3 Most Expensive Luxury Cars in the World, The Prices Make Your Head Shake and Only Real Sultans Can Buy

Bondowosonetwork.com – Although luxury cars can’t buy it yet, but just to find out and make it a dream, okay? Rich people in Indonesia are no strangers to brands and sales luxury cars the price is “wow” and very impossible if owned by people in general. Some well-known brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benzmay … Read more

Giving birth where and how you want is now a luxury due to problems in the obstetrics sector inland

29 jan 2023 om 09:10Update: 15 uur geleden Giving birth where and how you want is no longer self-evident. The continuing shortage of nurses and the growing workload of midwives only exacerbate the problem. “The freedom of choice of pregnant women is really in danger. It is one minute to twelve,” warns the chairman of … Read more

These three luxury brands are still active in Russia: “Oligarchs can easily buy a Rolls-Royce” | Abroad

Once Moscow began its invasion of Ukraine, many Western weeks decided to withdraw from Russia. One of the Western sanctions was to stop new deliveries of luxury goods to Russia. Today you will not easily find a Chanel, Tiffany or Hugo Boss store that is still open. Yet three famous British luxury brands are still … Read more

Georgina Rodríguez celebrates her 29 years with an XL butterfly, personalized menu and a lot of luxury

For Georgina Rodriguez, the key to happiness is to be close to your family and friends. That is why the best gift from him has been, without a doubt, being able to celebrate his 29th birthday surrounded by the fundamental pillars of his life. It does not matter that she has settled in Saudi Arabia, … Read more

Luxury SUV price and exclusive items: how is the Civic that returns to Brazil – 01/28/2023

So, at the last minute, I decided to change the beginning of the text and focus on the initial strategy, somewhat confusing, of only selling the Civic G11 in certain cities. Read: São Paulo, Campinas, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Goiânia. The announcement on the authorized network created tension between the peers. … Read more

Onions as a wedding bouquet, a luxury item in the Philippines

▲ Courtesy of RR Productions The bouquet in the hands of bride April Laika Bioray, who recently held a wedding ceremony with groom Irwin Novice in Iloilo, which is famous as an educational city in the Philippines, caught people’s attention. Yes. it’s an onion Bioray told a local newspaper, “I asked the groom if it … Read more

The luxury of the wedding of the daughter of the Sultan of Brunei, Princess Azemah, shone all week: she married her first cousin

Princess Azemah (38) is the daughter of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei. Her husband, Prince Bahar, is the son of the Sultan’s brother, Prince Jefri Bolkiah. The wedding celebration began on January 8. with a banquet at the Sultan’s residence – Istana Nurul Iman Palace. In the following days, seven more traditional festive ceremonies took … Read more

How luxury works on 33 square meters

Van B in Munich Bay windows and mobile walls should make smaller units look spacious. (Photo: Bauwerk Capital) Köln When prospective buyers ask Michael Reiss whether he only brokers luxury properties or also smaller apartments, he can only smile. Because the two are by no means contradictory: “Luxury doesn’t have to be big. Rather, it’s … Read more

A retired Boeing became a luxury holiday villa. The night will cost 160 thousand crowns

The aircraft was previously part of the fleet of the Indonesian company Mandala Airlines, which ceased operations in 2014. It was then purchased by Russian businessman Felix Demin, who decided to breathe a second life into the machine. The plane is perched on a cliff in the Pecatu area of ​​western Bali and has been … Read more