The famous streamer Ninja reveals the millionaire he won thanks to his creator code in Fortnite

Can you be a millionaire playing Fortnite? It is a question that was already solved a while ago, but a new statement from Ninja has returned to shed a better perspective of the large amounts of money that can be obtained. Fortnite has been and is a mass phenomenon. Epic Games’ battle royale rose to … Read more

Bert Dries (31) became dollar millionaire in barely two months d … (Ghent)

Gent – For twelve years now, Bert Dries has been making his mark on the landscape of illustrators. But hard work and corona made the light go out for him. Two months ago, on the advice of friends, he posted his art on auction sites for crypto artists. And then everything changed. He became a … Read more

Young Venezuelan makes millionaire profits investing in cryptocurrencies

Key facts: Due to its decentralized nature, anyone can invest in cryptocurrencies. There are techniques to increase profits when trading crypto assets. Sponsored content by The Golden Institute The popularity of bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general, has increased in recent years at a really accelerated rate. The upward trends and the constant growth of the … Read more

Double ‘Scratch and Win’ millionaire, the Prosecutor’s Office: it was just luck

2.4 million euros will return to the legitimate winner won twice in 20 days to the “Scratch and Win”, seized for investigations by the Veronese judiciary. This was announced by the deputy prosecutor of the republic Alberto Sergi, who at theCourier of the Veneto‘reported having closed the investigation file. Audits by the Guardia di Finanza … Read more

How Ricardo Salinas Pliego’s family became a millionaire

Ricardo Salinas Pliego and Hugo Salinas Price have inherited one of the most successful retail businesses in Mexico (Photo: Cuartoscuro) At the moment Ricardo Salinas Pliego is one of the richest men in the country, just behind Carlos Slim Helú Y Germán Larrea Mota Velasco, owner of the conglomerate Grupo México. According Forbes, his fortune … Read more

Young widow suspected of murdering a Japanese millionaire (77)

Because Sudo was married to Nozaki, after death she could lay claim to a portion of the businessman’s fortune. And that was a huge amount, given that Nozaki had made millions from real estate and selling alcohol. Trotse womanizer In his autobiography, which became a bestseller in Japan, he indicated that he wanted to make … Read more

M. Vžesniauskaitė and millionaire J. Caudwell celebrated a special occasion: they gave sensitive words

On April 27, Black and his beloved, British businessman John Caudwell (68) celebrated their 7th anniversary together. On that occasion, on social media, the woman remembered the day of their acquaintance. “Seven years ago, you, John Caudwell, came into my life. The moment I met you, I knew you were going to be something special. … Read more

Switzerland, the tale of Dadvan, the young Kurdish refugee who became a millionaire thanks to Pokemon sold in exchange for Bitcoin

LUGANO – Pokemon in exchange for bitcoins and the dream of the redemption of a very young Kurdish-Iraqi refugee is realized in Switzerland, today a multimillionaire thanks to cryptocurrency and an ingenuity worthy of the best talents in Silicon Valley. It is the story, bordering on the unbelievable, of Dadvan Yousuf, now 21, who fled … Read more

They present in Las Vegas the new tunnel of millionaire Elon Musk and are already talking about expanding it below the city

A Tesla car enters the tunnel below the Las Vegas Convention Center. Foto: Ethan Miller / Getty Images Interest in the tycoon’s tunnels Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, has reached a new level in the “City of Sin”, after the presentation of the circuit of roads built below the Las Vegas Convention Center. The 43-foot-deep … Read more