When Kochu Preman comes to mind, here is the ‘Valia Preman’ who is responsible for that name; As a memory Thrissur News | Malayalam Movie | Kochu Preman | Thrissur news | Around | Malayalam Manorama District News | Thrissur News | Kerala District News | Chuttuvattom

Thrissur ∙ When actor Kochu Preman comes to mind, ‘Valiya Preman’ who is responsible for that name is here, right next to Kochu Preman’s house – Thiruvananthapuram Peyad. He died in his bed due to a bike accident in November 1996 and his memory still lives among the locals. Valiya Preman was an actor and … Read more

Health opens tomorrow the self-appointment for the vaccination of the second memory dose of the covid for the target population in large enclosures

Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE Santiago de Compostela, November 10, 2022 The Ministry de Sanidade will open the self-appointment for all people who, for different reasons, were not vaccinated with the second booster dose of covid-19. Thus, starting tomorrow, Friday, November 11, it will be possible to manage the vaccination appointment, … Read more

Substance in wine helps strengthen memory, proves study

A new study proves the benefits of wine for human health. The Rush University Medical Center in the United States has proven that a substance present in the drink can help strengthen memory and slow down the cognitive decline that comes with age. The identified compound is flavonol. It belongs to the class of flavonoids, … Read more

Noise affects working memory and concentration in ADHD

– In the brain there is a system that helps us to direct our attention to something specific and to exclude other irrelevant things. People with ADHD cannot do this as efficiently, which has major consequences for memory and concentration, says Rina Blomberg. Rina Blomberg is a cognitive scientist and has done research in cognitive … Read more

3 types of foods that are really good for your brain and memory

Are forgetfulness more common in your routine? Meet some memory foods that contribute to brain health 3 dez 2022 – 10h07 (updated at 9:43 pm) food for memory Foto: Shutterstock / Sport Life As the old saying goes: “when the head doesn’t think, the body suffers”. And, in times of multitasking routine, forgetting important things … Read more

How antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruit, tea and wine can delay memory loss

New study shows slower cognitive decline with flavonoids. Know which foods are recommended Eating more flavonoids, the antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruit, tea and wine, may slow the rate of memory loss, claims a new study. The cognitive scores of people in the study who ate the most flavonoids declined 0.4 points per decade … Read more

The “superhero” elderly… What is the secret of their sharp memory in their eighties?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Despite volunteering, exercising in the gym for several days each week, socializing frequently with friends and family members, reading various kinds of books, and doing crossword puzzles daily, 85-year-old Carol Siegler In general, it seems monotonous. “I’m bored,” said Siegler, who lives in the Palatine suburb of Chicago, USA. … Read more

They will repair the files of the disappeared UNLP Medicine students after 46 years

The Faculty of Medicine of the UNLP will carry out a reparatory act by delivering to the relatives of these people the files where their status as victims of State terrorism will be registered. Some 157 medical students and teachers, who disappeared during the last civic-military dictatorship, will have their files repaired, 46 years later, … Read more