Samsung refutes claims about ‘fake moon photos’

People often like to take pictures of the moon at night. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is ideally suited for this because of its zoom functionalities. Last week, however, it appeared that Samsung’s latest Ultra model adds details to the moon that are not actually visible. Redditor u/ibreakphotos wrote a detailed step-by-step guide to seeing … Read more

The first large-scale, detailed map of the distribution of water on the Moon

SOFIA’s data visualization that measures the signal or “photosignature” of water is superimposed on a visualization of the Moon as seen at the time of observation in February 2022. Dark blue indicates higher water concentrations. Near the upper left of the area studied, a deep blue ridge emerges, with water particularly concentrated on the steep … Read more

The moment in which a meteorite hits and explodes against the Moon is captured | canariasenred

Asteroid impacts on the Moon are frequent, but being able to see them on video is something very rare, this is what a Japanese astronomer has achieved who has managed to capture the flash of a meteorite that hit the Moon, causing a flash when it exploded on the night side of our natural satellite … Read more

The thousand yuan machine can also “shoot the moon”! iQOO Z7 announced to be equipped with super moon function

The thousand yuan machine can also “shoot the moon”! iQOO Z7 announced to be equipped with super moon function <!– –> 2023-03-20 19:36:16 Source: Fast Technology Author:Naihe Editor: Nai He Comment() I don’t know when, “shooting the moon” has become one of the criteria for evaluating the night shooting ability of a mobile phone, and … Read more

The moon will occult Venus in Hong Kong on Friday night. If you miss it, you will have to wait another 40 years | Hong Kong Space Museum Information | Astronomical Phenomena

[The Epoch Times, March 20, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Lin Yishan from Hong Kong) On the evening of March 24 this year, Hong Kong will stage the astronomical phenomenon of “moon occultation of Venus”, when the moon will move between the earth and Venus time, and briefly cover Venus, making it impossible to … Read more

Britain will support the placement of Rolls-Royce nuclear reactors on the moon

The United Kingdom’s space agency has announced plans to support the deployment of Rolls-Royce-designed nuclear power plants on the moon. Of course, people need energy to live and work on the moon, why not nuclear energy… So far, only about 3.5 million dollars have been allocated for the creation of the project. Unfortunately, for now … Read more

The AI ​​in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t just fake the moon: criticism from the professional photographer

Artificial intelligence makes some recordings worse Apparently, Samsung’s AI in the Galaxy S23 Ultra in the first photo above did not recognize windows but signs of characters, which it “supplemented” accordingly. However, the seemingly Chinese signs do not seem to make any real sense and do not appear at all times of the day and … Read more

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Rolls-Royce is developing a microreactor for the moon

British Rolls-Royce received a financial injection from the UK Space Agency, for research and development of small modular reactors for lunar bases. Such technologies will be essential for the construction and operation of lunar bases. If all goes according to plan, Britain’s lunar reactor should fly to the moon in 2029. Lunar Colony by Rolls-Royce. … Read more

A blatant female appearance that will not be repeated … for the undisputed most beautiful Saudi wife who stormed the Al-Mosameh Karim program on MBC and made George Qirdahi and the audience in a state of astonishment, as if it were a piece of the moon

Al-Mosameh Karim program, presented by the famous journalist George Qirdahi, is one of the most successful Arab Live programs during the last ten years. For husbands and wives, we re-publish it in full for you to watch now: Al-Mosameh Karim, presented by the famous journalist George Kordahi, is considered one of the most successful Arab … Read more

This is the space suit to return to the Moon

Mariela de Diego 03/18/2023 9:00 a.m. 5 min The new generation of space suits is already with us. Credit Axiom Space. The next moon landing of a human being has a date: the end of 2025. And now he also has clothing: the AxEMUthe space suit that NASA and Axiom Space presented this week at … Read more