Venezuelan migrants and other nationalities surrender at the southern border of Mexico

Groups of hundreds of migrants from Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Colombia and other regions of the world have given up walking in caravans from the southern border of Mexico to, instead, turn themselves in to the National Institute of Migration (INM). An INM van arrived on Monday to pick up the migrants who have gathered … Read more

Migrants, Giorgia Meloni: “We need European solutions”

“Dividing over migrants is a gift to traffickers” “Nobody should be divided on an issue like migration, it would mean giving a gift to human traffickers”, added Meloni. “The commitment to Africa must come from all of Europe” “It is time to work together, stemming” the illegal migratory flows “before they reach the European borders. … Read more

Migrants, the Ocean Viking arrives at the port of Marina di Carrara after four days of navigation: 95 landed, 38 are minors

Four days of sailing. Over fifteen hundred kilometers traveled after the rescue off the coast of Libya. There Ocean Viking, of the NGO Sos Mediterranée has arrived in Marina di Carrara, the safe harbor assigned by the Italian authorities. There were 95 migrants on board, including 15 women and 38 minors, all from sub-Saharan Africa. … Read more

“Insufficient returns”. On migrants, the EU now speaks Meloni’s language

The watchword is repatriation, finally. And the Italian line on illegal immigration seems to find space in Europe. “The current situation is that we have a very low return rate,” said Ylva Johansson, European Commissioner, at the informal EU Internal Affairs Council yesterday in Stockholm. “Readmission requests are only 16 percent of return decisions,” she … Read more

The expulsion of migrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua entered into force in the US

Photo: BLANCA CARMONA / THE TRUTH The immigration authorities of the United States reminded migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela on Monday that the plan came into effect on Sunday that allows them to be immediately deported to Mexico if they lack prior approval of a request for humanitarian permission to enter. to the … Read more

Russia’s next weapon against Europe: Increasing the number of flights to Kaliningrad

In October, Russia announced that it was opening air traffic to Kaliningrad from other countries as part of the Open Sky initiative, writes the multilingual broadcaster Euronews. Among other things, they want to increase the number of flights from the Middle East and North Africa to the exclave. This worries the ICMPD, which fears that … Read more

Italy’s new law makes it more difficult to rescue boat migrants by aid organizations

EPA NOS News•Tuesday, 7:22 PM Helen D’Haens correspondent Italy Helen D’Haens correspondent Italy In the twilight, in a hard downpour, the silhouette of the Geo Barents looms. The rescue ship of the aid organization Doctors Without Borders has sailed for five days since it picked up a group of migrants who had left Libya in … Read more

Fire in Brussels squat with 900 migrants in harrowing conditions | Abroad

A large fire raged in a squat in Brussels on Thursday. About nine hundred asylum seekers and refugees occupied the building illegally. Some of them were slightly injured. The building has been a concern for Brussels for weeks due to major outbreaks of disease due to the poor living conditions. The fire broke out on … Read more