30 years after the Medininkai tragedy: tears of pride and questions about today Culture

The tragedy of Medininkai is an incurable wound After watching the film, Šarūnas Orlavičius, the son of one of the dead officials, shared his feelings. According to him, the Post at Dawn was extremely difficult to watch: “It’s the hardest movie I’ve ever seen. But I’m really excited and want to thank the whole creative … Read more

Malayalam News – Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt, Actor 10 Precious Moments With Family | Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt, 10 Priceless Moments of the Actor with Family | News18 Kerala, Movies Latest Malayalam News

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The Fast and the Furious: When Paul Walker fought for Tyrese Gibson to return as Roman Pearce to the Fast and Furious movies | FAME

After the premiere of “Fast and furious 9“(” F9 “or” Fast and Furious 9 “in its original language), more than one has started to evoke and connect each event reported by the franchise so far. After all, it’s 20 years of Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner, Letty, Mia and company. And there are still more titles … Read more

Lucasfilm hired a youtuber who enhanced Luke Skywalker’s appearance in Mandalorian

Youtuber Shamook, who specializes in Deepfake technology, already works at Lucasfilm. He is best known for his channel, which is full of previews of what it would look like if other actors were given roles in films. Among other things, he showed what the young Luke Skywalker was supposed to look like in Mandalorian, which … Read more

Life in the Polsat village

According to the Wirtualnemedia.pl portal, Life in the Country is the Polish version of the Swedish format from 2001 from the Strix portfolio. Local versions of the show were produced in dozens of countries around the world, incl. in Great Britain, Brazil, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Portugal and Turkey. … Read more

Anchored: explanation of the end of the Netflix movie | What happened and what does it mean | Ending Explained | Movies | Video | Mexico | nnda nnlt | FAME

BEWARE, SPOILER ALERT. Directed and written by Marcos Bucay (“Club de Cuervos”), “Fondeados” is a Mexican comedy by Netflix which tells the story of two ninis on the verge of professional collapse who during a drunkenness create a crowdfunding campaign, the problem is that the next day they do not remember anything. MORE INFORMATION: Explanation … Read more

Warner Bros. will exclusively produce more than 10 movies for HBO Max next year | Warner Bros. Warner Media_Sina Technology_Sina.com

Original title: Warner Bros. will exclusively produce more than 10 movies for HBO Max next year Source: Sina Technology The morning news on July 23, Beijing time, according to reports,Warner Media CEO Jason Kilar (Jason Kilar) said that Warner Bros. next year will exclusively provide more than 10 new movies to the streaming service HBO … Read more

The festival of the sea took hold: sailboats, movies and fountains

Favorable winds sailed the sailboats earlier Already on Tuesday, the Baltic Regatta 2021 sailing ships moored in Klaipeda. The favorable wind pushed the sailboats towards the city much faster than planned. The first class C and D ships arrived in Klaipeda, which moored at the Danė quays when they entered the gates of Klaipeda port. … Read more

Vin Diesel today between movies and memes has a body always in such shape

The name tells about leaps into the past. Born in Alameda – California – in 1967, Mark Vincent Sinclair became Vin Diesel … in the disco. As told in an interview with “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, the actor changed his name while working as a bouncer at the “Tunnel”, a New York nightclub where … Read more

“Sex scenes where actresses wear bras are unrealistic”

Have you ever, while watching an intimate scene in a movie or TV series, noticed the actress and noticed that she was wearing a bra while at the same time, according to the plot, having sex? The star of “Big Little Lies” and “Guilt in Our Stars” Shileen Woodley has paid attention and does not … Read more