Xbox Store may land on iOS and Android next year, depending on whether Microsoft can successfully acquire Blizzard- – Game Animation- Gaming Games

Recently, Microsoft not only has a very topical new trend in artificial intelligence, but also has new news in the gaming business. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming, has announced that the Xbox Store may land on the iOS and Android platforms next year. Play Xbox games easily on your mobile screen. immediately【click here]use the … Read more

investors are looking forward to the Eurozone in March. PMI indices

Head of the Market Research Department of SEB Bank. financial analyst Eduardas Petrulis, 2023 m. kovo 24 d. 10:01 Not only the FED and the ECB continue the cycle of interest rate increases. Yesterday, the Bank of England and the Norwegian central bank increased the base interest rate by 25 basis points each (to … Read more

Microsoft Outlook vulnerability: proof of concept available, fear of attacks

A critical vulnerability in Outlook was already being attacked when Microsoft sealed it with the March patchday updates. A short time later, IT researchers published a proof-of-concept exploit. Cyber ​​criminals can use it for attacks. It is therefore high time to apply the available updates. Outlook: vulnerability allows privilege escalation The description of the vulnerability … Read more

Really? Microsoft staff found using Crack to install Windows

[ร้องเสียงหลง] It’s not quite the same after a YouTuber asked Microsoft to help activate or enter the Windows key via a remote control. But it appears that this officer instead uses the method of cracking down illegally!? South African YouTuber or Mr. Wesley Pyburn has previously revealed that he Windows 10 Pro Activation Key can’t … Read more

At Microsoft, everyone can now create fake photos – multimedia

The integration of artificial intelligence into the search engine Bing, which had been ridiculed until then, was a mega coup. Now Microsoft is going one better. Deceptively real-looking photos of the arrest of ex-US President Donald Trump went around the world – with the author immediately commenting: They are fake. Just an isolated case? Soon … Read more

LIKTA and ‘Microsoft’ agree on cooperation in the amount of 90,000 dollars; will offer free courses

The Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA) has agreed on cooperation with “Microsoft” in the amount of 90,000 US dollars, which allows continuing the education and qualification improvement program “Virtual practices in the Baltics” in 2023 as well, LIKTA president Professor Signe Bāliņa informed. Content will continue after the ad Advertising This will be … Read more

“10 years is enough to develop a competitor to Call of Duty”: Microsoft challenges Sony

Game News “10 years is enough to develop a competitor to Call of Duty”: Microsoft challenges Sony Published on 03/22/2023 at 21:55 Share : The raging war between Microsoft and Sony is in full swing! Again today, the Xbox brand directly challenged PlayStation! Microsoft VS Sony, Round 2 ! Since Microsoft announced that it wanted … Read more

Tired of PowerPoint or Excel? Microsoft Uses AI Features for an Easier Work Experience

Text: Alissa WiranovaPhoto: TechCrunch Last Thursday, through its official blog, Microsoft has just announced the launch of the latest features based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) titled ‘Microsoft 365 Copilot’. With tagline in the form of ‘your copilot for work’ This latest AI feature will later be integrated with Microsoft 365. Using large language models (LLMs), … Read more

TechMIX: The Wild Week of Artificial Intelligence. It will bring a dose of creativity and chaos

You are reading a sample from the TechMIX newsletter, in which Pavel Kasík and Matouš Lázňovský bring several comments and observations from the world of science and new technologies every Wednesday. If TechMIX interests you, subscribe! Two days later, Microsoft introduced a very similar style of work. However, his presentation was somewhat more complex and … Read more

Microsoft: Ten Years Is Enough For Sony To Make Call Of Duty Alternative – Gaming – News

By the way, I’m not saying that this is the last generation, but if there is a next generation, it will be the last imo. They say that every generation. And every time there is new hardware. We’re not even close to full path traced graphics yet. VR is just at the second generation. Streaming … Read more