central bank plans to introduce CryptoRouble in 2023

. Russia wants to introduce, in 2023, the digital ruble or the “CryptoRouble” to facilitate the payments of individuals and businesses and make the use of its currency more global. According to Reuters, Deputy Governor Alexei Zabotkin said that “The cryptorouble issue will be akin to a treasury issue.” He added that “it will be … Read more

UFC-Que Choisir wants a threshold at 4 hours for the train alternative

Domestic flights prohibited: the UFC-What to choose wants a threshold at 4 hours for the train alternative The UFC-Que Choisir asks Friday to raise to 4 hours the threshold of prohibition of internal flights when an alternative exists by train, the 2 hours 30 provided for by the Climate bill resulting according to it in … Read more

From literature to science … Moroccan develops “solar electricity” project

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" This passionate researcher managed Technology And the one interested in the environment and plants, to rely on limited capabilities, breakfast his own project for "Solar electricity"It is a technical project related to a solar capture platform, which can be dismantled, re-installed, and moved from one place to another, unlike most … Read more

Outrage in Morocco: actor Brahim Bouhlel placed in police custody after the broadcast of a shocking video

Brahim Bouhlel, the actor in the “Validé” series broadcast on Canal +, is at the heart of a controversy after appearing in a parody video that provoked outrage in Morocco. In this video, Brahim Bouhlel doubles the voices of Franco-Algerian actor Hedi Bouchenafa and Franco-Moroccan influencer Zbarbooking. And he makes Hedi Bouchenafa say in voiceover: … Read more

Khaberni website: Basel Khayat’s surprise appearance sparked controversy

Khabarni – Syrian artist Basil Khayat has undergone a new photo session that shows the spontaneous side of his personality, and published the cover of “GQ” magazine in the Middle East for the month of April under the title “Basil Khayat’s Unwavering Confidence.” Khayat sparked a wave of controversy among his fans, due to his … Read more

Morocco News Today “Hailo” launches its new RT LS05S smart watch

Hespress the world of Technology Photo: D.A. Hespress – D.B.A. Wed 7 Apr 2021 – 01:58 Haylou launched its new RT LS05S smart watch, which has good protection against dust and water in accordance with the protection class of IP68. The company, a subsidiary of the Xiaomi Group, stated that the new smart watch comes … Read more

Maes reacts to comments by Booba, Koba LaD and Feuneu against Moroccan women

After leaving silence to give his opinion on the video of Brahim Bouhlel who shocked the Moroccan people by announcing to be ready to meet them in person for a face to face in order to obtain explanations from the actor, Maes explained himself about various cases on remarks against Moroccans from other artists such … Read more

Morocco News Today “Casio” launches the new G-Shock GSW-H1000 smartwatch

Morocco news today, Morocco news today, “Casio” launches the new G-Shock GSW-H1000 smart watch Source of news – Morocco news – infused with details of the news “Casio” launches the new G-Shock GSW-H1000 smart watch: Casio launches the new G-Shock GSW-H1000 smartwatch Posted by A. in Hespress on 04-06-2021 Casio has launched its new G-Shock … Read more

On Sunday, a ship and a plane repatriated nearly 1,200 Spaniards from Morocco

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Nouamane Lahlou sings for autism – Maroc Local et Nouvelles du Monde | Jewish news from Morocco, breaking news | מרוקו ג׳וייש טיימס, חדשות מרוקו והעולם | Morocco News

The great Moroccan singer and musician Nouamane Lahlou released a new song, dealing with the subject of autism, which was celebrated on Friday. Lahlou released his song as a video clip, directed by Mouhcine Aman, with the participation of several autistic children, in addition to actor Nabil Atif. Young autistic Karim Abdesselam sang alongside Lahlou, … Read more