Morocco is asked to integrate the Mauritanian market

– IMRI organized a mission to Mauritania from 18 to 22 November, within the framework of the 18th Europe-North Africa Convention. The opportunity to expose to Mauritanians the offers of education and employment in Morocco. What are the ins and outs of this initiative? – Indeed, the Moroccan Institute of International Relations (IMRI) under the … Read more

The escape of a concert organizer with artists’ wages in Morocco… and Madeleine Matar reveals the scandal

Lebanese singer Madeleine Matar published a post on Instagram that read, “A scandal…in the presence of the most famous artists, the escape of a concert organizer with the wages of the participants and contributors moments before the opening of their concert in Tangiers, Morocco.” Madeleine Matar revealed the scenes of this incident in her publication, … Read more

Cyber-hacking: 19 million Moroccan WhatsApp accounts hacked

Kiosk360. The operation mainly concerns the telephone numbers of users from 80 countries, including Morocco. Users are advised not to respond to messages and calls from unknown numbers. Details in this press review from the daily Assabah. This is arguably the biggest account hacking operation the instant messaging app, WhatsApp, has ever seen. And no … Read more

Inflation and mortgages: Is the rise in the key rate making itself felt?

Two months after the rise in Bank Al-Maghrib’s key rate, the expected effects are not yet tangible on inflation, despite a slight deceleration in prices in October. A further rise in the BAM rate in December seems inevitable. During the month of October, and for the very first time since December 2021, inflation decelerated, in … Read more

Israel-Morocco: “my next film will be an Israeli-Moroccan co-production”, hopes Hanna Azoulay Hasfari

Director, but also actress, screenwriter and playwright, Hanna Azoulay Hasfari is the youngest of an Israeli-Moroccan family, the only one of her siblings to be born in Israel. Always in search of her identity, she multiplies the films where she presents an introspective dive into the universe of Moroccan Jewish immigrants in Israel. Interview. Born … Read more

Dar Lkabranate-EP-35. When the media of the corporals zap the victories at the chain of the Atlas Lions

le360 The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria beats the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Even the results of the Atlas Lions are censored on public TV. The amazement in the world in front of the pathological hatred that this regime devotes to Moroccans creates a division in the ranks of the corporals. Another bad ad…

Canada – Morocco 1:2, CUT: Moroccans in euphoria! After the win over Canada, they are celebrating a sensational promotion from first place

The Moroccans followed up their surprise win over Belgium to top the group unbeaten with seven points. In their sixth participation in the world championship, they went through to the knockout stages for only the second time, where they had only been in 1986. They will challenge the second team from Group E in the … Read more

David Serero: “Morocco will have its place in the world of opera!”

PARIS: Chocolate factory, ephemeral restaurants, cafes and even, perhaps, a hotel: the world’s leading luxury brand Louis Vuitton, which aims to be “more than a fashion brand, a brand of culture”, is accelerating its diversification for the better ” expand its territory. Louis Vuitton, “it’s much more than a fashion brand, it’s a brand of … Read more

Financing of VSEs: The Souss Massa Initiative is emulated

It mainly targets VSEs and entrepreneurs. Since its creation, the ISM has already financed a thousand projects for a value of more than 60 million DH. The loans are easily accessible and the repayment rate reaches 85%. The model is in the process of being duplicated across the country. Project holders generally do not have … Read more

The date of the Morocco match against Spain in the round of 16 matches of the World Cup qualifiers, and the broadcast channels for the match

The date of the Morocco match against Spain is one of what the Arabs are looking for most during the current period. The Moroccan team is the only Arab team that qualified for the tournament. Round of 16Despite the failure against the Japanese national team with two goals to one, the Spanish national team faces … Read more