Are cities in the metaverse a trend or just a fad? By BeInCrypto

© Reuters Are cities in the metaverse a trend or just a fad? BeInCrypto – Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of a rebranding of Facebook (NASDAQ:) and his Metaverse concept has spurred developments in the industry, including the rise of “metacities.” Facebook became Meta, an abbreviated name whose etymology goes back to the world of the metaverse. … Read more

EU Hosts Metaverse Party, Costs $400,000, Only 6 People Join

Metaverse isn’t for everyone yet. This is one of the important lessons that the EU or the European Union has learned from hosting this party. last Tuesday The State Department has organized a “Virtual Party” that aims to invite young people to know the limitless potential of the Metaverse. Although the ministry spent 387,000 euros … Read more

AIS 5G shows the potential of the intelligent network Creating business opportunities, moving forward to expand Metaverse, leading Thai people to create their identity on “Avatar Park”

AIS is the first player who saw the opportunity and caught the Metaverse trend that came to create excitement in the industry of technological innovation, the business sector and the communications industry. By using the potential of the AIS 5G intelligent network to develop the world’s first virtual shopping mall, V-Avenue.Co, which is a significant … Read more

Metaverse, Apple’s operating system will be called “xrOs” – Hi-tech

Apple would have taken an important step towards the launch of its metaverse. According to some sources heard by Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant has renamed, internally, the operating system that will make its first virtual and augmented reality viewers work. From RealityOs to “xrOs”, an abbreviation to include in a single term both virtual and … Read more

Zuckerberg’s metaverse is actually Melissa’s multiverse? Meta is repeating what happened to Yahoo 10 years ago |

A former Internet giant whose growth rate is slowing; a talented CEO who is leading an ambitious bet; a group of nervous employees who are worried about imminent layoffs. That’s what’s happening inside Meta now, and that’s what happened at Yahoo about a decade ago. With user growth stagnating and ad sales slowing, Meta is … Read more

Do you know which are the most profitable companies in the Metaverse?

We know that large companies are investing in the Metaversobut do we know what those companies are? In the metaverso Spaces are created to spend more time with family and friends, discuss with work or study groups. According to published data by the crypto investment group Grayscale, this market represents more than a trillion dollars … Read more

The Verge defeated the Horizon Worlds metaverse – Iron on DTF

The $1,500 “professional” Meta* Quest Pro helmet was also heavily criticized. {“id”:1460594,”type”:”num”,”link”:” polzovatsya-etim-v-the-verge-razgromili-metavselennuyu-horizon-worlds”,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:413,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1460594,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1460594,”gtm”:null} 37 385 views Reviewers of The Verge published a review of $1,500 Meta* Quest Pro mixed reality headset, Horizon Workrooms virtual collaboration platform, and the Horizon Worlds metaverse. We chose the main. Features of MetaQuest Pro Permission: 1800×1920 pixels per eye … Read more

Like Facebook, Apple is building its own Metaverse to compete with other companies

“Someone says I’ll never use it,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s chief marketing officer, when asked about the metaverse during an interview. But Apple appears to be building its own virtual universe, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports. In the latest issue of his Power On newsletter, Gurman talked about Apple’s long-awaited AR/VR headset, which could be revealed … Read more