Israel, a diver finds the sword of a 900-year-old Crusader knight in the sea

The sword, about one meter long and with a 30 cm handle, was found on the seabed together with a treasure of ancient objects brought to light thanks to the currents. To protect it, a sort of shell of shells that has kept it intact for all these years and from which it will now … Read more

“The Batman” Premieres Extended Trailer With Robert Pattinson As The Dark Knight | DC | Premiere | Comics | DC FanDome 2021 | YouTube | SEE ONLINE | SPORTS-PLAY

The Justice League of DC has always been one step behind Marvel’s Avengers. For this reason, the company has put the batteries and has started the production of new films and the development of various video games. Recently, the DC FanDome 2021 convention was held, where all the DC superhero material that will hit the … Read more

Anonymous executive: Westbrook only has 2 months chance to trade if he doesn’t fit the Lakers_season

Original title: Anonymous executive: Westbrook only has 2 months chance to trade if the Lakers do not fit On October 14th, Beijing time, according to reports from the US media, an anonymous NBA executive revealed that the Lakers will only give Russell Westbrook a run-in time of up to two months. If the season is … Read more

Depth: Anti-intellectualism and deviant Irving refuses to fight the vaccine and the Nets lose

Original Title: Depth: Anti-intellectualism Deviant Irving Refuses to Fight Vaccine and Nets Lose During the offseason, Mr. Kyrie Irving came out to work again. He launched a campaign to boycott the vaccine, which caused some players to respond positively; the vaccine injection rate before the start of the training camp was only 90%. With the … Read more

LaVine 25 points, Vucevic 10+9, Bulls 7 doubles and 36 points wins Cavaliers_Dro

Original title: LaVine 25 points, Vucevic 10+9, Bulls, 7 players in double figures, 36 points wins Cavaliers On October 6, Beijing time, the NBA preseason continued fierce battles, in which the Chicago Bulls beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 131-95, ushering in their first preseason victory. Among them, LaVine scored 25 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists, … Read more

Šikula Krejčí also handled the Knight. At Jagr’s age, I can’t imagine myself on ice, he admitted

David Krejčí from Olomouc during the match with Kladno. Slavomír Kubeš, ČTK The best scorer of the competition did not score for the second time in a row, but he gave away amazing passes in overtime and with a balance of 7 + 5 he already reigns supra-league productivity. “I know what is being written … Read more

A medieval Origami knight made from a single sheet

Screenshot: Juho Konkkola / YouTube We have already talked about Juho Konkkola sometime around here. This Finnish artist is an expert in Origami, the traditional Japanese technique of folding paper. On another occasion we have seen him make a warrior from scratch samurai. This time he has made a medieval knight in full armor. The … Read more

In the first line, Jágr pulled the Knight to victory and his teammates just took off their hats

Kladno players are happy with the second goal, from left Tomáš Plekanec, Jaromír Jágr, Danny Kristo and Nicolas Hlava. Ondřej Hájek, ČTK It is not without interest that Jágr spent the first three-point evening in the highest domestic competition in less than seventeen in January 1989 also against Litvínov (2 + 1). More than 32 … Read more

Fans want to see Batman: Arkham Knight elements in Spider-Man 2 – Gambling addiction

Fans “Spiderman» want see elements in the sequel Batman: The Arkham Knight… For example, the ability to deliver villains to the police, and then return and communicate with them. This motivates gamers to catch supervillains, since then they can spend time with them, get to know them better. However, in the case of Batman, capturing … Read more