Music on the go: we tested the ultra-compact Sonos Roa …

A pandemic, this week accompanied by winter temperatures and a snow carpet; we would hardly believe it, but summer vacation is coming anyway. And Sonos wants to get a piece of it with its first truly portable music player. Equipped with a mouth mask and ski boots, we already went for a walk with the … Read more

Coming soon! “New Pokémon Shoot with Music” the latest gameplay introduction video & TV commercials are released! -funglr Games

The Nintendo Switch, which will be released on April 30, 2021 (Friday)New Pokémon Shoot with Music》It has been 10 and a half months since the announcement at the “Pokémon Presents 2020.6.17” in June 2020. It’s finally on sale soon!This one was launched on NINTENDO64 in March 1999A new work of the super masterpiece “ポケモンスナップ (aka: … Read more

Raaya Music Awards | 2020 Edition: Singer Amira Abed wins Revelation of the Year trophy –

Raaya Music Awards | 2020 Edition, Amira Abed receives the Revelation of the Year award, here is the message she sent to her fans on her Facebook page. Happy and honored to be awarded in the REVELATION OF THE YEAR category . Special mention to my staff who have always been with me, my family … Read more

lots of rain and snow on the mountains-

Lintense disturbance today has caused a return to an atmosphere that is much more autumnal than spring in all the northern regions: in Liguria, above all, experienced by the intense rains that have already fallen yesterday, but also in Lombardy and in much of the Northeast worst in Tuscany. The weather is better on the … Read more

Music to save plants

Racism “Negatively affects the mental and physical health of millions of people,” said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when announcing an initiative to tackle health inequalities United States – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that the racism was a “Serious threat” for public health. In a statement announcing a health … Read more

Apple’s music video channel is now available in more countries

In October, it premiered for Apple Music TV, a channel that broadcasts music videos and other content focusing on music around the clock. In other words, it is a modern equivalent to what MTV looked like before that channel changed focus to reality soaps. At first, Apple Music TV was only available in the US, … Read more

Cafes to theaters Must Pay Music Royalties, How Much is the Fee?

Jakarta – President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo has signed Government Regulation Number 56 of 2021 concerning Management Song and / or Music Copyright Royalties. The PP was signed by Jokowi on March 30, 2021. In the PP, there are rules related to the payment of royalties. Some places that regularly play songs … Read more

“Did they miss the match?” … a scandalous goal for Mouloudia in the home of Esperance. “Video”

/ 626588 / Fouto-the-match – a goal-scandal-for Mouloudia-in-the-box-Esperance-video Abdel Nour Belkheir, the player of Mouloudia Algeria, scored the first goal against Esperance, Tunisia, to score the equalizer for the Algerian team, in the match that is held over the Rades match, and with this result, Zamalek is eliminated from the African Champions League, where Zamalek … Read more

Vodafone Cash Transfer Defects Vodafone Cash and the method of deposit

Vodafone Cash Transfer is a money transfer service for the company’s customers who subscribe to the Vodafone Cash service, whereby the Vodafone Wallet allows them to transfer money to the destination the user wants, such as recharging a balance for yourself or another person, or transferring a certain amount to pay water, electricity and gas … Read more

Armonía 10 and Corazón Serrano on a concert for López Aliaga: “We only make music”

Harmony 10 Y Serrano Heart They are two of the cumbia orchestras most loved by the Peruvian public; However, hundreds of users turned their criticism towards both groups on social networks after confirming their participation in the closing of the virtual campaign of the presidential candidate Rafael López Aliaga. Walter Lozada, director of Harmony 10, … Read more