This millionaire goes from London to Istanbul via Brussels… on foot: here’s why

“Every day I do 30 kilometers.” Craig Cohon announces the color. This millionaire, former executive at Coca-Cola has launched a crazy bet: to reach Istanbul on foot from London. The goal? Symbolically redeem his carbon footprint. As part of the project Walk it Back (which could be translated “give it back by walking“), he plans … Read more

London police expect to expose more bad cops after serial rapist | Abroad

London police expect to take two to three officers to court every week in the coming months for all sorts of crimes, police commissioner Mark Rowley tells BBC News. All employees of London’s Metropolitan Police Force are currently being checked after it was revealed that a serial rapist was active on the force. According to … Read more

London’s Soho paints the walls with a special color. It is to prevent men from urinating in the street

When men with full bladders want to relieve themselves on a freshly painted wall, the wall immediately repels the liquid. “It’s very effective,” local councilor Aicha Less told AFP, demonstrating the effects of the paint by spraying a wall with water from a bottle. There are four hundred bars, restaurants and theaters in the Soho … Read more

People talked the mother into a name for her daughter. Sounds like London beef, he claims

The new mother had two names chosen for her daughter. But she couldn’t decide which one to choose. People then pointed out to her that it reminded them of beef and she shouldn’t use it. For a long time before giving birth, a woman hesitated about what name to choose for her baby. She liked … Read more

Index – Abroad – All four limbs of a little girl were amputated due to a serious medical error

A British girl was admitted to Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey with signs of meningitis and sepsis, but was soon discharged and given paracetamol for her symptoms due to high fever and drowsiness. However, she later ended up in the emergency room again, only to be diagnosed with Meningococcal sepsis. After that, he was transferred … Read more

Driving without a seat belt: Premier Rishi Sunak has to pay a fine

Updated on 01/20/2023 23:29 Rishi Sunak got a ticket in London. The British prime minister was caught driving without a seat belt. Sunak apologized for his offense. More breaking news After driving without a seat belt, the British Prime Minister has to Rishi Sunak pay penalty. Lancashire County Police said in the evening that a … Read more

GB: most children born out of wedlock, it’s the first time – Europe

British children born out of wedlock or any form of registered civil partnership outnumbered those born within one family for the first time in the island’s history in 2021. This is revealed by the latest data processed on the subject by the Office for National Statistics (Ons) relating to the population of England and Wales … Read more

800 police officers in London are being investigated for sexual abuse and family violence – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

The police in London have announced that they will review the background of all the 45,000 employed police officers in the Metropolitan Police. This is confirmed by Metropolitan Police Chief Constable Mark Rowley BBC. 800 of these are already under investigation after more than 1,000 allegations of sexual abuse and family violence have been received. … Read more