Norway: Taliban team arrives in Oslo to negotiate assistance

“In Oslo, the Taliban will meet with Norwegian authorities and allied officials,” the ministry said in a statement. The visit is scheduled from Sunday to Tuesday. The ministry did not specify which allies would participate, but the Norwegian newspaper VG indicated that there would be representatives from the United Kingdom, the European Union, France, Germany, … Read more

The Taliban are going to Norway. He wants to avert a humanitarian catastrophe

A delegation from the ruling Islamist Afghan movement, the Taliban, will arrive in Norway on Sunday for three-day talks aimed at easing the country’s humanitarian crisis. According to Reuters, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry informed about it on Friday. Taliban officials will meet in Norway from 23 to 25 January with representatives of the Norwegian government … Read more

Norwegian extremist ABBreivik seeks escape 10 years after massacre

There is little doubt that this request will be denied. However, relatives of the victims fear that ABBrave will use the hearing in court as a platform to spread his political views, and urges that he not be given the attention he is seeking. The South Telemark Regional Court will consider ABBreivik’s application for parole … Read more

Norway’s European Championship program nailed: Finishes against Sweden

This is how the Norwegian matches are played in the main round: Thursday Poland, Friday Germany, Sunday Spain and Tuesday Sweden. Return times will be clarified later. Germany fielded only 14 players (one goalkeeper) due to a new corona infection. It still held against the young Polish team after 15-12 at the break. Goalkeeper Johannes … Read more

Cross-country skiing, Winter sports | The Swedes do not dare to travel to the same place as Norway before the Olympics. Now the Norwegian national team doctor answers

On Saturday, the Swedish Ski Association came with a press release about the cross-country national team’s preparations for the Olympics. They have decided to move the planned altitude stay in the Italian Seiser Alm, to Livingo according to what they themselves describe as “high spread of infection”. – In these times, a good organization must … Read more

koronapass, Ørjan Olsvik | Expert believes that Norway will never use corona passports:

Ørjan Olsvik is a professor of microbiology at the University of Tromsø, and is considered one of the country’s most prominent infection control experts. Lately, he has been following the debate about a possible introduction of a corona passport in Norway, but Olsvik is fully aware that it is a measure that the government should … Read more

Fear postponed school construction if Viken is dissolved – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

One by one, the students sit with their teacher across the corridor. It’s time for mid-year review. At Fredrik II upper secondary school, there are no conversation rooms, and thus it must take place in the hallway. – I think it’s unworthy. If I have to tell that a student fails in two or three … Read more

News, Entry ban | A record number were expelled from Norway last year

Nearly twice as many people were deported from the country during 2021, as the year before. It is a new record year. I recent statistics over forced returns for 2021, the Police Immigration Unit (PU) states that 18,791 people were deported throughout the year. In comparison, just over 10,000 were expelled in 2020. The reason … Read more

Greater probability of more interest rate increases

Norges Bank will follow the plan to keep the key interest rate at 0.5 per cent when the bank announces the interest rate decision on Thursday, according to economists. But several of them are now arguing that developments since the previous monetary policy meeting suggest an even higher interest rate path. This may mean that … Read more