A machine that has a nose for detecting lung cancer

Breathe, scout. There are about ten Franco-Belgian researchers and companies working, for a few years now, on le projet Pathacova machine for detecting the bronchopulmonary cancer thanks to the volatile organic compounds present in the breath. If it is not yet fully developed, this electronic nose promises to save precious time in the early detection … Read more

Equally Hybrid, Innova Zenix Type G is cheaper than Wuling Almaz Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Machine hybrid on the Innova Zenix is ​​not only on the top variant, but is also available on the G type which is the lowest trim in the electrification family Toyota Seventh generation deer. In terms of price of course much cheaper than the V or Q type. Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) … Read more

Watch… the saxophone player “Al-Harithi” impresses the audience at the Culture and Arts Association in Jeddah

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Saad Al-Harthy, the saxophone player, impressed the followers on social media, by playing it in an evening at the Culture and Arts Association in Jeddah. And a circulating video clip showed Al-Harthy playing the saxophone, in a way that stunned the audience. This came during his attendance at the launch of … Read more

Fruit powder change machine and slow!It is rumored that Apple will have a new product explosion in 2023, and 12 new product lineups are worthy of attention-Free Electronic News 3C Technology

(Photo/Associated Press) As the new year of 2023 is approaching, what will be the new lineup of various product series that Apple will launch in the coming year?In this regard, foreign mediaMacWorld The first inventory forecast will have at least a list of more than 12 new products, covering Mac, iPad, iPhone and other models, … Read more

World Cup︱Uruguay failed to score 12 yards and was out of the game. Cavani angrily pushed the VAR machine. Suarez criticized FIFA for targeting (11:00) – 20221203 – Sports – Instant News

Although the South Korean team beat the Portuguese team in another game at the same time, with the same points and goal difference as the Uruguay team, and advanced to the round of 16 with more goals, but the Uruguay team, which only needs to score one more goal to qualify, has a card at … Read more

A woman turned off a man’s oxygen machine in intensive care, the noise annoyed her

A 72-year-old woman almost killed her bed neighbor in the intensive care unit of a Mannheim hospital. The elderly woman is in custody because she turned off a 79-year-old man’s oxygen machine so he could sleep. The elderly man was dependent on the mechanical oxygen supply, the police in the city reported. However, between Tuesday … Read more

Researchers Use Machine Learning to Diagnose Ovarian Cancer

“The existing modalities are mainly based on the size and shape of the ovarian lesion, which does not provide an accurate diagnosis for previous ovarian cancer and for risk assessment of large adnexal/ovarian lesions,” Zhu said as quoted from the university’s official release via Eurekalert on Thursday (1/12). /2022). Photoacoustic imaging, Zhu said, adds more … Read more