‘Linguistic Stop’ – Ukrainian language guards issue information material after Russian activities

considering Russia efforts in the occupied Ukraine territories to force the population of the Russian language and eradicate the use of the Ukrainian language in Ukraine Official languages ombudsman has issued an information sheet “Stop Lingvocid,” the portal “Delfi” was informed Latvian language agencies director Jānis Valdmanis. Content will continue after the ad Advertising As … Read more

Samsung steps on the accelerator to preoccupy the 6G global market

Samsung Electronics has jumped into the preoccupation with the 6th generation (6G) mobile communication technology. The intention is to lead industry-wide innovation and secure various business opportunities by utilizing 6G, which is represented by ultra-wideband, ultra-low latency, super intelligence, and hyperspace. Samsung Electronics’ preparations one step ahead reflects the strong will of Samsung Electronics Vice … Read more

A ‘red full moon’ that I haven’t seen in Korea

The ‘bloody moon’ phenomenon, in which the moon is dyed red due to a total lunar eclipse, has been centered in the Americas. According to Space.com, a space media outlet, a lunar eclipse started at 10:27 pm (US Eastern time) on the 15th in some eastern parts of the United States and all of South … Read more

Complete Material Grid with Number of Questions

Jakarta – Computer-Based Writing Exam (UTBK) 2022 will be held soon. This year there are 9 materials in each test group that will be tested. Anything? Similar to previous years, UTBK will test participants’ abilities with the Scholastic Potential Test (TPS), English, and the Science and Technology Academic Ability Test (TKA). The total questions that … Read more

Tau Figline, the Amateur League sends material to the prosecutor. The match ends on Striscia – Sport

Florence, May 13, 2022 – Now the ball goes to the federal prosecutor and sports justice. Tau-Figline, match of the poule of Excellence to decide the promoted to Serie D has become the case of the moment in Tuscan football. A game defined as a “farce”, with two suspicious goals conceded by Figline that triggered … Read more

Waste or raw material – what to do with our operating surplus?

The Green Course set by Europe is relentless, and it will force us all to change our lifestyles, because the new policy is much more about the overall product creation cycle and the impact on the environment. Not only the questions about what the product is made of are important, but also what technologies have … Read more

Natural gas in Poland. Will Poland have enough raw material? The expert explains

Despite the suspension of Russian gas supplies to Poland, our country’s situation is quite good, assessed Agata Łoskot from the Center for Eastern Studies on TVN24. – Poland has been preparing for years to end gas imports from Russia and therefore is quite well prepared for such a situation, better than many other European countries … Read more

Tax authorities may break the law in house searches: illegally obtained material can serve as evidence | Instagram VTM NEWS

If the tax authorities break the law in order to obtain evidence of tax evasion, for example by searching private rooms without prior authorization from the police judge, they may nevertheless use this to impose a tax increase or fine on the taxpayer. This is apparent from a new judgment of the Court of Cassation. … Read more

Resinovich: arrived on foot to find the corpse – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 27 APR – The plant residues found on the soles of Liliana Resinovich’s shoes are compatible with the soil of the area where the body was found. The chief prosecutor of Trieste Antonio De Nicolo announces this in a press release. From the tests carried out, it is assumed that Liliana may … Read more

Lam Research, a global semiconductor equipment company, opens an R&D center in Yongin

Opening in Yongin Jigok General Industrial Complex on the 26th… Plan to relocate the head office to KTC The Lam Research Korea Technology Center (KTC), a R&D facility of Lam Research, the world’s third-largest semiconductor equipment company, entered Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 26th. KTC, located in Yongin Jigok Industrial Complex, started construction in July 2020 … Read more