Motorhome Made by Laksana, Prepares IDR 300 Million Funds All

UNGARAN, – Bodybuilding Like is now widening its division by presenting Laksana Individual. The service offers a vehicle according to the wishes of the customer. One of the products from Laksana Individual is Maha Motorhomes. Currently, there are two products from Maha Motorhomes, namely Maha Adventure and Maha Motorhomes Family. For Maha Adventure, it … Read more

How to Hide Regular WhatsApp Chats Without Archives and Other Tricks

With GB WhatsApp, messages that have been previously pulled can be viewed again, by pressing the conversation and clicking the three-dot icon in the right corner. Then tap “hide chat” and enter the pattern lock, then the previously unviewable messages can be read.

When Suzuki Carry Appears Tempting with the Children’s Beach Theme

JAKARTA, – Not only launching the XL7 Alpha FF and introducing hybrid technology, PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) also brought three modification at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) Hybrid 2022. Of the three modification concepts shown, the most interesting and stealing the attention is the New Carry Surf Truck. Commercial car This light … Read more

One key to break the “national standard” CCTV 315 exposed the illegal modification of electric vehicles Mavericks electric response – IT and Traffic

After the CCTV 3.15 party named many brands of electric bicycles to speed up the violation, at noon on March 17, Maverick Electric’s official Weibo announced that: Maverick Electric strictly implements the new national standard for national electric bicycles, and strictly prohibits any violations.In order to ensure the safety of users’ travel, Mavericks Electric has … Read more

Gentleman Model Finds Fia’s Beaded Pants “Dead Sleep Trousers” deleted from “Eldon Circle” | 4Gamers

Needless to say, any game with 3D modeling and rotating perspective has a gentleman’s interest in exploring underwear. After the game “Elden Ring” was released, it was well received by the community for its outstanding character designs such as Melina and Lani. It is worth mentioning, of course, the short pants of “Dead Sleeping Girl” … Read more

The “Thomas Train Mod” that should come to the PC version of “Ayrden’s Circle” will always come | 4Gamers

It may be late, but it is never absent. “Thomas Train” has become a regular meme in the game modding industry in recent years, so it is only a matter of time before the modding of “Elden Ring” released on all platforms will appear. The Thomas Train of “Elden’s Circle” uploaded by Garden of Eyes … Read more

A new version of the modification that adds a first-person camera to The Witcher 3 has appeared | Games

For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt A modification has been released that adds a first-person camera. She is called Gervant First Person and is available on the Nexus Mods website. The author of the mod reports that in his version, the shortcomings of other similar modifications have been fixed and now the entire game for … Read more

Honda Vario 160 ABS First Modification RCB, 13 Inch Rims Make Solid

RCB Indonesia Honda Vario 160 ABS modification from RCB MOTOR Plus-online – Honda Vario 160 modifications began to appear, the concept is diverse. New automatic motorcycle Honda Vario 160 make a scene, because the default specs are solid. Start the new eSP + engine with 4 valves, the body gambot design to the legs that … Read more

Bad Impact in Asia, Scientists Reject Solar Radiation Modification Plan

JAKARTA – Plans to cool the earth through engineering Sun received rejection from dozens of scientists in the world. Because this plan is bad for rainforests in Asia and changes the climate in Africa. Quoted from Science Alert, Wednesday (19/1/2022), the failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions led some policymakers to embrace solar geoengineering. This … Read more

Instead of For Sale, Many Old Innova Deer Owners Upgrade Their Bodies

JAKARTA, – Toyota Kijang Innova be one car family that is in great demand by automotive consumers. No wonder in some workshops modification provides many Kijang Innova accessories for its consumers. One of the modifications often made by Kijang Innova owners is to upgrade the body, such as from the old Kijang Innova from … Read more