Jack Wagner and Kristina Wagner lost their son Harrison – now the cause of death is clear

TV star: Jack Wagner, here at a premiere in Pasadena in 2016. Foto: Janet Gough / Pa Photos Half a year after Jack Wagner and his actress wife Kristina Wagner lost their 27-year-old son, it is clear what he died of. Harrison Wagner was found dead in a Los Angeles parking lot in June. He … Read more

Crisis at Credit Suisse – Axel Lehmann: “We lost some very good employees” – News

He currently has what is probably the most difficult job in the Swiss banking sector: Axel Lehmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse (CS). Lehmann must lead the bank out of its deep crisis and regain the trust of customers and investors. Because between the beginning of October and mid-November alone, customers … Read more

European technology companies lost 400 billion euros this year. USD values

Photo by Dado Ruvičius (Reuters / Scanpix). Publicly traded and private European technology companies lost around 400 billion euros this year. USD value – according to the calculations of the venture capital company Atomico, the total value of companies decreased from 3.1 trillion. USD peak in 2021 at the end to 2.7 trillion. USD. Atomico, … Read more

The Japanese team lost to the Croatian team in the penalty shootout and stopped the top 16 for the fourth time-Sports-中工网

Original title: Penalty shootout loss to Croatia (quote) The Japanese team stopped in the round of 16 for the fourth time (theme) Beijing Daily (Reporter Wang Yang) In the quarter-finals of the Qatar World Cup that ended early yesterday morning Beijing time, the Japanese team lost 1-3 to Croatia in a penalty shootout, thus losing … Read more

A report to the bereaved family who lost the son of a private soldier…”Please let me know the truth”

◀ Anchor ▶ A week ago, a private in Gangwon Province was shot and killed at a frontline guard post. A report presumably sent by a military insider came in to the bereaved family, who were frustrated that the military was driving them into an ‘accident in which they killed themselves’. It was a ‘accident’. … Read more

40,000 lost power – FBI investigates

BIRE TO KEEP WARM: Gerardo Anicero tries to keep the heat outside the transformer that was attacked in the city of Carthage, which is part of Moore County, North Carolina. Photo: JONATHAN DRAKE/Reuters A curfew has been imposed in a county in North Carolina after what police describe as a targeted attack on two transformers. … Read more

Tigran Salibekov again lost in court to Yulia Kolisnichenko

A former member of House 2 told subscribers important news. She and the children were lucky, and the lawyer was chosen correctly. Tigran Salibekov again lost in court to Yulia Kolisnichenko and his lawsuit about cheating wifewho took away his apartment, was rejected.Kolisnichenko accepts the congratulations of the subscribers and tells that the children thank … Read more

France – Poland 3:1: Poles lost, but some of them were great. Not the ones we most counted on

One of the best in the match against France was the one who completely failed in the group stage, that is Matty Cash Robert Lewandowski’s poor match ended with his goal from the penalty spot, although in the first approach Lloris saved his shot. Unlawful – the referee ordered a replay Bartosz Bereszyński played a … Read more

The participant lost 227 kilograms. Her transformation impresses Internet users

Christina Phillips entered the medical show Stories of Great Importance while in critical condition. At the age of 22, she weighed over 300 kilograms and spent most of her time grounded in her apartment. Walking a few steps was a challenge, as were the simplest daily activities, during which she had to be assisted by … Read more

World Cup: Van Gaal concerned, Van Basten annoyed … The Netherlands still criticized! – Soccer

The qualification against the United States (3-1) on Saturday in the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup did not dispel all doubts about the level of play of the Netherlands, who will face Argentina in the quarter on Friday. of final. Oranje not really exciting… If Argentina trembled at the end of the … Read more