‘Today Show’: Awkward moment between Jenna Bush Hager and Justin Sylvester sparks debate over consent

Following an awkward moment Today Showa debate broke out among viewers about consent. On Wednesday for the Today Food cooking segment, Jenna Bush Hager, guest co-host Justin Sylvester and guest Andy Baraghani cooked up a roast chicken. During the segment, Hager at one point placed his hand on Sylvester’s shoulder as he leaned in to … Read more

The hard moment of Piñón Fijo: after separating, they do not let him see his grandchildren – News

Fixed Gear going through a hard personal and family moment that was known through a publication he made on his social networks. Fabian Alberto Gomez -his first name- uploaded a photo to history in his Instagram of his granddaughter Luna and wrote: “My beautiful loquita we will see each other again and I will enjoy … Read more

Hong Kong band Supper Moment: There is a stage, sound and audience, so let’s “play” with our heart丨Entertainment·Behind the scenes

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all-media reporter Hu Guangxin intern Li Jiahui Figure / Respondent After a lapse of three years, Hong Kong band Supper Moment once again came to the mainland to perform, holding the “Always Believe” mainland tour, which started in Guangzhou and ended in Jiangmen. This is the third time that Supper Moment has … Read more

MotoGP 2022. Marc Marquez announces the return! Right moment or yet another gamble? – MotoGP

The Spanish rider spoke to the official MotoGP website explaining various aspects of his situation, from how he feels to when he thinks about returning to the track and the race and the positive news is that he shouldn’t wait until 2023, his goal for the come back in August 12, 2022 Sonly two days … Read more

The 10 most powerful Android smartphones of the moment are…

Like every month, AnTuTu publishes several top 10 of the most powerful Android smartphones of the moment according to their price. Rankings that are largely determined by the chips that equip these products. Look no further to find out which smartphones have the most in their stomachs. AnTuTu was responsible for establishing the ranking of … Read more

An emigrant who went from England to Palanga received a message from his homeland a moment before his flight: I was struck by lightning

I was already starting to worry that my flight would be, if not canceled, at least delayed for a week. This would mean a ruined vacation, and that after three years of waiting, when I could not and did not want to return to my hometown due to all kinds of restrictions, the fourth is … Read more

“Awkward dad moment”. Beckham wants to sing along, but his daughter cuts him off.

Parents can be so embarrassed about their children. Ex-soccer star David Beckham had to experience this at a concert. Apparently, ex-soccer star David Beckham also knows the feeling of not necessarily looking cool with your own children. “Embarrassing dad moment,” wrote the 47-year-old Instagram to a short video in which he wants to sing along … Read more

Economic crisis: “At the moment, the Swiss economy continues to do well”, says SECO

PostedAugust 7, 2022, 8:39 PM Economic crisis: “At the moment, the Swiss economy continues to do well,” says SECO In an interview published on Sunday, the Confederation’s chief economist Eric Scheidegger assures us that our country should not experience a recession this year. As far as inflation is concerned, Switzerland is an “island of happiness” … Read more

Watch the moment the grandstand collapsed, including in Australia

Dozens of people were lightly injured when a section of the stadium fence collapsed in the Australian city of Sydney, during a rugby match that brought together the teams of Riverview and Saint Joseph, in front of about 15,000 spectators. Frightening scenes at Sydney’s Leichhardt Oval when railing appeared to collapse during a game between … Read more