VIDEO: Elon Musk experiences an uncomfortable moment when a pig ‘refuses’ to participate in the Neuralink presentation in full live broadcast

In social networks they have not been slow to compare the moment with which the businessman lived during the presentation of the Cybertruck truck, when he broke the “indestructible” glass of the car with a metal ball. The businessman Elon Musk once again experienced an uncomfortable moment this Friday, during the presentation of a recent … Read more

Palexpo for the moment gives up buying the Motor Show –

The first round of negotiations for the resumption of the Geneva International Motor Show failed. Palexpo gives up buying the event, which could well disappear from Geneva in its current form. The information was revealed on Wednesday by Agefi, then confirmed by the Tribune de Genève. The Auto Show could leave the city of Calvin. … Read more

The terrifying moment a student was assaulted and gagged in the middle of an online class via Zoom

Yesterday, While taking classes online through the Zoom videoconferencing platform, a young woman from Durango was gagged and assaulted inside her home in the presence of her male and female colleagues who watched everything from their homes. Through a video recorded by one of the students, the victim is observed with his hands tied in … Read more

Participants of the action in support of Belarusians detained in Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Klimov, in a conversation with RBC, confirmed that he was in the Tverskoy OVD. According to him, the detainees “are simply issued fines.” “The bottom line is that the people who are with me – they write that they drank, smoked in the playground, that is, administrative fines of 500 rubles. There are no things … Read more

Michelle Carvalho remembers historic moment in “Opposite Worlds”

The reality shows delivered several television moments that have remained in history. Situations that, in general, were the great attraction of these types of programs. In the middle of a scenario that has television betting on repetitions to put together its programmatic grid, the nostalgic exercise of remembering and remembering these types of situations has … Read more

Incredible offers in your Ikea stores right now, products on sale up to -90%!

Posted on Friday, August 21, 2020 at 3:56 p.m. Candles at 25 cents, rugs at 90 cents, bath towels at 3 euros … go to Ikea, it’s now or never! After the very advantageous promotions at Carrefour, come the offers of up to -90% at Ikea! You only have a few days left to take … Read more

Critical meeting lasting 4 hours from Minister Koca! Instruction given

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that a 4-hour meeting was held with the health directors of 81 provinces. According to Minister Koca’s statement, the measures to be taken in the provinces where the increase in cases are intense, new approaches in diagnosis and treatment were discussed at the meeting. In his post, Koca said, “We … Read more

1,866 People Register to Volunteer for the Clinical Trial of the Sinovac Covid-19 Vaccine – A total of 1,866 people have registered to become volunteers in the Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial in Bandung. This is in accordance with the latest data from the Padjadjaran University Research Team for the Clinical Trial of the Covid-19 Sinovac Vaccine. “As expected, the public’s interest is high. Thank God,” said Sinovac Covid-19 … Read more

The moment Alphonso Davies pokes Messi and then embarrasses Semedo

Jakarta – Up and down about the matter Alphonso Davies reappear moment Bayern Munich crushed Barcelona. One assist he made also presented the moment he choked on the idol, Lionel Messi. As a Bayern left-back, Alphonso Davies has indeed prepared himself to face Lionel Messi, who is one of Barcelona’s front lines. But the 19-year-old … Read more

The Real Challenge When the Working Period at Home Is Extended Again – The pandemic has not yet ended, and several companies have adopted policies to again require workers to enter the office. However, there are still many who make the decision to extend the Work From Home period or work from home. If you are among those experiencing this, you must prepare yourself because you … Read more