The European Commission is playing with the Hungarian government’s nerves in the matter of resources

Gergely Gulyás, the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, held a Government briefing today, during which he received many questions about the status of the frozen European Union funds. Charles Michel, President of the European Council and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the EU summit in Brussels on December 15, 2022. Photo: EPA/OLIVIER … Read more

“Putin does not plan for peace.” Stoltenberg calls on the West to prepare for long-term support for Ukraine

Speaking about China’s willingness to act as a mediator in the Ukrainian conflict, Stoltenberg noted that Beijing should try to “understand Ukraine’s perspectives” and “contact directly with [Ukrainas] the president [Volodimiru Zelenski]”. The NATO leader was also unhappy that Beijing has not yet condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Stoltenberg said the West had supplied enough … Read more

The Swedish Parliament overwhelmingly votes for the country’s accession to NATO

Only two of the eight parties were against joining the alliance. In Sweden’s 349-seat parliament, 269 MPs voted for joining NATO, 37 voted against and 43 MPs did not participate in the vote. “Membership in NATO is the best way to guarantee Sweden’s security and contribute in solidarity to the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic … Read more

Europe sleeps on the sos landing and NATO wakes up. “Ready for the Immigration Challenge”

Europe is not there and NATO is ready to take its place. It has already happened in Ukraine. It is happening again on the front of the Mediterranean and of migrants. While the European Council is slamming its doors in Giorgia Meloni’s face, who asked to dedicate a part of today’s and tomorrow’s meeting to … Read more

This time without the Russians. In the video, American bombers are flying with an escort of fighter jets from three NATO countries

Fighters from Spain, Italy and Romania completed the air squadron. “B-52s are training with allied air forces as part of their mission to strengthen our Euro-Atlantic partnership,” NATO Air Command said in contribution along with the video. NATO did not say when and where exactly the footage of American strategic bombers accompanied by fighter jets … Read more

The Swedish parliament votes on the country’s accession to NATO

“Membership in NATO is the best way to guarantee Sweden’s security and contribute in solidarity to the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic space,” Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström told parliament in a debate before the vote. Among the NATO countries, only Turkey and Hungary have not approved the requests of Finland and Sweden to join … Read more

NATO countries still spend too little on defense, Poland among the leaders

photo. General Command of the Armed Forces Branches/Facebook Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Copy link send email NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at the conference that in 2022 only 7 out of 30 NATO countries achieved the goal of spending at least 2 percent of GDP. defense GDP. Poland is among these countries. The War in … Read more

Sweden: Demands an explanation from Hungary for the delay in ratifying its accession to NATO

The Swedish Prime Minister stated that he will ask the Hungary explanations of the reasons why the Hungarian Parliament chose to approve Finland’s NATO accession before Sweden’s. “I will ask why they separate Sweden’s accession from Finland’s. These are messages we haven’t seen before,” Ulf Kristerson told Swedish radio SR, adding that he “absolutely” intends … Read more

Ukraine, Russia | Is it risky for NATO to provide fighters? The experts answer this

NATO countries have already contributed massively with arms support to Ukraine with, for example, ammunition, anti-aircraft guns, anti-aircraft defenses, missiles, armored vehicles and tanks. For a long time, Ukraine has begged the West to get fighter jets to strengthen its defense capabilities in the war against Russia. Now comes the long-awaited help. On Thursday, Poland … Read more

Hungary against NATO decision. “It violates the unity of the Alliance”

Peter Szijjarto had a conversation with the secretary-general on Tuesday NATO Jens Stoltenberg, who decided to convene the NATO-Ukraine Commission at ministerial level on April 4, despite Hungarian objections. Hungary opposes NATO’s decision. The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs comments – This decision violates the unity of NATO, but we cannot ignore the … Read more