they declared the death of two people. A 31-year-old driver and a 34-year-old passenger were killed. Representatives of the Situation Coordination Department of the Fire Protection and Rescue Department informed the news portal that the Opel Vectra drove off the road and crashed into a tree. Firefighters rescued two people … Read more

control and terrible discovery. Papa Stefano killed by evil in two months

FOSSO’ – Dad died at the age of 57 from cancer, Stefano didn’t make it. The illness lasted only two months Stephen Agnoletto, a man from Fossò, well known in the town and throughout the Riviera. Always available, kind to everyone and with a friendly smile, he was also well known for his activities in … Read more

Flying Cross-Country for a Date, This Woman Is Even Killed and Her Organs Taken

loading… Willing to travel 3,000 miles to meet his girlfriend in cyberspace, Blanca Arellano (51) ends tragically. Photo/Independent MEXICO CITY – A tragic fate had to be experienced by a woman of origin Mexico who is willing to fly 3,000 miles to meet his girlfriend in cyberspace at Peru . A date that should be … Read more

Ukraine killed Iranians who helped Russians with drones: ‘If they collaborate, we must kill them’ | Abroad

In October, Israeli media reported that ten Iranian advisers had been killed in attacks by the Ukrainian army in Crimea. In a conversation with The Guardian on Thursday, Danilov confirmed that Iranians had been killed on the Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia since 2014, but he did not say how many people were involved. According … Read more

The prosecutor’s suspicion on Giandavide De Pau: “He killed to shoot videos to resell on the web”

Giandavide De Pauaccused by prosecutor of Rome to have killed three prostitutes in the Prati district, had perhaps a premeditated plan. And one goal: to shoot movies and videos to be resold on Dark Web. There are essentially three elements supporting this hypothesis. The first are i video found on his cell phone that tell … Read more

‘Our mother killed the pedophile who abused us, but it didn’t end our nightmares’ – 11/24/2022

Eight years ago, Sarah Sands stabbed a convicted pedophile to death. Her three children share how they feel now about their mother’s crime. Eight years ago, British Sarah Sands stabbed and killed a pedophile. In their first interview together, Sands’ three children tell BBC News that the pedophile had sexually abused them all and describe … Read more