Boat with migrants sinks near Greece, dozens of people missing

NOS News•Wednesday, 09:39•Amended Wednesday, 12:22 Greek emergency services are conducting a major search for dozens of migrants south of the island of Rhodes. They were on a boat that ran into trouble and sank last night. The coastguard says 29 people were taken from the sea, all men. They were picked up about 75 kilometers … Read more

Car Transports Dozens of Migrants in Hungary Accident, 3 Dead

Budapest – A car carrying dozens of migrants crashed in Hungary. As a result, 3 migrants were killed while 11 others were injured. Reported AFPSaturday (6/8/2022), the accident occurred near the village of Bocsa, 122 kilometers (75 miles) south of Budapest at around 2:00 am. A vehicle carrying 15 passengers did not stop at the … Read more

“We will make a commissioner for migrants. The right name? Bertolaso ​​or Figliuolo”

Wake up early in the morning and dive into the turquoise sea of ​​Lampedusa for Matteo Salvini on the second day of his visit to the island, again under stress due to the landings (at the moment there are about 600 migrants in the hotspot, after the transfer of about 700 people on the mainland … Read more

The attack has renewed: Belarusian officials round up migrants and cut concertina

Interview 15min the border guard commander also commented on court decisions that expand migrants’ rights to request asylum at the border, and assessed how climate change, food and water shortages will affect migration in the coming decades. – Why did the flow of migrants at the border of Lithuania increase again? – Since the second … Read more

Campania, De Luca closes to migrants: «We will not accept landings in Naples and Salerno. Yesterday 50 positives arrived at Covid “

Yesterday at the port of Salerno the ship is docked Ocean Viking. They were on board 387 migrantsof which approx 50 positives al Coronavirus. A landing to which the president of the Campania region Vincenzo De Luca Yes it was opposite to, demanding that health checks be done on board first. Now De Luca has … Read more

Migrants, De Luca: ‘We will not accept landings in Naples and Salerno’ – Campania

The president of Campania: ‘Yesterday an unpleasant story’ “I believe that no landing in the port of Salerno or Naples is acceptable, let’s clarify it right away. They tell me that there are no other landings in the pipeline, but let’s make it clear that we will not accept them”. This was stated by the … Read more

More than 800 migrants left Lithuania in July, 500 in June

The Ministry of the Interior notes that the alien registration certificate issued to migrants registered in Lithuania does not give them the right to leave Lithuania or request asylum and live in another EU country, but most illegal migrants who have left the accommodation centers try to reach other EU countries. If migrants detained in … Read more

“Amnesty International” condemns Latvia’s mistreatment of refugees on the Belarus-Latvia border – Latvia – News – TVNET

The human rights protection organization calls for the immediate cancellation of the state of emergency on Latvia’s eastern border and without its renewal, as well as the cancellation and restoration of the right to asylum in the country for everyone seeking safety, regardless of who they are and how they cross the borders. It has … Read more

The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration responds to Nollet on the employment of undocumented migrants: “It’s not a solution”

“I would like the focus to be on real solutions“. The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Nicole de Moor (CD&V) is not in favor of the legal employment of undocumented migrants present on Belgian territory. This morning, the co- President of Ecolo Jean-Marc Nollet called on the government to allow undocumented migrants to … Read more

The Lampedusa hotspot is collapsing. Interior Ministry: “Tomorrow transfers for a thousand migrants” – Chronicle

By tomorrow morning they will be transferred and Lampedusa circa a thousand migrants present inhotspot of the island, of which 600 are already leaving this evening with the ship “Diciotti”. The hotspost emptying operations will continue tomorrow evening and Wednesday with the use of scheduled ferries and naval units of the Navy and the Coast … Read more