The coach’s joke was flooded with a wave of laughter at the Swiss press conference in Vilnius

Mr Yakin did not immediately understand the question of what had changed between the Swiss and Lithuanian national teams since their last meeting in St. Gallen last March, which ended in a minimal 1: 0 victory for the hosts. And when he repeated it a few times, he began to smile. “Well, the biggest difference … Read more

Anies Baswedan’s jokes and laughter after falling into the water when greeting the residents

Jakarta – Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan fell into a sewer while greeting residents in Koja, North Jakarta. After falling in the drain while reviewing the vaccination, Anies recalled while joking. The incident occurred when Anies visited the RW 07 Vaccination Center, South Tugu, Koja, North Jakarta, Saturday (11/9/2021). The video that Anies fell … Read more

Laughter and sex.. Learn about their benefits during sexual intercourse

Some people often think that humor has a negative connotation during the relationship between two partners and that it kills love and…concupiscence, this concept is wrong becauselaughter​ It enhances partnership in intimate moments, removes barriers between them and leads to great sexual satisfaction. Here are the reasons for laughing: 1- laughter Laughter enhances the intimate … Read more

New Study Reveals Human Baby Laughter Patterns Are Similar to Primates – All Pages

Daniel Thomas / Unsplash The researchers found that the babies laughed in a pattern similar to that of great apes. – A study shows a pattern tawa baby humans match primate. The results of this study were published in Biology Letters. Laughter transcends all languages ​​and now scientists know that this spontaneous response also … Read more

Mathieu Madénian will not come to the Cénac laughter festival, the comedian cancels his tour

Comedian Matthieu Madenian will not play at Cénac this Thursday, August 5. He was one of the headliners of the very first edition of the town’s laughter festival. The artist has just canceled his tour because of the health situation. The show is postponed until February 18, and it will be in the large theater … Read more

A league round overview: Kaunas club did not rush with laughter

It has opened. Vilnius “Knights” won the Lithuanian Championship after a break of more than a month – Telšiai “Džiugas” was defeated 3: 2 at home. Three well-matched legionnaires – Angelis Lezama, Marko Pavlovskis and Maksymas Marusičius – contributed to it with a solid game. A. Lezama made 2 assists, M. Pavlovskis scored for the … Read more

Drama in German politics: Merkel’s favorite drowns in laughter against the backdrop of floods

As Politico reminds us, the floods have indeed contributed to the rise of Germany’s biggest political stars. For example, Helmut Schmidt, who died in 2015 at the age of 96, was also well known to the Germans as a chancellor. He engaged in politics in Hamburg in 1962 and played an important role in saving … Read more

Laughter chewed on pancreatic cancer, Aeriza Kang’s miracle is in progress [인생 사진 찍어드립니다]

Since when did you live by loyalty instead of love/ I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this/ I’m afraid of the jingles of life I’ve lived through fighting/ In the end, everyone will leave and it’s just you and me/ Let’s live a little happier than today/ But to me, … Read more

Chris Pratt spoke of his wife: I love her laughter, even at funerals! – Stellar cases – Cocktail

He has been married to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter Katherine for more than two years. Actor Chris Pratt recently revealed what he loves most about his wife. And he couldn’t choose. Photo: SITA/AP, Chris Pizzello Actor Chris Pratt at the premiere of The Tomorrow War in Los Angeles. The hero of hits such as Guardians of … Read more

” A question for breakfast ” Marzena Rogalska had a slip-up in the program. There was no end to the laughter

In live programs, it is easy to get more or less mishaps. During the broadcast, you have to be on your guard all the time and be careful not to let it happen. The hosts often get overwhelmed, confuse the names of the guests, or have other accidents. This is what happened in the Sunday … Read more