Artist Khaled Abdel Rahman reveals for the first time the story of his relationship with a girl he fell in love with… and thanks her for this reason! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Khaled Abdel-Rahman, talked about the love story that he lived and affected his life, saying: “I did not believe in love, and I was mocking those who loved, and I fell into a quarrel.” Khaled Abdul Rahman explained, during an interview with him on “Qatar Channel”: “I was mocking those who … Read more

It turns out that Neneng, Abimana’s ex-girlfriend, is now cured and intends to take revenge on Siena’s sister, the bond of love

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Soap operas Love Bond will be back tonight December 6, 2022 at 20.00 WIB on RCTI (if there is no change in broadcast time). The next episode will probably be Neneng’s friend Elsa when he was in a rehabilitation center he had recovered and intended to take revenge on Abimana. Previously told … Read more

“The Bedouin is not love, love” • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the new appearance of the famous Snapchat artist, Rahaf Al-Qahtani, who is famous for Snapchat, as she presents the evening bulletin at the Al-Sayahed Festival. Rahaf Al-Qahtani said during the video: “Wolf, love, Bedouin, no love, true love, this was our publication today.” And she added: “I have something … Read more

Gian Marco sends a hint to Rodrigo Gonzalez Peluchín and Gigi Miter: “Stupid gossip” Love and Fire VIDEO farándula | SHOWS

After what Gian Marco was criticized for saying profanity at his last concert, the preview of ‘Love and Fire’ shows another reaction he had at said event, where he would have sent a hint to Rodrigo Gonzalez y Miter Teeth. MIRA: Michelle responds to Magaly for telling her that she is a bad copy of … Read more

The people of the country of samba.. a story of mad love for football

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Favelas neighborhoods, which house more than six percent of Brazilians On the outskirts of the country’s two largest cities. A simple, limited income for most of the residents of these neighborhoods. As for dreams, they have no limits, and the path to achieving them is multi-track. Alan Mariano, soccer player, … Read more

«Gérard Depardieu revealed to me the love between his maternal grandmother and his paternal grandfather» | Aldo Cazzullo

The meeting with the great actor, the most famous Frenchman in the world: «He said of Macron that it is like egg white: it tastes of nothing. Of Le Pen, which was not a threat, but nonsense. In short: he hates politics, but he understands it well » I had the longed-for appointment with Gérard … Read more

Gergő Papp broke up with his love who was 24 years younger

Gergő Papp broke up with his love who was 24 years younger 2022-12-05 / Author: habostorta / Other, relationship After his divorce, Gergő Papp found love almost immediately in the person of a woman 24 years younger. Now, however, it seems that Mr. Pimasz is single again, as his former lover, Petra Pintér, has appeared … Read more

Millions of Internet celebrities have divorced 3 times in 2 years…Recognized “stealing old love” reversal recombination handsome and broke up with new boyfriend identity revealed | Entertainment | CTWANT

The super-popular Internet celebrity Han Anran in mainland China became popular because she started plastic surgery at the age of 16 and underwent 33 surgeries in just 4 years. However, her relationship dazzled the outside world. The boyfriend held a high-profile wedding, but he didn’t expect it to end after only half a year. Soon … Read more