fifty Belarusian migrants broke through the border of Poland – UNIAN

The Belarusian security forces help the migrants. Belarusian migrants broke through the border of Poland / photo REUTERS Over the past day, about fifty people tried to illegally cross border between Belarus and Poland. This is reported Polish radio. According to the Polish Border Service, near the village of Melnik, 18 people attempted to break … Read more

EU and Schengen home affairs and migration ministers will discuss border security in Vilnius

“The migration crisis at the European Union’s external border with Belarus has shown that undemocratic regimes can use migration flows as a weapon and a tool for political pressure, and we need to strengthen our capacity at EU level to respond quickly, effectively and decisively to such hybrid attacks. security measures ”, the Minister of … Read more

Warsaw blocks aid to migrants, MSF leaves Poland

<!––> The Palazzo del Campidoglio lit up in green for the “Green Lanterns” awareness initiative, a mobilization born at the Polish border to help refugees and relaunched in Italy by Avvenire. But the government of Poland insists with its hard line against people stuck in the cold, who need help – Ansa While in Italy … Read more

Hungarian police fired at the smuggler, he had 30 migrants in the car

According to the website, the van was approaching the border at high speed and the driver did not respond to the police patrol’s calls to stop. The van’s driver directed the car to the police, who had to jump. “At the last moment, the policeman jumped in front of a fast-moving car and his … Read more

A record number of migrants arrived in the UK across the English Channel last year

The media cites data from the UK Home Office and said most illegal immigrants arrived in November 2021. During the month, more than 6,800 people crossed the canal with boats and small boats, and there were also tragic accidents. 27 migrants were killed off the coast of France when their boat capsized. Following the events, … Read more

28,300 migrants have arrived in Britain from France

In 2021, at least 28,300 illegal migrants arrived in Britain from France across small Channel ships and boats, a new record for the year, the Home Office said on Tuesday. The largest number of illegal migrants arrived across the English Channel in November, reaching 6869. On 11 November alone, 1185 illegal migrants arrived in the … Read more

Migrants, Fi calls the EU. “Either it changes or it will be overwhelmed”

The immigration knot for Forza Italia is dissolved only through an “essential European framework”. For this it is necessary to work on several levels, keeping the attention on the flows high. In this regard, the blue honorable Alessandro Battilocchio will be visiting the Contrada Imbriacola hotspot in Lampedusa today, thanks to the interest of the … Read more

Syrian working in a Lithuanian hospital – about the dramatic fate of migrants in Belarus: they are caged and beaten with dogs

We meet Majd at his home, in the very center of Vilnius, right next to the presidency. The guy introduces himself to call him Mark, because Lithuanians have a hard time pronouncing his real name. “I am half Syrian, half Canadian, I lived between the two states. “My family, my parents, my grandparents are from … Read more

Escorts of migrants returned to Iraq: They returned in frustration

Successful flight The plane, which had flown 98 migrants who had agreed to return voluntarily, took off from Vilnius shortly after eight o’clock in the morning. After stopping in Baghdad, Erbil and Istanbul, he was in the Lithuanian capital again at about ten o’clock in the evening. Photo of the Ministry of the Interior / … Read more