The black diva of Brazilian song symbol of resistance and courage

The black diva of Brazilian song Elza Soares, who died Thursday at the age of 91 in Rio de Janeiro, marked the history of music with her versatility and her personality, as striking as her voice. Born on June 23, 1930 into a poor family, Elza Soares has managed throughout her career of more than … Read more

International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds: Morocco chairs the Board of Directors

The Moroccan sovereign wealth fund Ithmar Capital was elected, by a large majority, to chair the Board of Directors of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) at its 13th annual meeting for a term of 3 years. “This election, a first for an African sovereign wealth fund, is a new illustration of the … Read more

Why is Mars without a rainbow? .. NASA answers…

Thank you for reading: Why is Mars without a rainbow? .. NASA answers… Basrawi News Encyclopedia – Books: Rania Muhammad / The Perseverance rover has spotted a rainbow-like phenomenon on the Red Planet, which sparked widespread controversy on social media. NASA responded to this controversy by publishing a tweet saying, “Is this a rainbow on … Read more

Defenders of migrants stand up against the confinement of foreigners in France

Detention centers that take on the appearance of prisons, poorly supervised deprivations of liberty: defenders of migrants denounce the French “obsession” with the confinement of foreigners, victims according to them of a “hardening” which frees itself from the right. In four years, France has doubled its reception capacity in administrative detention centers (CRA), where illegal … Read more

The Greek Matisse flew away like his emblematic birds

Alekos Fassianos, presented as the Greek Picasso or the Matisse of modern times, for his works which “breathe Greece”, flew away like the emblematic birds which adorn many of his paintings. He was to be buried on Tuesday in the Athens district of Papagou where he lived. Died Sunday in Athens at the age of … Read more

Gabon accompanies Morocco.. Ghana bid farewell to the nations of Africa

The Gabon national team accompanied its Moroccan counterpart to the round of 16 in the African Nations Cup, after the end of the last third round of Group C, while the Ghanaian team bid farewell to the tournament. The Gabonese team drew with its Moroccan counterpart 2-2, while the Ghanaian team lost to its Comoros … Read more

African Nations .. Hakimi keeps Morocco in the lead against Gabon

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" At the same time, Ghana ended the tournament with a resounding loss to Comoros 3-2 on Tuesday, in the last third round. In Yaounde, he entered Moroccan national team His confrontation with his Gabonese counterpart, who is a guarantor of his ticket to the final price, is not decisive for … Read more

A boat with migrants capsized off the coast of Morocco; 43 people died

Migrant boats on the southern coast of Morocco have killed 43 of them, including three children, the Spanish non-governmental organization (NGO) Caminando Fronteras said on Monday. Ten migrants were rescued in the accident. The survivors called the Moroccan authorities on Sunday morning to rescue them and were able to keep in touch for two hours. … Read more

Morocco takes the lead in Group C against Gabon, while Ghana is eliminated from the first round

Posted in: 18/01/2022 – 22:09 Morocco finished top of Group C in the 2022 African Nations Cup against Gabon, after the two teams tied 2-2 on Tuesday evening in the last round at Ahmed Ahigo Stadium in Yaounde, while Ghana exited in the first round after losing to Comoros 2-3. Morocco finished top of Group … Read more