Look at the amazing images of the Orion spacecraft, the Earth and the Moon

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Footage of the invisible side of the Moon has reached Earth: the probe, which flew just 130 km from the surface, captured images that many have never seen before

The optical navigation camera is used by the Orion space capsule to capture a perspective of the Earth and the Moon at different phases and distances. At the same time, the equipment collects a large amount of data that would confirm the navigation efficiency in different lighting conditions. This data will be useful during future … Read more

Humans Can Live on the Moon This Decade, NASA Predicts – Lantern Today

HOUSTON (Lenteratoday)– NASA’s latest prediction, humans can live on the Moon for a long time this decade. Some time ago, NASA itself launched the Artemis rocket, bringing the Orion spacecraft with it. Orion spacecraft leader Howard Hu said the mission would require habitat support. “We are working on an ongoing program and the craft will … Read more

The planet Mars can be seen clearly from Earth December 8 – Solopos.com

SOLOPOS.COM – Planet Mars illustration (bagilagi.blogspot.com) Solopos.comJAKARTA—On December 8, 2022, a rare outer space phenomenon will occur, where the planet Mars can be seen very clearly from Earth. This is a phenomenon called the Mars opposition. On the same day, Mars will pass behind the moon in an event known as a lunar occultation. This … Read more

NASA reveals amazing footage of the moon as it passes in front of the sun

The light phenomenon was an eclipse of the sun that was visible only in space and lasted for several hours, according to the British Daily Mail. The satellite monitors solar emissions that serve as warning signs of solar flares, which can cause blackouts on Earth, and has picked up filaments that explode at the northwest … Read more

Researchers Reveal The Moon Is Slowly Moving Away From Planet Earth

SUKABUMIUPDATE.com – Planet Earth’s satellite, namely the Moon, is slowly moving away from the planet where we live. This was seen from NASA’s Apollo mission in 1969 which installed reflective panels on the Moon. Reporting from the Space.com page via Suara.com, Tuesday (18/10/2022), this shows that the moon is currently moving 3.8 cm away from … Read more

NASA: Artemis Orion Capsule Shows Photos of the Moon

Artemis 1the mission of the NASA which serves as the first step for humanity to eventually return to the Lunacontinues to develop after the launch of the ship Orion aboard the rocket Space Launch System (SLS) and, a week after this fact, it finally reached the orbit of the Moon. Being at its closest point … Read more

So-yeon falls into the arms of her husband Jo Yoo-min in Qatar… moon moon newlyweds [N샷]

Jo Yu-min and So-yeon (So-yeon SNS) So-yeon (35) from T-ara met her husband Cho Yu-min (26), a national soccer player, in Qatar. On the 26th, Soyeon posted a picture on her social network service (SNS) account with the words “Qatar, Jo Yu-min’s first reunion”. In the published photo, Jo Yoo-min is holding So-yeon and smiling … Read more

Moon So-ri, who lost an acquaintance in the Itaewon disaster, “I will really mourn after finding out the truth”

Moon So-ri, who lost an acquaintance in the Itaewon disaster, “I will really mourn after finding out the truth” Actress Moon So-ri. [KBS2 제43회 청룡영화상] [헤럴드경제=최원혁 기자] Actress Moon So-ri paid tribute to an acquaintance who passed away in the Itaewon disaster at the Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony. Moon So-ri attended the 43rd Blue … Read more

So you can send your message to the Artemis I iPad while traveling to the Moon

Caracas.- Following the successful launch of NASA’s Artemis I mission (with its multitude of previous attempts), inside the Orion spacecraft they seem to have packed a rather conspicuous device, an iPad. It does not have astronauts but it does have this technology that NASA “offers” to people so that they can send a message while … Read more