Passenger plane caught fire at Miami Airport after emergency landing

A plane carrying 126 passengers caught fire at Miami Airport after making an emergency landing due to a broken landing gear. All occupants survived. The vehicle came to a stop next to a runway. The fire brigade was quickly on the scene to extinguish the fire and evacuate the occupants. Three passengers were taken to … Read more

Video: A plane landed on the fuselage in Miami, its front landing gear failed

A Red Air machine flying in the Dominican Republic had to make an emergency landing at Miami airport after its landing gear failed, writes agency AP. As can be seen in the footage posted on Twitter (attached below), the plane skidded and then crashed into a mast, which dragged the machine with it a few … Read more

Fly, Miami | Passenger plane caught fire during landing in Miami

Three people were injured in the drama when it started burning in the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 plane from the Dominican low-cost carrier Red Air. The fire is said to have occurred because the plane’s nose wheel failed during landing, the airport states on Twitter. Also read: Russian planes rebel Sweden’s defense minister Videos shows the … Read more

Passenger plane catches fire after failed landing at Miami Airport

The American NTSB is investigating exactly what happened, but according to the airport fire department, the nose wheel collapsed during landing. Fire started when the fuselage came into contact with the runway. All 162 passengers managed to get out of the plane and the fire was quickly extinguished. Three occupants were taken to hospital with … Read more

Neymar panics after his private plane had to make an emergency landing in Brazil

Posted in: 22/06/2022 – 09:22 The star of the Brazilian national team and the French football team Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar, panicked, after his private plane had to make an emergency landing on the night of Monday-Tuesday in the city of Boa Vista in northern Brazil, due to a problem with the windshield, according to Brazilian … Read more

How dangerous are the returned IS women still? “After landing came the most difficult moment: the separation of the children from their mother”

Our country has brought six women and sixteen children from the Al-Roj camp in northeastern Syria back to Belgium. A separate threat analysis was made for each of them. The women who went there years ago to fight under the radical IS were separated from their children and locked up in prison.

Commander of the Russian Air Landing Forces dismissed after disproportionate losses

Andrei Serdyukov led an operation to seize Crimea in 2014, then led a Russian military group in Syria. In January this year, he also oversaw the Collective Security Organization (ODKB) contingent imported into Kazakhstan. Serdyukov was blamed for low efficiency and heavy losses among Russian landing units in the first weeks following the large-scale attack … Read more

Rover Perseverance detects “something unexpected” on Mars that is related to its landing

The team in charge of NASA’s Perseverance rover detected “something unexpected” on Mars, related to the landing day of that mission in 2021, the US space agency reported on Twitter. @NASAPersevere. Specifically, according to reviews RT news, it is a shiny piece of aluminum foil, which would be part of a thermal blanket, a material … Read more

Too expensive, manual landing on Starfield planets will not be possible | Xbox One

no game allows you to land “manually” on a planet @Angmar89: I wasn’t in a dream or a utopia, I was just referring to Elite Dangerous, certainly you do not know or maybe never played. Game that I have been playing for many years, and whose origin dates back to 1984 (I played it in … Read more