Viral Moment Rayyanza Eats with Mackerel Side Dishes, Netizens: Our Food is the Same as Pung

Second son Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, Rayanza Malik Ahmad, is often in the spotlight of netizens. The reason is that the behavior of the toddler who is often called Cipung often makes netizens furious. Now, Rafatar Malik Ahmad’s younger brother has again caught the public’s attention because of his eating puffer fish. This moment … Read more

Formula 1 | Alonso penalty: Did Mercedes F1 tweak the FIA ​​at the last moment?

Loading… Wolff admits his team saw the breach Loading… Why did the FIA ​​see the problem very late during Fernando Alonso’s pit stop and penalty in Jeddah? Probably because she didn’t see anything at all! Indeed, it appears to have been Mercedes F1 who pointed the Aston Martin F1 mechanic’s videos dedicated to the rear … Read more

[BTS News] Bulletproof Boy Scouts V decorates magazine cover…Fans support ‘every moment’ advertisement

[BTS News] Bulletproof Boy Scouts V decorates magazine cover…Fans support ‘every moment’ advertisement Correspondent Ban Rim Approval 2023.03.21 08:58 opinion 0 (Data = Big Hit Music) A magazine ad decorated with BTS V’s cover will feature a print advertisement congratulating and cheering for it. (Data = Inkigayo) Recently, V’s fan club ‘Baidu Viva’ announced that … Read more

See every detail, feel every moment throbbing: Samsung’s giant Neo QLED makes the video content vividly before the eyes, widening the audience’s eyes – Samsung Newsroom Taiwan

The scene of putting your face close to the TV screen, just to see every detail and movement clearly, is no longer seen. Today, large-screen TVs are not only warmly welcomed by movie fans, but also the first choice for consumers, and their market share has skyrocketed. With the development of home TVs towards large … Read more

Save the Lakers privates!Undrafted rookie Reeves’ 93-second miracle moment | Sports Column | Sports

lakersThe script is never afraid of having no hot spots and topics! Reeves, a rookie who was defeated in the 2021 NBA, has now become the first actor in “Rescue the Lakers”. The Los Angeles Lakers have this kind of Hollywood magic story. Reeves scored a career-high 35 points, scored 10 points in the last … Read more

The moment in which a meteorite hits and explodes against the Moon is captured | canariasenred

Asteroid impacts on the Moon are frequent, but being able to see them on video is something very rare, this is what a Japanese astronomer has achieved who has managed to capture the flash of a meteorite that hit the Moon, causing a flash when it exploded on the night side of our natural satellite … Read more

Pep Guardiola brought Erling Haaland out again despite his great moment and responded to criticism with an ironic phrase about Lionel Messi

Erling Haaland He continues his scoring streak. After the five goals he scored last Tuesday against Leipzig for the Champions League, this Saturday he scored a hat-trick in Manchester City’s 6-0 win against Burnley for the FA Cup. But there was another common factor: Pep Guardiola returned to replace him as he had done on … Read more

Yaya celebrates her 30th birthday happily! There is a moment of cake stained on the face. The sweetness comes to the max!

Yaya Urassaya meets Nadech Kugimiya with her friends, organizing a surprise birthday, 30 years old, lightly sloppy with a full-face cake moment. But full of sweetness Image from Instagram urassayas Celebrating the 30th birthday in a very happy way for the female protagonist Yaya Urassaya, who recently (March 18, 2023) has revealed a sweet picture … Read more