NASA’s Visit to Venus Mission is on the Edge

VERITAS’ mission has now been forced to be postponed due to a large withdrawal of funding. Photo/IFL Science. JAKARTA – Mission NASA a visit to Venus via the VERITAS mission turned out to be on the rocks. Because the funding provided for the mission has actually been withdrawn. As a result, NASA’s desire to be … Read more

Battery failure confirmed: Latest transmission from NASA spacecraft

After 15 years in space, NASA’s AIM mission is ending. A battery failure makes further communication with the Explorer 90 spacecraft impossible. This had already been announced in 2019 – since then the failure had basically been expected. Let … It was only a matter of time before NASA’s AIM project spacecraft is unable to … Read more

How have NASA’s suits evolved over the years?

Historically, NASA spacesuits were designed to provide the protection and support needed for spaceflight. Since NASA’s first mission in 1961, many different types of spacesuits have been developed. In the beginning, spacesuits were air suits adapted to the space environment, which were narrow and uncomfortable for the astronaut. Over time, spacesuits have been developed to … Read more

First Confirmed Active Volcanic Activity on NASA Venus – VISLA Magazine

In front of the wide universe, humans are often surrounded by a sense of isolation that there are few things that are alive and moving. We deliver news that may be comforting to us. On March 15, NASA reported volcanic activity on Venus. It was found that the shape and size of the volcanic vent … Read more

Volcanic Activity Recorded on Venus

Saturday, March 18 2023 – 09:08 WIB LIVE Techno – When scientists took a closer look at archival images of the surface of Venus, they found something new: evidence of volcanic activity there. The NASA (Aviation and Space Administration) spacecraft, Magellan captured images in the early 1990s as it circled our closest planetary neighbor which … Read more

This Student Satellite Has an Antenna Similar to a Volleyball, Improve Data Communication

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Student team in University of ArizonaUnited States, build a satellite micro with a unique antenna similar to a volleyball. The Cubesat, which they named CatSat, is expected to be the answer for high-speed and low-cost communication and data transmission using small satellites. The antenna will serve the communication device. When it slides, … Read more

NASA updates spacesuits for the first time in 40 years! Astronauts’ work mobility on the lunar surface will not only increase but also have a sense of fashion? – Electric Otter Girl

Does black feel like it will blend with space? Are you interested in alien worlds? When you think of outer space, you probably think of astronauts wearing white Michelin-like clothing and walking slowly! But you know what? In fact, the spacesuit has not had a major update for 40 consecutive years, so everyone’s impression of … Read more