Putin made a surprise visit to Ma Libo in the dark night! The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense is angry: like a thief | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a surprise visit to the southern Ukrainian port city of Maribo yesterday, his first visit to the Russian-occupied area of ​​Ukraine since the start of the war. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry today criticized Putin for using the darkness as a cover “like a thief”. ▲Putin made a sudden visit to Maribor, … Read more

Joint exercises of Russia, China and Iran: the images released by the Ministry of Defense in Moscow

(LaPresse) According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian Navy has done joint exercises with China and Iran. Footage released by the ministry shows the ships in the water carrying out the military exercises. The Associated Press could not verify the date or location of the footage. Russia was represented at the exercise by a … Read more

Kelly Olmos, the official who took office without power in a parceled ministry

Kelly Olmos assumed without power. Parities are typed from the office of Sergio Massa and trade unionists and businessmen prefer to meet with the head of Economy rather than with the Minister of Labor. The Salary Council, a forum for debate whose definitions were once a key reference for economic activity, lost centrality and became … Read more

Plans for the Child’s COVID-19 Booster Vaccine Program Stall? This is what the Ministry of Health said

Jakarta – The booster vaccination program is currently being carried out by the government. Apart from encouraging the public to do a second booster vaccination, the government is also preparing booster vaccinations for children. The government is currently continuing to coordinate before finally being able to actually carry out a booster vaccination program for children. … Read more

East Java DPRD: Immediate Strengthening of Mass Immunization to Prevent PD3I

Friday, 17 March 2023 | 15:10 WIB | Writer : Editor : Tobari Surabaya, InfoPublik – The Threat of Extraordinary Events (KLB) Immunization-Preventable Diseases (PD3I) such as polio, measles, diphtheria and rubella, especially attacking children, are a serious concern for all groups, one of which is the East Java DPRD. Member of commission E DPRD … Read more

Ministry of Health Ensures Low Hospitalization Rate, Ready to Lift COVID-19 Emergency Status?

Jakarta – The condition of COVID-19 in Indonesia is much more under control. Community activities are currently not much regulated by the government. People can do outdoor activities without masks, and participate in events that involve large crowds of people. Even though they are much freer, the Ministry of Health said they would obey the … Read more

Ministry of Finance Ocampo says that in March the cost of living will begin to drop

13/03/2023 José Antonio Ocampo, Minister of Finance, affirmed that the annual inflation rate will begin to decrease in March and also commented that the cost of living for the low income group begins to decrease. Find out: Minister Ocampo asks for respect from former President Pastrana, who associated him with drug trafficking This is what … Read more

Not Reaching Target, Riau Adds Five Days of Polio Immunization

Monday, 13 March 2023 | 12:46 WIB | Writer : Editor : July Pekanbaru, InfoPublik – Implementation of polio immunization for children aged 0-59 months and 4-59 months in 12 districts/cities in Riau, has been implemented simultaneously starting last Monday (6/3/2023), but until now, the implementation of polio immunization has not reached the target which … Read more

Exclusive/The head of the foreign embassy in Brazil fell from the 16th floor and died! The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed: assisting family members to deal with funeral affairs | Politics | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporters Lu Sumei and Gao Yifan / Report from Taipei ▲The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out today (13th) that the head of the Chinese office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, surnamed Wang, committed suicide at his residence on the morning of the 10th. (file photo) Please read on…. The staff stationed abroad were shocked by … Read more

The head of my embassy in Brazil fell from the 16th floor and died, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed-Politics-China Times News

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed earlier that the team leader surnamed Wang of the Chinese office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, fell to his death a few days ago. (file photo) Today (13th) there was news that the head of the Chinese office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, surnamed Wang, fell to his death on the … Read more