Problem persists: NASA has been working to clean up Perseverance rover sample canisters

As reported by Digital Look last week, after acquiring its sixth collection of Martian rocks in late December, NASA’s Perseverance rover had a problem: tiny grains of sand and boulders were clogging its sample collection system. The collection of images shows parts of the robot arm on NASA’s Perseverance explorer bending and rotating. This will … Read more

Russian NASA astronaut steps out of the International Space Station for the first spacewalk in 2022

The crew of NASA’s Expeditionary 66 are set for the first spacewalk in 2022 on Wednesday while the rest of the crew prepares to leave SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft (scheduled for Friday). Russian cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and Pyotr Dobrov, currently aboard the International Space Station, will make their spacewalk on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. IST. Confirming … Read more

A gigantic asteroid will pass close to Earth today, NASA warns

An asteroid of approximately one kilometer in diameter will pass this Tuesday the most “close” to Earth than it will in the next two centuries, but in principle does not pose a risk for the planet because the passage will be at a distance of 1.9 million kilometers. Unlike the threat described in the recent … Read more

NASA: the ‘green’ surface of Mars in impressive image | THE PRESS

Lima, 07/28/2017 10:04 pm | Updated 07/28/2017 09:03 pm PHOTOS. space agency U.S (USA–USA), NASA, has revealed a strange Martian relief. The image, which was obtained with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), shows the bedrock from an ejecta blanket from an unnamed crater in the region Sea Serpent of the planet Mars. The ejecta, when … Read more

NASA Warns Huge Asteroids Could Head For Earth Totally UNDETECTED

NASA has warned that huge asteroids could be headed for Earth undetected due to a blind spot in the sky. Astronomers funded by the US space agency have discovered that objects heading towards us at night from the east can appear stationary due to the way our planet rotates and orbits the sun. It means … Read more

Ready to Send Astronauts to the Moon, NASA Intensively Develops SLS Megarockets

Tribunnews Reporter, Namira Yunia Lestanti TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – United States Aeronautics and Space Administration or as it is known NASA, this year is preparing megaroket Space Launch System (SLS). Megarockets or giant rockets will later be used to send astronauts to the moon. Quoted from Space, so far NASA has shown progress in building megarockets … Read more

NASA Explores Earth’s Oceans to Help Understand the Universe

The US space agency is exploring the depths of the oceans on Earth to help understand the universe more. According to a report published by the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC”, NASA is looking for evidence of what the oceans could look like on other planets, pushing the boundaries of science and technology in one of … Read more

Asteroid 2022 AE1 immediately tops NASA and the European Space Agency’s risk lists

Not much is known about Asteroid 2022 AE1 – only two possible collision dates. After its discovery, it moved to the top of the risk lists at NASA and ESA. Frankfurt – about 70 meters in diameter, only known for a few days – has jumped to number one on NASA and its European partner, … Read more

James Webb and how he can revolutionize science from the universe

More than a million kilometers away, the telescope James Webb it is fully deployed waiting to arrive at its next “work center” to carry out one of the most important scientific missions in history: to look at the universe as no one has ever seen it. Last Christmas, when the world celebrated one of the … Read more