The Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2022 bundle is now a Cyber ​​Monday bundle

Cyber ​​Monday 2022 is live, and if you haven’t got your Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal yet, time is running out. This year’s Nintendo Black Friday deal is again on a Mario Kart 8 bundle. Nintendo’s Black Friday deals are starting to wane, but the console deal is still valid and available everywhere online, at … Read more

The first TV subscription system, easy to have super high video quality: OVO QLED Quantum TV | T Kebang

Easy to enjoy, flexible application, OVO pioneered TV subscription service, allowing you to experience higher-quality audio-visual effects with a more favorable amount, and you can choose to continue to subscribe or switch to a new model when the period expires. Take the T65 QLED Quantum TV as an early date. You can have the bird … Read more

Portaltic.-The Spanish video game Blade of Darkness comes to Nintendo Switch after turning 20 years since its launch – Publimetro Perú

MADRID, 25 (Portaltic/EP) Blade of Darkness, originally titled Blade – The Edge of Darkness, has established itself as an action-adventure classic that reappeared on the Steam platform last year and can now be purchased on the Nintendo eShop for 8.63 euros (14.39 euros after the launch offer period). This updated version maintains the premise of … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sports: golf is coming soon

The Nintendo Switch Sports game will soon welcome a new discipline: golf. This modern take on the classic Wii Sports was released last April, but the content left something to be desired. The collection offered only 6 sports (football, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton and chambara), far from the 12 offered by Wii Sports Resort, released … Read more

New Pokémon games sold ten million times in three days | Tech

The new Pokémongames for the Nintendo Switch set sales records at Nintendo. In the first three days of sales, the games sold ten million copies worldwide. The Japanese company brought Pokémon Scarlet in Pokemon Purple out on November 18. More than four million copies were sold in Japan alone. This is also a record on … Read more

OneXPlayer 2: portable console with Windows and detachable controllers in the style of Nintendo Switch

November 23, 2022 Earlier this month, One-Netbook released the OneXPlayer mini Pro handheld console. Now, the brand has announced an upcoming Windows handheld console for the Chinese market called OneXPlayer 2, much the same but with detachable controllers. OneXPlayer consoles are essentially portable PCs that run Windows operating systems and come with capable hardware that … Read more

Users claim that Nintendo has returned the money for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is on the lips of the vast majority of users of Nintendo Switch and the world of video games in general. Players are reporting more and more technical problems, such as fps drops to incomprehensible figures or various bugs. These damage the immersion in the video game. Nintendo, faced with the … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sport Adds Golf for Free Starting Nov. 28

Nintendo Switch Sports As the successor to “Wii Sports”,Nintendo Switch SportsAt the beginning of the release, not all classic game items were fully inherited. But for players who like golf, they will soon be able to find new fun in the game.Official days agoAnnounceGolf is coming to Nintendo Switch Sports for free starting November 28, … Read more

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – The third wave of additional tracks announced

Shell for Christmas! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is, at present, the ultimate title for all fans of Mario Kart. But it’s also one of the ultimate titles to have fun and have a good time racing and sending shells in the wheels. And it’s even more true from the moment we decided to give in … Read more