E. Macron – I. Šimonytė’s harsh remarks: it is not Russia that needs security guarantees

In an interview with the French TV station TF1, E. Macron said that Europe must prepare the future security architecture. “It means that one of the fundamental things that we have to deal with, as President Putin has always said, is the fear that NATO is coming very close to [Rusijos] doors, and the deployment … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: Russian oil gets a ceiling, Moscow threatens not to export

US intelligence services expect a reduced pace of fighting in Ukraine over the next few months. At the same time, they see no evidence of a reduced will of Ukrainians to resist the Russian invasion, despite Moscow’s attacks on critical infrastructure. “Already we are seeing some reduction in the pace of the conflict (…) and … Read more

At the NATO meeting, Rinkevičs advocates greater military and practical support for Ukraine / Article

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that during the discussion on support for Ukraine, Rinkevich stated that Russia’s escalating steps, including massive missile attacks on Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure, as well as irresponsible nuclear rhetoric, are signs that Russia has failed to achieve its strategic goals. The minister emphasized that NATO members have a … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: G7 joins Union in capping Russian oil

Ukraine imposed sanctions on ten high-ranking clerics connected to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. According to them, they agreed to cooperate with the Russian occupation authorities or justified the invasion. The announcement is the latest in a series of moves against the Moscow Patriarchate’s Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which declared independence from the … Read more

Europe is not strong enough, we will be in trouble without the US

loading… Finnish Prime Minister (PM) Sanna Marin. Photo/REUTERS HELSINKI – Western European countries would be in a dangerous place now if not for the role played by the United States (US) in the Ukraine conflict. This claim was made by the Finnish Prime Minister (PM) Sanna Marin on Friday (2/12/2022). He also urged Helsinki partners … Read more

NATO knows that weapons alone will not be enough for Ukraine in the winter. What was agreed in Bucharest

Good day, current developments in the world indicate that even the last month of this year will not be boring. There is a war with our neighbors, in China there are protests, the kind of totalitarian country that has not experienced in decades, and in America Donald Trump is attracting attention again. Europe: How else … Read more

NATO Summit 2022, Bucharest – Piontkovsky analyzed the results – tsn.ua

Western countries understand the futility of negotiations with the Kremlin. two day NATO summit in Bucharest showed that the West is not interested in negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and intends to support Ukraine until victory. This opinion was expressed by a Russian publicist and sociologist Andrey Piontkovsky on the TV channel “Freedom”. According … Read more

Evening News Financial Briefing: Fed ready to slow rate hikes NATO Secretary General: Don’t rely on China | Powell | India

Beijing time:2022-12-02 12:47 [New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, December 02, 2022]Please read this issue, the evening news “Financial Briefing”. Wednesday,the fedchairmanPowellIn his speech, he said that the overheated labor market needs to cool down further to convince the Fed that inflation will continue to decline towards its 2% target. Powell said the Fed is … Read more

Polish four-star general talks about behind-the-scenes covert operations in Ukraine: ‘Putin isn’t crazy enough to attack NATO’

General Bieniek, wearing a red paratrooper beret, jumps from a Leopard tank during a military exercise. Photo: own photo G General Bieniek has been active in all kinds of crisis areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan and the Sahara. His hometown of Krakow is now also included, because recently a Ukrainian rocket came down not far … Read more

Revealed, Dozens of NATO State Companies Assist Russian Missiles Against Ukraine

loading… Dozens of companies from NATO countries are known to produce microchips for Russian navigation systems that make it easier for their missiles to work in the war in Ukraine. Photo/RFERL KIEV – Dozens of companies from several NATO countries are known to help guide the missiles Russia to kill civilians Ukraine . This became … Read more