lights and shadows of the recovery in 4 points

Italia: the recovery travels at different speeds, as can be summarized in at least 4 points taken from the latest report by the Confindustria Study Centre. Specifically, through the May flash trend on the national and, in general, European and international economic trend, the analysts highlighted that the growth in Italy is continuing, albeit with … Read more

Juno probe spotted familiar lightning on Jupiter

Jafra News – A strange sight was spotted by several spacecraft that visited the largest planet in our solar system, including NASA’s Juno probe, where clouds made of water hide under the brown ammonia clouds that cover Jupiter. As on Earth, lightning is often generated within these clouds The data obtained by Juno provides new … Read more

no red lights and maxi stops at the Valencia corner

The editorial staff Wednesday 24 May 2023, 10:00 La Liga has decided to follow the Italian path and after Gravina’s thanks to LukakuSpain did not disqualify Vinicius, victim of racist chants by Valencia fanssent off at the end of the match against Valencia. The club immediately distanced itself from the ugly discriminatory episodeas well as … Read more

NASA is on a mission to search for life on Saturn

Jafra News – The US space agency “NASA” plans to send a robot in the form of a “snake” to one of the 83 moons of “Saturn”, in search of an environment capable of supporting life. The American New York Post said that the “snake robot” is about 4 meters long and weighs about 100 … Read more

The Pocong Lights were so messed up in Medan that they called Bobby the Failed Project

While – Street lamp work in Medan, which netizens call the pocong lamp, is considered a failed project. From the very beginning of the work, many problems arose. After receiving criticism from various parties, Medan Mayor Bobby Nasution ordered the Inspectorate to conduct an audit or examination of the project. The order was issued by … Read more

A powerful solar storm may overshadow the Northern Lights this week

A solar flare over the weekend could lead to stargazing in the sky for the coming days. On Sunday, May 7 at 6:54 PM EST (22:54 GMT), a sun Released a long-running class M1.5 solar eruption An event of moderate intensity – immediately upon Land. The high levels of radiation associated with this event have … Read more

A secret relationship involving the heroine of “The Kingfisher” with the production company

Tell me – Turkish media revealed the dissatisfaction of the producer of the series “The Kingfisher Bird”, Yalı Çapkını, after circulating rumors about the association of the two heroes of the work in a secret love relationship. Turkish journalist Bilal Ozjan wrote, in a post on his official Facebook page, that the producer of the … Read more