The author of the HiT textbook on metal music: Megadeath a band of “junk type of metal”

Prof. Wojciech Roszkowski, author of the book “Historia i Teraźłość. A textbook for high schools and technicians “, has an interesting knowledge of metal music … It must be admitted that the Internet in recent days is mainly alive with what has managed to be placed in the publishing position “History and the Present. A … Read more

Controversy about the participation of Russian artists in the Sziget music festival in Hungary continues / Article

Many stars took part in the festival held in the second half of last week, including Arctic Monkeys, Dua Lipa and Kings Of Leon. Due to the war in Ukraine, the organizers’ decision about the musicians of the aggressor country and the Russian flag displayed next to the Ukrainian flag at the entrance caused the … Read more

The world music festival “Porta” will be held in the ethnographic open-air museum

“Porta World Music Festival is a place where you can experience something unprecedented. Every year something completely different, because the world comes to Latvia and you can get to know many different countries through music. This year there will be a lot of different countries,” says Laura Leontyeva and adds: “It’s the charm of world … Read more

Even without learning music theory, most people are able to follow music theory

Reading time: 2 min — Spotted on This is in the American magazine Science that we discover the work of Canadian researchers Michael Weiss et Isabelle Peretz. They submitted the participants of a study to tests to determine if it was necessary to have learned music theory to be able to follow a key. … Read more

Back in Time #11 – Music Streaming, Facebook Ads & Oculus Glasses – Gaming – .Geeks

Dozens of news items appear on Tweakers every day, but when we write, we rarely know how the products, techniques and developments we discuss will turn out. In this section we read back old messages and see how it went. For this eleventh edition of Back in Time, we go to August in 2002, 2007 … Read more

One person died due to the partial collapse of the stage at an electronic music festival near Valencia, Spain

A 22-year-old boy died and at least forty people were injured in the partial collapse of the stage of an electronic music festival that was taking place in Cullera, near Valencia, Spain. On Saturday night some portions of the stage structure and the fences of the Medusa festival collapsed or were uprooted due to the … Read more

Liudas Mikalauskas: Music in the thatched hall. Why not? –

1 photo Liudas Mikalauskas. Photo of Elta. – August 13 is the day of left-handed women, to which group you belong. Are Lithuanian left-handers getting together somehow? – That left-handedness of mine is atypical, so re-educated. I was left-handed as a child, but gradually learned to do many things with my right hand. After all, … Read more

Lying in Classical Music – How Bach lied to the Church and the Schumanns cheated – Culture

contents Music can lie too: The Davos Festival shows how lies and tricks were used in the works of Bach & Co. Lying is part of social skills. On average, people lie 25 times a day. Not only humans, but also music can lie – music history is full of it. What is called a … Read more

Hong Kong band Supper Moment: There is a stage, sound and audience, so let’s “play” with our heart丨Entertainment·Behind the scenes

Text/Yangcheng Evening News all-media reporter Hu Guangxin intern Li Jiahui Figure / Respondent After a lapse of three years, Hong Kong band Supper Moment once again came to the mainland to perform, holding the “Always Believe” mainland tour, which started in Guangzhou and ended in Jiangmen. This is the third time that Supper Moment has … Read more