One of Britain’s richest men killed after stabbing – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Sir Richard Sutton (83) was pronounced dead at a property near Gillingham in Dorset, in the south of England. A woman in her 60s, who is probably his wife, was also stabbed. She is critically injured in hospital. The businessman is one of the richest in the UK. The fortune was valued at £ 301 … Read more

men create more antibodies after asymptomatic infections and keep them for longer. What the new research shows

As COVID-19 has spread around the globe, it appears that high transmission rates have been partly caused by a large number of people contracting the virus, who have no symptoms and then I transmit it without knowing it. Despite this, screening of asymptomatic individuals to identify signs of infection has not been done much, due … Read more

Understand Age-Appropriate Health Examination for Women and Men

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The risk of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, heart and blood vessels to cancer can increase due to lifestyle changes and increasing age. Therefore, medical examination should be done regularly. Medical examination usually includes complete blood count, examination of important organs such as the heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, examination of bones, body … Read more

After being ordered to squat, a group of Pakistani men cut off their genitals

KUALA LUMPUR, – A man Pakistan of Malaysia reportedly attacked by a group of people, and genitals he was cut. Reported TV messenger, a friend of the victim, Rizwan Ahmad, admitted that he had reported the incident that occurred in Shah Alam. Rizwan revealed that the victim was sitting at the Dream Nature Mosque … Read more

Men and style: 3 things to copy from Jeff Bezos (and the richest people in the world)

08 April 2021 00:00 Immense heritage aside, here’s what could bring the founder and number one of Amazon closer to us mere mortals 1. IMPROVE THE LOOK – Strong and confident. The image of the founder and number one of Amazon has undergone an evolution in recent times. Of Jeff Bezos it can be said … Read more

Before he died due to being sentenced to 300 squats, this man had a hard time standing up

GENERAL TRIAS, – One Men Filipina recorded difficulty standing, before he died of being punished squat 300 times. Darren Manaog Penaredondo died on April 3, two days after he was convicted of trespassing curfew. The 28-year-old man was caught by the police for buying drinking water from a local shop after 18.00. Also read: … Read more

The Violence of the Wife in Bed Shocked the Husband, Being Able to Serve 4 Men to Play More than 75 Times

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – A husband was shocked when he opened his laptop. He did not expect what he saw when he was looking for a film. The husband was shocked when he found evidence of his wife’s affair on the laptop. According to Ettoday, a husband who lives in Taipei City, Taiwan, has to go out … Read more

Hurkacz – Sinner 7: 6, 6: 4, Hurkacz won the final in Miami and has his first Masters title

Twenty-four-year-old Hurkacz took the lead 3-0 in the first set, but in the end he had to fight for the victory in a tie-break. In it, he defeated his friend and teammate from doubles 7: 4, when he used the third setball. In the second set he even led 4: 0, but nineteen-year-old Sinner managed … Read more

Pacers kill Popovich’s men in addition to injured Sabonis and several other players

The guests did without Domanto Sabonio, who suffered an ankle injury in a match the day before. So far, the club has not provided more information about the state of Lithuania. Although the Pacers played not only without Domantas, but also with main player Malcolm Brogdon and Jeremy Lambo, the Indianapolis team managed to find … Read more