Striking moment in court of Ghent: defendant starts pumping on one hand to prove innocence

In the incident on John Kennedylaan, the man would have been disturbed by the slow speed of the vehicle in front of him. When he also stuck out his middle finger, the man would have got out and slapped the victim in the face. The defendant said in court that this is not true. “If … Read more

Peruvian team | The photo of the moment: this is said of the performance of the “holders” of the Blanquirroja in their leagues | Ricardo Gareca | Qatar 2022 Qualifiers | SPORT-TOTAL

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Television, books, love … All the ‘temptations’ of Sandra Barneda, at her sweetest moment

At 45 years old, Sandra Barneda is in the peak of his life both at the level personal as professional. There’s no doubt. Your hard work of years as close and credible communicator has been fully rewarded with a prestige status and recognition it deserves for own merits. Luck smiles at the Catalan presenter in … Read more

La Jornada – In the moment of the spectator, the observer becomes an accomplice, challenged by the painting

Rome. If our contact with art during the Covid-19 pandemic has been mediated by a screen, the reopening of the exhibitions in Italy is expected to be able to enjoy the art live. Due to the relevance of the topic in the current context, the sample stands out The spectator moment, at the National Gallery … Read more

Actor remembers moment when Will Smith punched him in the face – Upsocl

Anthony Mackie recalled with humor the episode, in which both were confused when greeting each other. Without any intention, Smith threw an inexplicable cross hook at him. Anthony Mackie, 42-year-old actor who became known for his roles as “Papa Doc” in 8 Mile and recently for playing Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has a … Read more

Real estate: the market is resisting the crisis … for the moment

Despite lockdowns and persistent threats of a prolongation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the dreaded collapse has not happened for residential real estate. Sales of second-hand homes fell only 2.7% in France over one year, posting 980,000 transactions on an annual basis. On average, real estate prices increased by 2.1% nationally in 2020. Caution is needed … Read more

Photos: They are the most attractive celebrities of the moment

14.01.2021 – 07: 55h The users of the Ranker community, with their more than three million votes, have chosen the most attractive men in the ‘star system’. Although the ranking includes more than 50 celebrities, we have focused on reviewing the top 10 of the aforementioned survey portal. TresB Did you like the gallery?Share it … Read more

A tea for each chakra and how to reinvent yourself after a hinge moment

In 2012 Luciana was diagnosed with breast cancer and as a result of this crisis she found an opportunity to become her own client. This is how he began to have a greater record of what he felt and needed, among them he began to drink a lot of green tea; Thus arose the desire … Read more

FC Barcelona: Bara elections: the moment of truth arrives

FC Barcelona Candidates for the presidency must present their signatures and endorsements this Monday Image of the empty Camp Nou Advanced El electoral process for the presidency of the Barcelona continues with a firm and determined step, despite the unknowns about its outcome due to the health situation in Espaa because of the coronavirus. The … Read more

Viral video | The moment a seal runs away desperately after being chased by several orcas | Facebook | OVER THE COUNTER

In the last few hours, a video caused a stir Facebook for showing the moment a seal flees desperately after being chased by several orcas. Known details of the clip viral We will tell you about it in this note. MORE INFORMATION: The emotion of a father when he found out his son had paid … Read more