What are the ways to strengthen memory against forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s?

Source, Getty Images 18 August 2022 When does forgetfulness become a serious problem? Are there ways to delay or even prevent this process? What can be done to strengthen memory? Professor Richard Restak, a neurologist at the George Washington University School of Medicine in the US, says that much of the forgetfulness is due to … Read more

SSD-sized memory? Samsung develops 1TB extra-large-capacity single DDR5 memory

The latest news indicates that Samsung is developing a single 512GB or even 1TB of DDR5 memory. Recently, Samsung and AMD held a meeting of memory experts, and part of the meeting has been leaked online, revealing Samsung’s new direction in DDR5 memory technology. As can be seen from the figure, there are several directions … Read more

Taiwan’s independent soul-like game “Memory Frontier: Thymesia” will be officially launched tomorrow night! | XFastest News

Just tomorrow! Just tomorrow! The soul-like role-playing action game “Memory Frontier: Thymesia” produced by the Taiwanese team “Extreme Edge Studio” will be available on PC and console platforms at 11:00 pm tomorrow (August 18th)! This time, it has teamed up with Team17, a well-known British developer who once released the popular game “Overcooked”, and will … Read more

Samsung will adjust memory production to speed up DDR5, reduce DDR4 prices, phase out DDR3 | XFastest News

At present, the industry is transitioning from DDR4 memory to DDR5 memory. AMD is about to release Ryzen 7000 series processors and AM5 platforms, and Intel will also replace Alder Lake with Raptor Lake, which is believed to speed up this process. Memory manufacturers will also adjust the supply of different types of memory as … Read more

Eating habits that can affect your memory. What the latest specialist studies say

Specialist studies have shown that 57.9% of Americans eat processed foods for breakfast. These include cereal, fruit yogurt, fizzy drinks and more. Although sugary foods give you the energy you need, they will only satisfy your needs in the short term, and your body will feel the need for another dose of junk food to … Read more

The price is only 2 million, take a peek at the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A13 cellphone, sophisticated cellphones and super large memory

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Listen specification HP Samsung Galaxy A13 following price selling in August 2022, HP Sophisticated and super large storage space. Galaxy A13 is a variant HP Samsung which was launched in Indonesia in April 2022. HP Samsung Galaxy A13 equipped with an Exynos 850 processor with up to 4GB of RAM and 6GB of … Read more

Samsung MicroSD memory card with USB reader at a record low price in the Amazon offer

The memory card convinces with the important writing speed of 120 megabytes per second. The reading speed is 160 megabytes per second. The memory card is rated with speed class UHS-I U3 and V30 classification, which means 4K video recording and even slow motion are no problem. Practical: You can also easily connect the MicroSD … Read more

The Committee of the victims of the Morandi Bridge: ‘We want the memorial’ – Liguria

“How long will we have to wait? Without memory there is no progress” “How long will we have to wait for the memorial? Without memory there is no progress and the victims of the collapse of the Morandi bridge must not be forgotten for any reason “. On the eve of the fourth anniversary of … Read more

Experts Announced Precautionary Items Against Alzheimer’s! These Nutritional Habits Will Boost Your Memory! – Event Media

Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most frightening and insidious diseases of our age, manifests itself with severe memory loss from advancing age. In this context, the biggest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease appear in problems with memory. Although there are many factors that trigger Alzheimer’s disease, scientists do not yet know exactly why this disease occurs … Read more

Azelarab Alaoui: “To be truly authentic, you have to rely on a real memory”

By Achraf El Hassani and Khadija Sebbar on 08/06/2022 at 9:33 p.m. Director Azelarab Alaoui Lamhazri is preparing to start filming his road movie “Afriblanca”. A film that questions memory and wishes to heal the African wound. The artist talks about it in this interview with Le360. aA Filmmaker Azelarab Alaoui Lamhazri has several strings … Read more