Norway exported 13 billion euros worth of gas in July, a new record

New record for Norway. Thanks to soaring natural gas prices caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Scandinavian country has more than quadrupled its exports year on year, according to official statistics released on Monday. In July alone, it sold 128.4 billion crowns of gas, or more than 13 billion euros, and thus broke the … Read more

A walrus is put to sleep in Norway due to a threat to human safety / Article

The walrus had been spotted before, but was first spotted near Oslo in July when it tried to climb onto a boat. The large animal quickly became very popular and was named after Freya, the Norse goddess of love. Despite the calls of the authorities to keep their distance from the 600-kilogram “lady”, hundreds of … Read more

Rehabilitation centers don’t understand why walrus Freya was killed | animals

14 aug 2022 om 16:59Update: 2 dagen geleden Animal shelters SOS Dolphin and Seal Center Pieterburen do not understand why the Norwegian authorities have walrus Freya killed. “Now she is dead, while there were also other options,” Annemarie van den Berg of the Seal Center told By Joost ter Bogt Freya appeared at the … Read more

Norway considers euthanasia for walrus Freya who also turned up in the Netherlands | animals

12 aug 2022 om 08:50Update: 2 dagen geleden Norwegian authorities say they are considering euthanizing walrus Freya. The animal that appeared at the end of last year in Harlingen, Den Helder and Schiermonnikoog, among others, is now swimming near Oslo. There she attracts so much attention that it threatens to become dangerous for both humans … Read more

The North Sea worker from Western Norway realized his French hotel dream

– I would have regretted it for the rest of my life if we hadn’t struck, says Tor Ivar Thomassen. Photo: Irene Jacobsen Photo: Irene Jacobsen In spring and autumn, the square in Sauveterre De Rouergue is quiet. The city was founded by King Edvard I in 1281. Pink toilets are dismantled. The 70s furniture … Read more

They spotted him off the coast of Norway. The photo from the drilling platform circulated the network – o2

On Sunday evening, June 7, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) P-8 Poseidon patrol plane spotted a Russian submarine off the coast of Norway. An Akula-class unit, also called a “shark,” has come under close scrutiny. Eventually, the Russian ship headed for the North Sea. Russian submarine off the coast of Norway. The British followed … Read more

– There is no good solution – NRK Norway – Overview of news from various parts of the country

– The problem with providing electricity subsidies is that it puts pressure on the entire Norwegian business community. It is not a good solution, says Stian Sigurdsen, director of social impact at Virke. Today, Virke met the government to discuss the electricity crisis affecting business. “Unfortunately, we are in a situation with high electricity prices, … Read more