Problems never end, rollback after emergency maintenance

Actually, Amazon Game Studios wanted to work with that recent update Eliminate some of the problems in online RPG at last – only to ultimately cause new trouble. In the end, the development team was even forced to roll back. But first things first: With the recently released update, the developers had announced some compensation … Read more

New World – Regional transfers and server mergers under test for New World

Many servers had been opened when New World was launched. As player populations normalize, Amazon Games is considering amalgamating supernumerary servers and will be testing during the day. When launching New World, at the end of last September, we remember that the teams ofAmazon Game Studios had been surprised by the enthusiasm of the players … Read more

The money copy bug reappears! “America New World” emergency shutdown of the trading system | Game | New head shell Newtalk

“America New World” reported that players used system loopholes to copy money, so the official closed the trading system urgently.Picture: Reposted from the Twitter of “America’s New World” The multiplayer online role-playing game “America’s New World” produced by Amazon announced today (2) that the development team will urgently shut down the trading system among all … Read more

Let’s ‘Explore’ Scientists’ Claims About The Core Of The Earth Called The New Hidden World

INDOZONE.ID – Based on the claims of scientists some time ago, it was stated that solid inner core of the Earth may be home to a ‘hidden new world’. Through the scientific community, from reports Science and Technology India Times, quoted on Friday (10/29/2021), explained that there is a consensus about the core in the … Read more

New World’s economy is in deflation and players have switched to bartering

The players of New World, The popular MMO de Amazon Games that is sweeping Steam (has broken the 900,000 player barrier concurrent), are stop using money to buy goods and services. The currency of the game is so scarce and precious that the explorers of this new virtual world prefer use the old barter method … Read more

New World – New World is preparing for update 1.0.1: fixes, anti-AFK and character transfers

One week after its launch, New World is today deploying its first corrective and optimization patch to evolve into version 1.0.1. The update also lays the foundation for the character transfer functionality. New World was launched on September 28 and for a week, the studio teams Amazon Game are mobilizing to limit the queues that … Read more

New World players report more graphics card deaths

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums New World is the new success of Amazon for PC that already became the most played on Steam, result that even Jeff Bezos is celebrating. However, it seems that not everything is good news for the game, as some … Read more

Player steals streamer’s name in New World and then tries to sell it to him for $ 6000 USD

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums Usernames are serious business. After all, they are the characters that we choose to be identified in the huge world of the Internet. For famous people, the above means that they have a whole brand related to their nickname, … Read more

K-Content Land, the theme park of Korean content on Netflix that is currently in line to air soon.

Welcome to K-Content Land, the theme park of Korean content on Netflix! I’m stuck until I can’t find a way out. Korean content queues down Netflix Ready to choose to watch the right series Watch your favorite variety picture from Netflix An amusement park is a place that has something for everyone. From the thrilling … Read more

“You look more like a celebrity than a celebrity”… ‘Virtual model’ craze without worrying about gossip

Companies launch AI virtual models one after anotherTargeting the familiar MZ generation in the metaverse by adding worldviews such as occupation, age, and hobbies Rosie advertising a new car from an automaker. / Photo = Rosie’s Instagram capture [아시아경제 윤슬기 기자] Artificial intelligence (AI) models that can be active at any time without time and … Read more