Scientists assessed the effectiveness of Pfizer in mass vaccination :: Society :: RBC

In the course of mass vaccination in Israel, the effectiveness of the drug from Pfizer / BioNTech showed 94% effectiveness after the introduction of the second dose (after the first dose – 57%) Фото: Frank Augstein / Getty Images The coronavirus vaccine, developed by the American company Pfizer in conjunction with the German BioNTech, showed … Read more

Indians bypassed Russians in assessing Russia’s influence on the world :: Politics :: RBC

US foreign policy is most supported by residents of the Philippines (77%), Georgia (72%) and Vietnam (71%), and the most negatively assessed by residents of Turkey (77%), Jordan (77%) and Spain (75%). In addition, only 11% of Russians noted the positive influence of Washington on the situation in the world. Obama in his memoirs named … Read more

Russia and the UAE will jointly develop a supersonic business jet :: Business :: RBC

The UAC on the Russian side and the Mubadala Foundation on the UAE side will establish a joint venture to develop and build the aircraft. The appearance of the jet can be developed by the end of 2021 Photo: Nikolai Khizhnyak / RIA Novosti Russia and the UAE will create a joint venture that will … Read more

British Prime Minister proposed a plan to lift restrictions due to COVID-19 :: Politics :: RBC

All restrictions are planned to be lifted by the end of June, if the situation allows. Фото: Alex Davidson / Getty Images British Prime Minister Boris Johnson presented the government’s plan to gradually lift restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. reports The Guardian. According to the plan, the restrictions will be lifted in four stages, depending … Read more

How has Russia’s trade with other countries changed over the year. Main :: Economy :: RBK

Export of raw materials at a minimum since 1999 Despite the recovery in oil and gas prices in the second half of 2020 to relatively comfortable levels for Russia, at the end of the year the share of exports of mineral raw materials (groups 25-27 of the commodity nomenclature, about 95% of exports are oil, … Read more

More than 50 people were injured in the earthquake in Japan :: Society :: RBC

More than 50 people were injured in the earthquake in Japan, reports Kyodo agency. According to the agency, the earthquake occurred in the north-east of the country in the region of Fukushima prefecture in the Pacific Ocean, the magnitude was 7.3. The tremors were felt most strongly in Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures, these areas account … Read more

Ozon announced a drop in demand for office computers :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Alexey Maishev / RIA Novosti Companies are now opting for laptops because of remote work, as companies are looking to provide employees with computers to take home if self-isolation resumes. This is stated in a study by the online retailer Ozon. “The pandemic has changed the usual understanding of workplaces – it is more … Read more

A fire broke out in the building of an orphanage in the north-east of Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Max Fokin / medvedkovo_online / VK A fire broke out in the building of an orphanage in the north-east of Moscow. About it reports Ministry of Emergency Situations. “The fire took place in the building of the orphanage. The area was 10 sq. m. Before the arrival of the fire and rescue units, 38 … Read more

Coronavirus pandemic. Most relevant as of January 30 :: Society :: RBC

Cancellation of restrictions in St. Petersburg, Georgia opens to vaccinated against COVID, Ukraine has banned “Sputnik V”, the European Union has banned the export of vaccines to other countries. The most relevant news about coronavirus – in the RBC review Coronavirus Russia Moscow Peace 0 (per day) Recovered 0 0 (per day) Got infected 0 … Read more

Increased defense spending, flights to four more countries. RBC main news :: Society :: RBC

Russia will resume flights with four countries, Israel – banned with all Russia from January 27 will resume air traffic with four more countries – Vietnam, India, Finland and Qatar. All these countries are still closed for Russian tourists, entry into them is allowed only to certain categories of foreigners – holders of a residence … Read more