They create a kit to convert a combustion motorcycle into an electric one

To contribute to the decarbonization of the planet, but at the same time take advantage of combustion engine vehicles, researchers from the National University of San Luis, in Argentina, have developed a kit so that anyone who has a combustion motorcycle can remove its engine and replace it. for an electric one. The main objective … Read more

James Webb Telescope Reveals Hidden ‘Bones’ of Galaxy IC5332

The “bones” of galaxia IC 5332usually hidden under cosmic dust, could be observed thanks to the work of the James Webb telescope. According to the Russian news agency Sputnik, This spiral galaxy could be captured in particular detail thanks to the Mid-InfraRed instrument (MIRI) present in the telescope, in charge of the space agencies of … Read more

Jupiter reaches closest point to Earth in 59 years

Jupiter was located this Monday only 590 million kilometers from Earth, its closest approach in almost 59 years, so it could be observed without a telescope. The largest planet in the solar system was located in opposition to the Sun, that is, the giant was also aligned with our star, but with it on the … Read more

Ferdinand attacks Southgate: ‘Tomori protagonist with Milan and not even called up, I can’t believe it!’ | Nationals

The choices of the English coach Gareth Southgate they do discuss, especially the last to exclude Trent Alexander-Arnold e Fikayo Tomori by the squad for the match against Germany. The former defender Rio Ferdinand harshly criticizes Southgate on his podcast Vibe with Five: “How is it possible that Trent (Alexander-Arnold, ed) is not in the … Read more

Odesur: What are the health requirements to enter Paraguay? – Nationals

From the Ministry of Public Health they remember what the health requirements are to enter Paraguay in reference to the coronavirus pandemic and the arrival of foreigners due to the development of the South American Games. Among the main requirements is the vaccination certificate against covid-19. All other requirements are detailed in the following note. … Read more


After the reconnaissance of these days, after evaluating the technical aspects, Paolo Sangalli and Daniele Bennati have dissolved the reserves and communicated the names of the Azzurri who will run the women’s Elite (Saturday 24th) and Elite (Sunday 25th) in-line tests. As for the women’s national team, Silvia Persico (blue n. 92) and Silvia Zanardi … Read more

Were the dinosaurs at their peak when a falling asteroid wiped them out?

It has been believed that a wide range of dinosaur species lived around the world in the late Cretaceous period, just before their extinction 66 million years ago. However, in recent times the suspicion has gained strength that dinosaurs were not enjoying their best moment, but had been in decline for a long time. And … Read more

They discover “treasure” of organic matter on Mars

The rocks identified in an outcrop called “Wildcat Ridge” in Jezero Crater have the highest concentration of organic matter found so far during the Mars 2020 mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Organic molecules are the building blocks of life: rocks that were deposited in the habitable environment of an ancient lake … Read more

Chinese exploration on Mars achieves valuable scientific results

China’s first Mars exploration mission has achieved valuable scientific results, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) said Tuesday. As of Thursday, the Tianwen-1 orbiter had operated normally for more than 780 days and the Zhurong rover had traveled 1,921 meters from the surface of Mars, the CNSA added. China’s Tianwen-1 probe orbiter and explorer have … Read more

Wine, stung by the WHO: harmful to health. The protest of the producers | Nationals

The new provision on alcoholic beverages approved by the World Health Organization – Europe Region is currently being discussed: the objective of the document “European framework for action on alcohol 2022-2025” is to combat the consumption of alcohol, reducing by 10% per capita consumption by 2025. These new measures appear unfair and excessive, above all … Read more