5 things I learned after quitting sugar for ten days

The World Health Organization recommends that we consume less than 25 grams of added sugar per day, and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) just updated its dietary guidelines to recommend that people consume less than 10% of calories per day of added sugars. Do you know how much added sugar the average American, … Read more

The Latin flavor arrives in Guatemala with OCA, an energizing, natural and organic drink

OCA, is launched in Guatemala thanks to the strategic alliance of BELIV and Magnus Media by Marc Anthony. The OCA energy drink is part of the #WeBelivMagnus alliance between the company Magnus Media y Beliv, company founded by Carlos Sluman, which is a business unit of the CBC Group, a multinational beverage corporation that operates … Read more

Firmino gives Liverpool the lead in the Premier

A late goal from Brazilian Roberto Firmino allowed Liverpool to establish themselves at the top of the table at the end of a more intense than spectacular match. With 28 units, the ‘Reds’ take three points ahead of their victim on Wednesday, and 4 over ‘Saints’ and ‘Foxes’. José Mourinho’s Tottenham will be able to … Read more

“We have managed to democratize the use of technology”, Roberto Marroquín, Microsoft Guatemala Country Manager.

Microsoft arrived in Guatemala 25 years ago and found a country where typewriters predominated in public and private institutions and in homes. Today the world is different and there is talk of digital transformation, a term that the country reached in an accelerated way due to the pandemic. Roberto Marroquín, country manager for Microsoft Guatemala, … Read more

The rains return in most of Mexico and frosts in the north

Likewise, this December 5, an event from “North” strong to very strong is expected on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, Isthmus and Gulf of Tehuantepec This day, the second winter storm of the season, it will maintain conditions for snow or sleet fall in the Chihuahua and Coahuila mountains, however, it is forecast … Read more

They destroyed the altar in honor of girls from the Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción

The altar in homage to the 41 girls who died in a fire in the Hogar Seguro Virgen de la Asunción in 2017, was destroyed yesterday by a group of people who participated in acts of vandalism in the midst of the protest against the government. They broke the vases that held the crosses with … Read more

Request a loan in Spain, up to 35% more expensive than in the euro area as a whole

Despite the scenario of ultra-low and even negative rates established by the European Central Bank (ECB), requesting a loan in Spain is substantially more expensive than in the European average, both in terms of consumer loans and if the client does so. you want to sign a mortgage. This is at least shown by the … Read more

By rainy season, the ICA delivered recommendations to the agricultural sector

The rainy season and the high levels of precipitation, its frequency and intensity, as well as the high environmental humidity that is occurring in the country, can have repercussions on the increase of pests and flooding in crops, for this reason, the ICA delivers the following recommendations to minimize the negative impact on national agricultural … Read more

Rescue work continues after storms pass

The Volunteer Firefighters, the Red Cross, the Army and other relief groups continued yesterday with the rescue work in different parts of the country to evacuate the population due to the effects of the Iota storm. The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) details that as of 1:30 pm yesterday, four people died and six … Read more

360 ° as the crow flies

Business groups, including the United States Chamber of Commerce, the National Manufacturers Association and the Business Roundtable, have begun urging the Trump Administration to cooperate with the transition. President-elect Joe Biden met with governors on Friday and criticized the White House, while warning that the lack of a federal COVID strategy and a blocked transition … Read more