“You could have saved yourself a couple of goals …”

Cristiano Ronaldo enlarged his legend in the final of the Italian Super Cup against Naples, that Juventus won with a target from the Portuguese and another from Morata (2-0). The Portuguese star surpassed the record held by Josef Bican and set a new career milestone of 760 goals. 21/01/2021 Act. a las 20:19 THIS Dani … Read more

In memory of a great | THE UNIVERSAL

For this publishing house and, no doubt, for the free Colombian press, the unthinkable departure of the great teacher and promoter of the development and defense of regional journalism, Alejandro Galvis Ramírez, constitutes a great loss. A worthy successor to his father, the remembered patricio Santander, Alejandro Galvis Galvis, founder of the newspaper Vanguardia Liberal … Read more

In Spain, the Philomène storm leaves a frozen memory

From our correspondent. This Tuesday morning, the streets of Madrid were turned into a huge outdoor ice skating rink. After the blizzard of the weekend, the capital experiences a historic frost. The red alert was triggered in 11 provinces across the country, including the Community of Madrid. In the capital, temperatures dropped overnight to -14.2 … Read more

COVID-19: US scientists estimate immune memory lasts at least eight months

Researchers studied antibody and immune cell responses in more than 180 men and women who recovered from illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Shutterstock) One year after the appearance of the new coronavirus and COVID-19 disease generated, science seeks to unravel the secrets of this threat turned pandemic that It has already caused more than … Read more

Actress Danna García could be losing her memory as a result of the coronavirus

One of the first famous Latinas to suffer from coronavirus was Danna García. She was even infected with COVID-19 three times. According to People in Spanish, after her full recovery from this virus, the actress announced that this condition left her various consequences, including memory loss, which has her very concerned. In addition, he also … Read more

When memory fails: Xiaomi Mi 11 loses to Huawei Mate 40 Pro

https://cdnmundo3.img.sputniknews.com/img/07e4/0c/09/1093774032_0:173:2815:1756_1200x675_80_0_0_ccc745b446478671803d75d37c613696.jpg Sputnik Mundo https://cdnmundo4.img.sputniknews.com/i/logo.png Sputnik https://cdnmundo4.img.sputniknews.com/i/logo.png https://mundo.sputniknews.com/tecnologia/202101031094015291-cuando-la-memoria-falla-xiaomi-mi-11-pierde-ante-huawei-mate-40-pro/ On the Chinese social network Weibo they published the results of the flash memory tests of the Huawei Mate 40 Pro smartphone, presented in October, and the latest Xiaomi Mi 11, launched in December. It turned out that the flash memory of the new Mi 11 smartphone lost … Read more

France – World | Zhang Zhan, memory of Wuhan alone in the face of power

Shanghai – Very frail in her wheelchair, she silenced her accusers, alone or almost in the face of Chinese justice. Her way of defending her coverage of the quarantine of Wuhan, in the face of a regime that imposes its reading of the epidemic. “Citizen journalist” Zhang Zhan on Monday became the first person sentenced … Read more

52 years ago Vélez won the first championship in its history

The first time always has a special, unique and unforgettable flavor. And the memory always endures. December 29 but 1968, Velez it won the first championship in its history. That title, the National of that year, will always remain in the memory of all fans of the Fort. Racing and River they faced in the … Read more

London 38 presents background to OHCHR for attack on memory space

In addition to the report, the general coordinator of London 38, Alexandra Benado and the organization’s lawyer, Karinna Fernández, met electronically with representatives of this international institution, to deliver the details of the actions carried out to denounce these acts of violence, and the deficient responses of the agencies in charge of both investigations and … Read more

The Memory Gallery arrives in Madrid with the exhibition ‘El Castigo’ on confinement

28/12/2020 – 11:44 Updated: 12/28/2020 – 11:44 Madrid has a new art gallery, born in times of pandemic, confinement and business risk. Alejandro de Villota, son of the Madrid painter and sculptor Javier de Villota and cousin of the pilot Maria de Villota has opened this newly born artistic space in Madrid’s Piedmont street 19 … Read more