Foukakis, Theodoros – Integrative machine learning predictive models for neoadjuvant therapy optimization in breast cancer

Background Oncological systemic treatment for breast cancer is now often given before surgery, so-called neoadjuvant therapy (NAT). The advantage of NAT is that the treatment effect can be assessed at an early stage and you have the opportunity to change treatment, or give additional treatment after the operation, depending on the tumor response. There is … Read more

Make three balls of foil and put in the washing machine. The effect knocks – o2

Aluminum foil is certainly irreplaceable when it comes to baking dishes – especially meats. As it turns out, it is also useful in other places that may be a bit surprising at first glance. Now you are wondering what we mean by this? We present a trivial trick that can save your electrified clothes. Toss … Read more

Researchers Develop Time Machine to See Distant Galaxies

Monday, 27 June 2022 – 15:07 WIB VIVA – The research team managed to recreate the life cycle of the entire batch galaxy observed about 11 billion years ago. They are a research team led by Kavli Institute for Universal Physics and Mathematics project researcher Metin Ata with project assistant Khee-Gan Lee. They seek to … Read more

OpenAI machine learning to play Minecraft successfully made a diamond pickaxe in 20 minutes | 4Gamers

Research on AI machine learning is not only focused on the academic field, but video games themselves are also indicators of the development of artificial intelligence. The OpenAI team recently published a machine learning research result, allowing AI artificial intelligence to learn by itself, and then play Minecraft, and achieve the level of 20 minutes … Read more

FromSoftware’s next game is suspected to be the new work of “Machine War Mercenaries”? | XFastest News

Following the whirlwind of frenzy brought out by the previous “Circle of Eldon”, players are very curious about FromeSoftware’s next step, and recent foreign media reports pointed out that the next work is already in the “final stage” of development, see There’s a new game coming soon! Recently FromeSoftware President Miyazaki Hidetaka accepted Gematsu It … Read more

Crushed by a machine in via Novara in Legnano, a worker is seriously ill

<!– –> Accident at work in via Novara 84 in Legnano. Shortly after 11 am today, June 27, at the LTC Group company a worker remained crushed by a machine. The 38-year-old man sustained severe injuries to his head, chest, back and arms. In a field right in front of the company, the helicopter rescue … Read more

Ice cube maker, ice machine and slush maker: These kitchen gadgets from €10 provide refreshment

With summer temperatures and the best sunshine, cold desserts and drinks are a must. The range of practical kitchen gadgets is huge and the price differences between the devices enormous. But what are the differences and what should you consider before buying an ice cube maker and ice machine? TechStage has gotten an overview and … Read more

The Reason Why Buses Rarely Turn Off the Engine When Filling Diesel

JAKARTA, – Bus have different habits while being fill in fuel compared to normal vehicles. If the car must turn off the engine when fill fuelmost of the bus leave the engine running. But there is a reason why buses rarely turn off machine while charging solar. The reason is for the convenience of … Read more

Is it the withered?: The music of a washing machine scares anti-Peronists

The daughter of one of these people shared her mother’s anti-Peronist sentiments, and this gave rise to a thread of many other users who expressed the same disappointment at the precise moment of the end of the washing machine process. My mother wants to return a Samsung washing machine because she says that when … Read more

The Steam Deck update is controversial, is it worthwhile to trade the life of the machine for the quietness of the game? | T Kebang

Valve recently released the latest update for the handheld Steam Deck. The SteamOS 3.2 update brings numerous changes to the operating system and the hardware itself, enabling remote play together, tweaking some visual effects and UI elements, modifying the screen refresh rate, and adjusting fan noise. However, this last change made many players anxious. In … Read more