Prince Charles identified as “racist” in Buckingham Palace in new book

In a new book about the British prince brothers Harry (37) and William (39) and their wives Meghan (40) and Kate (39), it appears that it was probably Prince Charles (73) who questioned Harry and Meghan’s son Archies skin color. The book – which will be published today, Tuesday – has been named “Brothers And … Read more

Meghan from Sussex’s plans with Harry from Sussex, Archie and Lilibet for Thanksgiving | Royalty | nnda nnni | PEOPLE

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are kicking off the end of the year holiday season at their home in America. During her appearance on the tuned Ellen DeGeneres show last Thursday, she was consulted with Meghan de Sussex about plans to celebrate the next Thanksgiving Day, which is just around the corner. Meghan from … Read more

Index – FOMO – He told the truth II. Prince Charles on the condition of Elizabeth

Prince Charles poured clean water into the glass. Queen Elizabeth asked questions about her health when she visited a TV channel in Jordan. Although the prince was rather concise in his response, he still reacted reassuringly. He said he wasn’t seriously worried. It’s okay II. Elizabeth. When you load 95, nothing is as easy as … Read more

10 revelations from Meghan Markle in her interview with Ellen DeGeneres

6. From Archie like older brother. Markle assured that his son loves to be with Lilibet. “Someone told us Harry and to me that when you have a child it is a hobby and two children is being a father. And suddenly we think ‘oh right’. Everyone talks about what the second child is like, … Read more

Markle ‘s image of having a second child on the red carpet did not leave anyone indifferent Names

Elegant and adorned, Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, showed up at the Veterans Tribute Salute to Freedom at the Intrepid Museum in New York, reports. Scanpix Photo / Meghan Markle and Prince Harry The Duchess of Sussex was stunned by the image she had chosen: on an important evening, she wore a … Read more

Meghan Markle breaks the traditions of the British royal family and looks sexy in her dress on the red carpet – pictures

The Duchess of Sussex drewMeghan Markle​The attention of the world press with her loud appearance, through which she broke all the traditions followed by the British royal family in terms of dress, after he leftPrince HarryFor his royal title and freedom from restrictions. Meghan stunned photographers and attendees while attending the 2021 Salute to Freedom … Read more

Megan Markle is a lesbian and intimate pictures with her lover to the fore!

Some of the news that was reported in 2017 returned to the fore again, which reported at the time that ​Meghan MarklePrince Harry’s wife is gay and has dated stylist Jessica Mulroney for a while. Jessica is well-known in the field and collaborated several times with Megan when she was an actress and before her … Read more

Meghan reappears and responds to criticism for using her royal title for political purposes

In fact, he says that he cannot understand why the United States “is one of the six countries in the world that does not offer this paid leave in any way, it simply does not make sense.” Regarding the incredulity of the people because she wanted to get involved in the subject, she explains: “It … Read more

Watch Mohammed bin Salman’s precious gift to Megan Markle.. its price in the millions! – in the picture

The Times revealed thatMeghan Markle​Prince Harry’s wife, received a precious gift from the Saudi Crown Prince​Mohammed bin Salman​, which is a piece of jewelry that she wore during a dinner a few days ago. In its report, the newspaper said that two earrings designed by “Chopard” in London, which Megan wore during a visit to … Read more

Index – FOMO – Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been planning a breakup with the royal family for years

Once again, he figured out the reason for the departure of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, a writer who knew the British royal family well. Andrew Morton wrote a book in 2018 about the then-just-married couple of princes, adding more lines to the story recently. She said Meghan had been haunted by suicidal thoughts before … Read more