As it turns out, this is the reason men hold up the Sajam in Solo that Gibran is looking for

Solo – The motive of the man brandishing a sharp weapon (sajam) on Jalan Ngoresan, Jebres Village, Jebres District, Solo, was revealed. Solo Police Chief Kombes Iwan Saktiadi said the man had the initials LK (28), a local resident. “The chronology is that his wife bought food at a shop a week ago. Then the … Read more

This Viral Youth is Not Prestige to Sell at the Night Market, Making Netizens Salfok

Malaysia – The persistence of children in trying to find sustenance certainly makes both parents feel touched and proud. Likewise, what was done by a mother who was surprised to see her son selling at a night market. The story of young people selling at the night market went viral starting with an upload by … Read more

Iran executes four men for Israel intelligence service

AFP NOS News•Sunday, 10:55 Iran has executed four men accused of collaborating with Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, Iranian state media report. The Supreme Court handed down the four men’s death sentences on Wednesday. According to the verdict, the men stole and destroyed private and public property and kidnapped and interrogated individuals for the Mossad. Three … Read more

Ten thoughts, including about a real team, good side effect and “five men in a picture”

► Ten thoughts – the day after Frölunda quickly found their style again and won 5-2 against Brynäs in Gävle.► An announcement was made this week. An important one. And then I repeat myself. About a good side effect. One with a good sting. Pay monthly For only SEK 69 per month you get access … Read more

Can men and women be best friends?

This may sound like a stupid question because of course men and women can be friends. But from a historical perspective it is actually atypical. Close friendships between men and women did not develop until the feminist movement in the 1960s. Greater equality paved the way for those friendships, and today 30-42 percent of all … Read more

Do women age differently from men? Fruit fly studies reveal how sex determines responses to anti-aging drug rapamycin

The life expectancy of women is significantly higher than that of men. However, women also suffer more often from age-related diseases and adverse drug reactions. “Our long-term goal is to ensure that men live as long as women and also women as healthy as men at the end of their lives. But for that, we … Read more

Plant-based diet protects against colon cancer in men. And not just because of a lack of meat

A plant-based diet appears to protect against colon cancer in men. And not just because there is no meat in it. A plant-based diet is rich in whole grains, vegetables and legumes and logically contains little or no animal products such as meat and dairy. According to the latest research such a diet, in which … Read more

Two men ransacked an Apple store and took away more than 200,000 products. The move is a textbook: Let customers take the initiative to get out of the way.

Two men ransacked an Apple store and took away more than 200,000 product salesmen. The move is a textbook: let customers take the initiative to get out of the way Robbery incidents at Apple stores in the United States occur from time to time. recently,Two masked men ransacked an Apple store in broad daylight in … Read more

Watch .. Hanadi Muhanna preoccupies the mind of men in the white shirt

The artist participated Hanadi Muhanna A new photo on the social networking site for sharing videos and photos on Instagram, while she was in her room. And it appeared Hanadi Muhanna With a distinctive winter look, she wore a tight black vest with a fully closed white shirt underneath, and from an aesthetic point of … Read more