Why Music is Good for Your Health – Comedy.com

input 2022.12.05 08:00 correction 2022.12.05 01:47 Views 183 input 2022.12.05 08:00correction 2022.12.05 01:47 Views 183 Music has a positive effect on health, such as relieving pain in patients with fibromyalgia and improving concentration and mood. [사진=클립아트코리아] There are very few people who don’t like music. musicexhausted in one day energyto charge or prenatal educationIt is … Read more

In Agadir, music to promote tolerance

Jérôme Anthony, Camélia Jordana, Patrick Bruel, Chimène Badi, Mentissa, Gims, Christophe Willem, Yanns, Claudio Capeo, Erika Moulet, La Zarra, Abi, Ridsa, Douzi: they were all on stage for the Concert for Tolerance, in Agadir . – Credit:Jack TRIBECA / Bestimage Po set the tone for this long-awaited event that is the Tolerance concert, there is … Read more

Jewish family gets Beethoven’s handwritten sheet music back after 80 years | Abroad

A Jewish family receives handwritten sheet music by composer Ludwig van Beethoven from a Czech museum. Their relatives had to flee the country to escape the Holocaust and left behind the valuable sheet music. The museum in the Czech city of Brno has had the original manuscript for the fourth movement of one of Beethoven’s … Read more

SEVENTEEN, NCT, iKON… 10 K-POP idols approaching enlistment in 2023! There are no exceptions even for famous idols… Big names who supported the music scene enlist one after another – KPOP monster

NEWS 2022.12.0315sd SEVENTEEN Jeonghan, NCT Taeyeon For K-POP idols who shine now,next year (2023)ToEnlistmentThere are many members who are approaching. korean menAbout 1.5 to 2 yearsIt is compulsory to enlist and train in the military for a certain period of time. Of course, celebrities such as K-pop idols and actors are no exception. On November … Read more

Nisreen Tafesh… dazzles the followers with her beauty and amazes the audience with Gulf songs… Watch now

Abu Dhabi – Ahmed Al-Jazzar – The Lebanese actress shared a video clip on her personal account on the social networking site Instagram, and she appeared in it singing a Gulf song. Nisreen Tafesh sings in KhalijiHer followers on social networking sites participated in a musical morning session with Gulf melodies, which is the first … Read more

[단독] NCSOFT console music game ‘Fuser’ ends service after 2 years of release

[더구루=최영희 기자] The console music rhythm game ‘FUSER’, which is being serviced by NCsoft’s North American subsidiary ‘NCWEST’, will end its service two years after its release. Fuser is a new concept interactive music game published by NCWEST and produced by Harmonix, an American music rhythm game developer, and was released in North America and … Read more

“It’s like a family” Mi-ra Jeon, proud of her special friendship with Hwang Hee-chan and Lee Kang-in noonas [인스타]

Former tennis player Jeon Mi-ra revealed her friendship with the national team members Hwang Hee-chan and Lee Kang-in.On the 3rd, Jeon Mi-ra posted on her Instagram, “I am so very proud of our country’s players. Throughout the first half of the run, I cheered and prayed with a spirit of running together!” On this day, … Read more

Lang Lang went to Jay Chou’s 660 million yuan mansion as a guest and played many songs for Xiao Zhou to listen to “in the front row of the rock zone” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Mainland pianist Lang Lang, who has long enjoyed a high reputation in the music and entertainment circles, came to Taiwan again last Wednesday (November 30) to hold a concert at the Taipei National Concert Hall. After the performance, he and Jay Chou met in the mansion “Peace Park” which cost NT$660 million. He even played … Read more

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion – Square Enix’ FAQ reveals more info on the remaster’s graphics, engine and music – ntower

It’s a huge undertaking to make a game for all available platforms! How did you do that? We deployed the game engine to support multiple platforms. Because the specs are different for each platform, we measured each processing load and set the optimal resolution and frame rate for each platform. Even after that, there were … Read more